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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Just Vikings Things.

    Blonde Beer - - Asklanders


    Looks a bit like my list. its fun! Enjoy the army.

  • Send me a pm mate and Ill answer everything. Im off tonight so a bit busy with trying to kill my players;).

  • Ill see what I can do.

  • Quote from Iluvatar: “Quote from Blonde Beer: “Dont forget the Cultists Card :). ” They don't have a specific hereditary though, they just use the DL one?I could make a card for them anyway... Do you know who made the symbol for them on the Downloads page? It's truncated there, I would prefer a full version. index.php Btw, any chance you give us a hint about this? (sorry to ask!) Quote from Iluvatar: “I have no idea whether casting values may be updated again during this small beta phase... ” ” …

  • Dont forget the Cultists Card :).

  • Im waiting for the redesign. I had fun with the previous version at the etc 2017 but after that I havent touched them.

  • Because Father Chaos is stingy with his children. There is a real reason but Ill let one of the guys who did the work on the book answer before I say it half right.

  • Right, the issue is that I cant change rules on most of the books at the moment. I hope the FAB version will bring some joy in that departement (if it was just me VS and KOE would have been then first books redone). About points, reducing points on the Chief was not seen as needed, either by the data approach or the majority of votes in RT. But the same here counts for everything else. Tell your ACS what is right, what is wrong and what are the key issues. If the VS community has an issue with t…

  • The Dutch ETC list is inspired by one of mine for a more serious version (I had to drop out for family reasons for the event but that was basicly what I was going to play). I play usually with a seeker inspired army though, so a ton of seekers with seeker characters and some regular seeker stuff proxies (gw pirate slayers for handgunners etc) I need to rewrite both though with the new points.

  • 2.1 OnG Chat

    Blonde Beer - - Orcs and Goblins (O&G)


    Thats proparly a result of being played more. Still looks weird I agree. Inform your ACS about it for the next update (dont want to go behind their back as a Goblin should ,) ).

  • Yup, Ive got them in 15 men. I blame big fingers! Usually they just take some potshots (and score) but if I feel I need it, I put my 2 giants in them.

  • Quote from Loghaire: “All in all, this post does not add a lot to the first impressions I wrote on page 3, I must admit - but I really tried to give units a chance, which I considered a comparable bad choice before and after the update. Now, a few games later, this attempt surprised me on some of them (Deepwatch!) and still gives me headache on others (GW-Greybeards!). After all I think, the team behind this must have made GW this expensive for a reason and I will continue to try making them wor…

  • 2.1 OnG Chat

    Blonde Beer - - Orcs and Goblins (O&G)


    Expect an updated version of the book somewhere in the next 12 hours, including a fix for Big Brother.

  • I used to run: 36 Barbs Great Weapon, shields full command raven banner 2 x10 Barbs/ Shields Bows 2 x 5 Wolfies I tried out a 30 man block though with Great Weapons with the Ambush Hitty lord/general on dais in there (still same equipment). I REALLY liked the pressure it gave to opponens, especially since the most things in my list are fearless, or I don't give a crap about if they panic. Only issue is where I stuff the BSB in the rest of the list.

  • Quote from The Unmarked: “Ummm, so we can't take a banner on our BSB? Nonsense ” I dont expect that that will stick around long (atleast not for the final version).

  • Haha yeah I really dig my asklander army so that I agree on ;).

  • You are aware that asklander battlefever doesn't work on horsie boys?

  • We have uploaded a new version of the SE book. Layout errors mostly, and one buff that was forgotten to implement. Happy hunting.

  • Quote from Grey Seer Snachett: “Cheers Blonde Beer. Its one of those things that VS have been stuck with due to legacy Skaven rules. Imagine other armies being forced to take Masters every time they wanted to field an Altar etc, these clauses have disappeared for other armies. I know its not an actual typo, hence the rolling eye smiley :p :p It took me a while to find some posts about it. Back in Feb 2018 Frederick and Ereius replied about it, and in fairness looking at it again now, they did sp…

  • @wombat Not near a pc mate but if nobody replies before me Ill send you it later