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  • T9A and future technology

    Little Joe - - Supporters Corner


    Quote from joel127: “I wanted to make a braid in Blender, but I only found super complicated tutorials. I found a much easier way, so I made my own tutorial Enjoy! (sorry no sound) ” Nice, yes, use the power of arrays whenever you can. I have never tried the skin one, will give it a try. Very nice braids. Quote from Frumious: “Here are some prints of the Dark God and Elven Monolith models shown earlier... last minute speed painted but you get the idea haha I was p…

  • Quote from BondageGoatZombie: “You are a beast! ” Thanks, roar. D88SSVd.jpg Basic painting done, a few small things to add, but that's just minor. The board needs corner protectors and another coat of black and varnish. cHsX2V7.jpg Forgot to take a newer image of the wood specifically, so here is the harbor minus one tiny final color. 2GJqV20.jpg Image from a bit further away than before, the colors blend a bit better in real life, very happy with the result. It's a nice mix and blend of a lot g…

  • Quote from piteglio: “speaking of countries, LJ, i was wondering: will that lower painted band shift colours as it runs around the arena? at some point, it might be nice to see that green morph into blue ; ) ” I already did too much to want to risk that. The way I see it, the color band is like the modern ring of commercial boarding around a football field. It shows who the patron is. But no worries, while looking for small things I found something Dutch to add to the board. I did not find much …

  • I took a test image for painting tonight. Light is not the best, so I took it this morning. I use images to check the work and plan next steps, they just show you all you did not want to see. eX6hdpz.jpg I sanded the stone areas to find the blobs that stand out, checked them all for being sharp and smoothed out the surface. The white spots greatly helped to find where to put yellow dots preparing for painted moss effects. Then because of needing to reapply dust effects I did 2 passes for each co…

  • It shatters like the old resin miniatures ( the beige and yellowish ones). I have an elf by @piteglio that is astoundingly sturdy.

  • Quote from Tim Prow: “Hi Folks, Diehard Miniatures is now running it's 5th Kickstarter 'Chaos Incursion' which has its first mounted units debut. Chaos is the main theme but we also have a smattering of other factions, our current range is also available to buy through the campaign as well!…iniatures-chaos-incursion Want an instant purchase from the existing range? Just follow the link to Diehards webstore! Tim Prow ba14eb41352e3c292c2…

  • Please show those images and yay more terrain.

  • Did a bit of digital yesterday in Blender on the heraldry list from the OP: nYwemIy.jpg Started at the top with the boar head, made it red on a chequered background with the 2 previous colors. Take from it, that with a decent image the digital limit is the sky. 3D printable shields with your heraldry, printable transfers or even a heraldry app ... So hop hop, show us that heraldry.

  • Quote from Manacerace: “Quote from Little Joe: “ ” amazing job men!! ” Thanks, going to frame the work by @Karak Norn Clansman and yourself properly at SPIEL. Not that much progress yesterday, I found another mouse and had a bit of fun flexing the digital muscles again to quickly test some ideas. And I did some boring assembly line work on the scatter terrain, which is interesting to show: Q5OaO69.jpg The idea is to have terrain that lifts up the board to a cohesive setting. It is a fighting pit…

  • Grand frère's armies

    Little Joe - - User Blogs


    Very busy color wise, in a good way. Those look awesome.

  • Those are really nice, very different and dynamic.

  • Wardog Gaming Tabletop Reports

    Little Joe - - Battle Reports


    Your French sounds strange, those short office videos really reminded me of the late 90s again. EDIT: congratulations on winning.

  • I think this will be pretty amazing and having a guide ia always a good thing.

  • T9A and future technology

    Little Joe - - Supporters Corner


    Quote from joel127: “Blender 2.81 is in beta and has new awesome features coming straight from ZBrush for sculpting: - Voxel Remesh in sculpt mode. It allows to create one mesh from disjointed meshed. Awesome to create base meshes Here I easily create a hand from boxes and cylinders. It is quite hard to do just by sculpting from a shpere. p.png - New "Pose" brush, allows to change orientation of bits without needing to create an armature, th…

  • Improving the painting level: H2QqxQt.jpg Next up is adding splashes of color again and then another dusting of brighter grey. qeBiXjS.jpg A test for scatter terrain that is playing card sized.

  • About 70-75mm tall with relative size to the 60mm base in that image. They have larger versions in the same style.

  • Quote from Jawor: “I already checked all miniatures from list on forum and there is nothing interesting. ” What did you not like and what must be included for sure? With miniature freedom, clawed fiends can be whatever you want. Neverrealm industries: Schl%C3%A4chter-2-mit-Label-1.jpg Schl%C3%A4chter-3-mit-Label-1.jpg

  • Stuff im doing in my Hobby

    Little Joe - - User Blogs


    That unit looks awesome with it all mixed up.

  • Unit fillers done well, they really enhance and play with the units to set them in a scene.

  • Quote from piteglio: “amazing build, LJ. you really make us T9Aers proud! as for the miniature painting style, sorry if it took longer than expected. here are four of the warriors: Kamorko, the explorer crossborc (Hidden Content) Cyron, a seaguard of the Kingdom (Hidden Content) Hambi, protector of the woods (Hidden Content) Ernaano, a merchant from the Inferno (Hidden Content) all painted by @Manacerace, except one ” Ok, @Manacerace paints high standard and vibrant. Quote from piteglio: “Quote …