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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • @Just_Flo Would love to see the list, sounds like a pretty competitive meta. As a super special treat, would love to know his match ups.

  • 2019 HBE Update Feedback

    Vespacian - - Highborn Elves (HE)


    @Noldor Those are his opinions. I will be gathering and posting official feedback on the community’s questions.

  • Quote from matrim: “So what is the process for feedback on the beta? How much time do we have b4 it gets locked until next year? Also would beta feedback inform the LAB book order? @Vespacian @Blonde Beer @ArchangelusM ” @matrim I’m gathering unstructured feedback here: 2019 HBE Update Feedback I’ll be releasing some focused requests for feedback structured as RT has requested which will be our formal feedback on this beta patch before the patch is updated/finalized.

  • @Klexe Wow, sounds like your posts in the KOE internal update thread and the ACS chat. Do me a favor, don’t contribute/exacerbate a ‘bad’ atmosphere. People are allowed to provide the input they feel and then I will collate it for feedback as requested.

  • 2019 HBE Update Feedback

    Vespacian - - Highborn Elves (HE)



  • Admirals! Please use this thread: 2019 HBE Update Feedback To compile your feedback on the recently released update for our beloved Highborn forces. I will be coming back to add more structure and guidelines to your feedback, but for now comment on what you like and list your list of top questions/feedback. -Vesp

  • 2019 HBE Update Feedback

    Vespacian - - Highborn Elves (HE)


    Admirals! Please use this thread to compile your feedback on the recently released update for our beloved Highborn forces. I will be coming back to add more structure and guidelines to your feedback, but for now comment on what you like and list your list of top questions/feedback. -Vesp

  • You are both (purposely?) misinterpreting what Just_Flo said He just said that the only rules changes in the game in the update were nerfs. He did not say or imply that HBE would be receiving any of these.

  • I am a certified sommelier, nothing quite like a good wine! I hope the upcoming whine vintage will be a little weak due to lack of tears...

  • @matrim BB said he hadn’t seen it, he’s only one member of RT. I know that other members of RT have watched it. The general tone of your post is pretty aggressive, recommend you tone it down, (self editing out exploitive notes is not toning it down for the record)We don’t get a lot of RT members participating here because this is the kind of response they get. Let’s see what we get from the update before we immediately go to worse case scenario. And don’t bring out the: “ we’ve been mistreated i…

  • @Klexe No need to repeatedly ask a question you already know the answer to, I think it’s clear he didn’t apply. That being said, the project has the EE set up for a reason, to gather input from players like Furion, it’s sounds like maybe there’s some opportunity for optimization of that arrangement. @AlexCat it is interesting to look st old lists and assess how power levels have changed, how would those lists look in today’s points? I know the old HBE items were MUCH better than they are now, bu…

  • All joking aside, patience is the name of the game everyone. We’ll have our prices soon...

  • @AlexCat He’s being sarcastic I have hope that Cam’s sarcastic prediction won’t become reality. But aside from that, let’s keep it civil here everyone.

  • And then there was me...haha! We do take your input seriously @Furion I can tell you your video was reviewed when working on the patch. To be honest, we (ACS) haven’t had any input on the upcoming balance patch yet. The RT and the data itself have been the primary sources of input to my knowledge. I’m happy to go to a PM with you to discuss in more detail how we can get you plugged in.

  • Quote from Cealyne: “Current list headed to Michigan GT: Mage: general, Master cosmology, gleaming robes, Binding scroll, talisman of the void MoCT BsB: dragon forged armor, shield, longbow, willows Ward, alchemist alloy, heirloom 5 reavers 21 seaguard: m 29 spears: FC, ryma Eagle Eagle 25 flame wardens: FC, rending 14 queens guard: m Bolter Bolter Bolter Flame Phoenix Will post my thoughts on it later. What’s your thoughts guys? ” Do you find you often bunker the characters where? Sea guard, QG…

  • @Trains_Get_Robbed Good luck!

  • @IntrigueAtCourt We do not insult one another here, healthy and heated debate is one thing. That includes comments while deleting posts. Let’s keep it civil here, I actually think this debate has been very interesting.

  • Would you not agree that tiering is relative? If 2 out of 16 books get moved above you, when you could previously handle the match up your relative tier placement has declined.

  • Happy to provide specifics, it’s centered around a few main points: - WoDG buffed: this book was purposely underpowered in the first few beta updates and was intentionally buffed substantively. Current builds include a lot of 1+/4++ or 1++ lords which HBE struggle with. I think it’s clear that this book was buffed above HBE -OK buffed: during the last balance patch OK was identified as bottom tier and got substantive buffs. Their current competitive builds are highly mobile or have massive volum…

  • Quote from N3okorrales: “Quote from Vespacian: “@AlexCat We will see, I’m not sure something on the magnitude of Furions video could be expected. ” yeah cause an extra elf on every list is such a huge improvement. weve been saying the army is crap for over 2 years while enduring the " the army is fine" crowd triying to justify the state of the book. Finally data prove weve been right all this time. Without data we got hit by the nerfhammer on multiple levels nerfing us into freaking oblivion( he…