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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • You can run, but you can’t hide... As an update, we still intend to run this as a 4-man team event, but we need at least one more team to sign up! So tell your pals and kidnap them if required!

  • A special thank you to @Skarloc who very kindly sent Paul and I some of the finest Belgian chocolate and dice via the Belgian team. I forgot to shout out on the show (I’ll do it on the next one), but just wanted to say thanks again for being an awesome lad

  • WE HAVE RETURNED!!!!!! smiley105.gif Team Scotland, courtesy of Mad Git Radio, have finally emerged from their post-ETC slumber and are happy to bring you our coverage of the biggest 9th Age event of 2019!!! In this 2 part extravaganza we are joined by Team Scotland coaches Kev Stonebanks aka AxelVicious, and Matt "Big Game Hunter" Perriss aka Mattyp, to discuss all things ESCand ETC 2019 Novi Sad!!! Tune in to Episode 24 for our pre-ETC show where we talk about our thoughts and largely preconce…

  • Quote from MickMcCormick: “Quote from LostCause: “@MickMcCormick wanna grudge for this one since you’ll miss Siege? ” Yes my friend. So shall it be written so shall it be done! ” I’ll bring the beer

  • @MickMcCormick wanna grudge for this one since you’ll miss Siege?

  • Yes lads, I’ll sign you up now

  • We are absolutely psyched to announce the event sponsor for Siege III - Dark Fantastic Mills. DFM make a variety of amazing terrain pieces and provide outstanding customer service, making it a must for all gamers. Check out the DFM website here:

  • Hey Shane, I’m really sorry (and gutted) but I’m gonna need to pull out of this one. I’d have loved to come down and support the event, but I’m gonna be too busy with work. Hope it’s a massive success and I’ll definitely be down to the next one.

  • Awesome guys! Keep the sign ups coming. If we hit 24 we can lock in the 4-man team format. As it stands just now, there seems to be a preference for pre-organised teams. We’ll make an announcement on the matter soon, so if you let Paul and I know which you’d prefer, that would be awesome.

  • Love it lads!

  • Quote from Falgrin: “Sign me up as a reserve please. Due to my back I'll not be playing 3 games in one day for the foreseeable future and will be shaking on a result for one of the games on day 1. I don't think that is necessarily fair on my team mates, especially if we have random teams, unless the alternative is that the team will otherwise be a player short. ” No worries Henrik, thanks for signing up as a reserve.

  • Quote from MickMcCormick: “Quote from LostCause: “No worries James, real life (annoyingly) needs to come first. Catch you/grudge you at the next one ” Will there be a mad git radio round up of the last strife? ” Yeah there will be, I’m away for two weeks though, so might not be available for a little while.

  • No worries James, real life (annoyingly) needs to come first. Catch you/grudge you at the next one

  • Quote from Scottish Knight: “Quote from LostCause: “Captain Jabroni (me) will be there ” More vamps? ” VC4Life

  • Captain Jabroni (me) will be there

  • IMPORTANT NOTE 1: We’re asking players to sign up as individuals, and to avoid the situation which happened last year, we’ll assess numbers a month out from the event. We hope to run it as a 4 man event, but this might change to 3 man teams depending on numbers. There’s no issue of signing up as a 4 man team, but just be aware we might need to tweak the format if numbers don’t work out. IMPORTANT NOTE 2: A few people have expressed interest in the teams being randomised from the player pool. We’…

  • Siege of Strivelyn III - 7-8 Dec 2019 Just gonna leave that here...

  • It’s that time of year again when @Spacegoblin and I proudly announce Siege of Strivelyn 2019! This is a two-day 4-man team event taking place on the 7-8 December at Common Ground Games, Stirling. Like previous years, Siege uses 5 unique scenarios. We encourage players to sign up regardless of whether they have a team or not. Unassigned players will be placed into teams who need extra players or into Team Merc. Stay tuned for more info! Hope to see you all there! Tournament Pack: TBC Player List…

  • Quote from spicybarbecue: “can the next tourney have a special prize for the person that fails the most leadership tests in a game please? Apparently my Highborn elves can t pass fear tests or terror tests ” I can confirm this, I think Gary failed 80% of his Ld10 tests, brutal.