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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Quote from Shako: “That would certainly be something different. Though I'm not sure whether a unit of warmachines would actually work ruleswise?Anyhow: Are VS players set on receiving LD from full ranks or are other ways a possibilty to think about? Any flaws with my idea above? (Not saying it's the be all end all, there are probably quite some other possible solutions) ” Conversations I've had with RT members have indicated that they believe the LD problem is the main problem within the book as…

  • This was something that was suggested in the 2.0 conversion, but was ultimately discarded for the current solution. The Bell has seen a resurgence as of late. Several two towers lists have done well in the US and elsewhere. That being said, I'm sure that at LAB time (whenever that is), that the Bell will get a full rework, as will almost everything else. I'm not happy with it personally, as I feel it's a band aid patch to some of our issues - but doesn't mesh well with the book's strengths.

  • Definitely a good catch. Let's keep looking and see if we find anything else out, so we can bring it to the appropriate people to fix. We ACS have an internal forum that has RT visibility, so they'll take what we post there and work it out.

  • Quote from da_griech: “Wondering whether Disciples get nerfed (again). ” Nerfed in rules? Doubtful, VS has more pressing issues that, even then, don't seem to fit the guidance that RT gives. Nerfed in points? We were seeing people take 40+ in games.. I think it's a possibility.

  • Hoping to see some improvements to our core selections. We know certain choices are going to get hit, let's see how badly and what we can do around that.

  • That just gets into Inception levels though... I as Sr. ACS ordered my boss, Head of ACS to do what he has previously ordered me to do..

  • Ninjad by both Flo and Arwaker.. who needs ACS?

  • Noticed an incongruity in the new beta book: Sorceror Mount Battleshring has rule Beacon of the Dark Gods under Global, but Keeper of the Beacon under Model Rules. I believe the Model Rules part should change to say Keeper of the Beacon, since the Battleshrine Global Rules doesn't have Keeper of the Beacon as a rule.

  • Quote from Krokz: “Do you need me to confirm a nerf to VS too? ” Don't do it @Krokz!

  • Quote from jimbo81: “Our best character (Envy war dias chosen lord with burning portent) can't go toe to toe with a thirster and is outclassed by cheaper characters (iron orc warlord with omen of the aporcalypse, willows ward, potion of swiftness and talisman shielding) with access to shooting and greater synergies. I don't seem to be able to replicate the experience of the ideal match up by a masters level player where everything falls in to place. ” You're complaining a model can't go toe to t…

  • Quote from jimbo81: “ My first reaction is disappointment. It's the exact same book. I've been waiting for points relief for a LONG time and this update has not delivered. ” I think your desires are misplaced. You have a book performing at a top level, and you continually want points adjustments on things that are regularly taken and used with great effectiveness. You can't continue to complain about the fact that you don't find the points satisfactory without frustrating the forum and players a…


  • Tides of War GT

    SkavenInAZ - - North American Events


    Round 1 should start at 10:30 on Saturday Probably finish by 5:30 PM on Sunday I'll get the official rules pack finished up this week and posted/emailed. This is the 2018 thread though, FYI.

  • Quote from Cam: “Quote from WastelandWarrior: “Quote from Happy Aspid: “Just wander - what is our most underused entries during tournaments? ” My bet - Wretched ones, hands down ” They’re brilliant. Especially for the cost. Hate playing against them and I’ve normally got 4+ infantry. ” I've got 10 waiting to be painted... so going to run 2 units of 6 of these in a list when I do. Autohits are always amazing.

  • Quote from Krokz: “Quote from WastelandWarrior: “It has been bandied around in other areas that top armies (IE us, UD & VS) will lose 100pts ish on their top builds while lower armies will get around 100pts discount. No idea if this is true but I can see it being pretty accurate. ” I'd expect top tier lists to get close to 200 pts price increase. Bottom tiers price decrease is much lower, something like 50-100pts. Note I am talking lists, not race.And BTW, that happened at the last T9A wide pric…

  • Brick of 30 with HWS and M is what, 297? I've found good value with them, even if it's just fleeing off of the board to open up a juicy flank charge, etc.

  • My dark chariot build over been very happy with: CL Sloth Paired Weapons, Touch of Greatness Talisman of Shielding, Luck of the Dark Gods Basalt Infusion Trophy Rack R6, 1+/4++

  • @Shane - you're probably correct, I'm not as up to date on my ID terminology

  • I want to start using them, I just don't have models done for them currently. AP0 is tough, but auto hitting is always great.