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  • Is it okay to shamelessly submit old jokes? Because this coat of arms would be great! (Hidden Content)

  • Damn, really impressive @DarkSky Can't wait be be in a financially better position and get these models myself

  • Quote from DanT: “I have no objection to individual points increases. My choice of goals for EoS given their place in the tier list would be: (A) No current builds invalidated (i.e. any increases compensated by jiggery pokery on the lesser things in the same lists) (B) Meaningful price reductions on lesser-used units Combined, this would mean that EoS gets slightly better externally, but has more options/ability to adapt. ” What units are lesser used? Not counting characters, I can think of, may…

  • Honestly the only thing I feel needs a point reduction badly is the altar mount for prelate. It's crazy expensive for what it does IMO. Hatred in a bubble is nice for sure, but that means you really need to cram those units tight together if you want it to affect more than two units and the blessings get a buff as well that way but being bound spells it's not like they're difficult to dispel. I also feel that the dragon prince option is too expensive. A dragon is nice but not ~two times nicer th…

  • Cultists!

    Hombre de Mundo - - General Discussion


    Yeah, I like the cult aspect a lot! EDIT: However, I will complain about the issue of linking to other books again: - Hey Hombre, what kind of person would ever need two 28" 4K screens for their PC? - Someone who wants to compare Cult Leader builds.

  • Quote from piteglio: “3) do you mean that Advance and shoot seems like a modifier to movement, rather than to hitting? ” Yes, because it's in the movement category where everything else deals with how far you move. I know you don't have any inch indicators above the 2 but those little quotation marks are small and not always immediately obvious. Also, consider that you currently do list range to-hit modifiers under shooting, so I think movement modifiers would make sense there as well. And yes, …

  • I think the first scenario card should be clarified somewhat. I had some questions reading through it: 1) is Cyron the same thing as an elf guard? In the instructions you mention multiple elf guards and in the shooting scenario you reference both "an elf guard" and Cyron. 2) You list a specific win scenario for Kamorko but if Kamorko takes a wound you say he goes back to heal, which I assume means he loses the scenario but I had to check his card to make sure he didn't have a healing ability. 3)…

  • Quote from G-or-G: “Quote from Hombre de Mundo: “Hi, Can you ship outside of spain? I'm interested in a few things, live in Sweden. ” Yes, with certified shipping. ” Cool, I'll send you an email as well as a PM on here. Thanks!

  • Hi, Can you ship outside of spain? I'm interested in a few things, live in Sweden.

  • I'm thinking it might be due to Monster Mash + Unbreakable. Think about it, you run in with all your flaggies and bog the enemy down due to unbreakable, giving you however long you want (esp if you buff with 5+ Aegis from your wagon) to get those griffon rear charges. I'm not sure if that's abusive or not but it really doesn't feel like it fits the ASAW or fluff.

  • Quote from Battlebits: “I'm more than open with costings because you don't really appreciate how much it costs to launch, until you've really broken down the pricing. If you know a cheaper way I can produce them, I am more than open to exploring options. Please don't take this as me moaning at your comment I think the breakdown will help others decide ” Absolutely no hate And I'm not saying it's unreasonable from a business POV (I run my own business, I know things cost) and given that you've al…

  • I absolutely love this initiative and I've wanted bits like these for a loooong time to make my own techy VS dudes. That being said, at 14 pounds per box (and then shipping)... that's just way too much money to justify a purchase for me. Maybe if the pound plunges in November.

  • Rats for Avras!

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    For the Avras campaign, I'm doing VS. I have a lot of old Skaven lying around but most of them are poorly painted so I've decided now's a good time to paint some new models and touch up on some old ones. Since I'm starting from the beginning I've had to work out a theme for this army (a few different ones actually). The main one will be jungle bases and a focus on a plague/tech blend for the army. I decided to use GW's new contrast paints and found that god damn they are a real time saves when p…

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

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    Quote from joel127: “The bad Alien prequel ” The other one was good?

  • Good initiative! One thing that should be made clear from the get-go for anyone who's interested is that there's different kinds of 3D-printing. The classical method involves printing layers of plastic on top of one another. This has widespread use and the material is cheap but they have trouble printing small, detailed things like miniatures smaller than what you'd use for Ogres. The second method involve shaping liquid resin with UV rays which sounds like a sci-fi invention but these printers …

  • B No I'm just kidding. A.

  • I've been doing blender for a month or so and still getting a hang of it, not making anything too advanced. It's a lot easier to get into than ZBrush which IMO has a horrible user interface.

  • Started painting rat slaves but I have an order for basing stuff that's on hold so I can't finish the bases yet... so I'm guessing I'll have a bunch of influence come in at once when all the painted minis get their bases. @Lich King is it in any way benefitial to get influence points early on as opposed to a bit later, say in a month or so?

  • Quote from Kristian: “We tried it out, but we kept missing stuff and having to read several paragraphs to find something simple meant that the games slowed to a crawl. I got the impression that there wasn’t backing for a simpler rulebook as it would be too open to interpretation, not because of a lack of staff. If that is indeed the case, then Maybe I’ll look into it. ” Well, they'd be two different books. The rulebook proper wants to make everything crystal clear and is written in such a way, e…

  • *chitter* Our spies have intercepted filthy king's message to make new coat-of-arms to inspire troops. Sneaky rats come up with plan: Switch design for Vermin made design to uninspire troops! Design is perfect made, best rat painter. Stupid humans will never notice... (Hidden Content)