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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • I'd wait for the update before investing time and money

  • Hey guys, looks like I messed things up in the rules for this sidequest. So, let me try to explain myself a bit and fix it. It was meant to be ending today...we really tried to connect it to the Cultists Supplement release and that's also what will be the reason for what is happening in the city center of Avras right now. It'll also be a significant key point for how the storyline is going to evolve further. But I wrote the deadline was in 'october' and that's how it goes. I'll accept any entrie…

  • So, the last day to contribute to this sidequest has come. Be prepared to see what will be revealed in in the Avrasian city center. Hold your eyes opened for the news section!

  • Quote from Eru: “Quote from Iluvatar: “Sadly, currently, no. Because my SSD crashed, and my backup hard drive too - so I've lost any ability to generate the cards in a recent format. Unless someone has the cards in jpeg format of the proper size somewhere... but I doubt it. ” Damn that's harsh So you lost all your work on the magic cards? @Lich King Maybe it's time for us to port the magic cards to LaTeX, so we're ready for the next update... ” You've been talkin' 'bout cards, eh?

  • Update will come tonight, guys.

  • Quote from Plut0nium: “Hi everyone! Here is my first contribution to the campaign, a dark coach for the Vampire Convenants and my undead pirate army! I've already post the WIP but here is the final result Hope you'll like the finish (Hidden Content) Have a nice day, Julos ” Oh my fcking god. This thing looks so damn creepy! I love it. And I love your stories as well, guys. Keep it coming!

  • Quote from Riddles: “What is the prize? ” 5 points for the contribution + the points you'd gain for painting the model anyway. 5 more points for the winner. Quote from HKYUGOK: “Is it possible in drawing? It's also painting. ” Mhh, yeah. I mean...why not?

  • Ah, yeah yeah. Good questions, will answer them as soon as possible. @Kdownunder absolutely fine!

  • Nereida awoke, bathed in sweat, beside her brother. A bloodcurdling eruption had roused her in the middle of the day. At first she had thought it was once again the fire of the heavy artillery of the Empire of Sonnstahl, which was now heard day in and day out in the city, as long as they were not attacked by landing ships of the Asklanders or other horrors that were now gathering in front of the Gates of the city. But this thunder had been different. It felt unearthly. In the shelter of her thin…

  • Guys, you are just amazing. Love to see you investing so much passion into this project. Sadly I had to gather all my time and power to manage my divorce...hope most things should be running in more controlled ways now! It'll take me a few days to go through all your amazing stuff, but then I should be able to take over the command again long as you want me to, after @Adaephon_Delat did such an stunning job in my representation.

  • All DE players have to add one Placeholder-Post here. Here you can see an example on how your Placeholder-Post should look like: Quote from Lich King: “ - Name: Lich King (Tom) - Influence Points (total): 1.6 bazillions - Painting: 0.32 bazillions (Hidden Content) - Background: 0.32 bazillions (Hidden Content) - Game Design: 0.32 bazillions (Hidden Content) - Play the Game: 0.32 bazillions (Hidden Content) - Setting up a battlefield: 0.32 bazillions (Hidden Content) ”

  • Quote from PTG-Lucky-Sixes: “Is there a place where you will be collating all the direct campaign fluff introductions and main story? Also loving everyones work guys! Truly very insipiring stuff! ” The Background Thread! Will add the Introduction there as soon as it has been tidied up and pinned by mods.

  • Stretch Goal reached! The Dread Elves join the Fight for Avras to fight side by side with the rest of the Contra Status Quo alliance! Provided by @Phaeoron (Hidden Content) and @Adaephon_Delat (Hidden Content) Thank you guys, for this great introduction!

  • Great content, guys! Love it! Will release the DE introduction by @Phaeoron and @Adaephon_Delat later this evening. Hope you gonna enjoy it!

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    But following the T9A we're all frustrated Ex-Warhammer players, who hate Games Workshop for burning down our system. So how about we bann all Games Workshop models for ETC purposes - it's just about reputation!

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    Quote from DanT: “To be clear, I personally have no issue with the lego army. But it does have an impact on how t9a is seen, this is undeniable. Whether that should affect which events the owner of any such army takes it to is mostly on their own conscience. I was just commenting that it makes me sad to see people spread such photos as a way of attacking t9a. ” There will always be haters, the project just needs to accept, that T9A won't be liked by everyone. We surely have to consider feedback …

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    Quote from AlexCat: “ Is this an aneсdote enough? ” If that's worth a discussion, I guess we've solved all rules problems within our game. edited by mod By the way: what was the result of the game?

  • Quote from WastelandWarrior: “PS am I right in thinking that my bat rep & fluff & pics = 5pts? I've added them in my placeholder, is that for me to do? sorry for all the questions, just a little hazy on how the whole point accumulating thing works ” You're absolutely right. That's how it works. 5 points is correct.

  • Next Stretch Goals will be at 150 Influence Points, going on in steps of 100 IP per Stretch Goal. At 150 we'll unlock: KoE, DL and DE At 250 we'll unlock: HBE, SE and ??? (Not fix yet) Quote from WastelandWarrior: “what are the poinst caps to break through? do I need to paint some VC models?! ” Yes, you need to!

  • Quote from HKYUGOK: “How to count the matches? Can we play at home with my family and give the results? How is it organized? Do you play against the army you want? Thanks for the answers. Cheers ” Yeah, you can play wherever you want, against whoever you want with whatever faction your opponents wants to come up with. Some pictures and a short report, maybe even included into a short background story would be the best way to contribute for the 'Play the Game' aspect.