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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Would the thyroscytus be optimal in a list with a bsb on taurosaur and carnosaur general? Having the general and BSB in the center of the army and having the thyroscytus flank both sides.

  • @Eymuster it was a new list you played and sure you didn't do everything right because of that, which is normal. Based on the experience you got with the list now, what would you do differently and do you think any of the things you used would have more potential than showed this battle?

  • You are correct, my mistake. However after looking it up it made me notice that in the newly fixed book the Great Bow is only 4+ instead of 3+ on character mounts. Will mention it to the team as it should be 3+

  • What do you think about this? Skink Priest, Apprentice, Taurosaur, Blowpipes Skink Priest, Apprentice, Taurosaur, Blowpipes Taurosaur, Blowpipes Stygiosaur 3 Taurosaurs + 1 stygiosaur = 1570p total but requires quite a character investment

  • Quote from raven: “hello buddies ! Try my first game with the new update with this list : (Hidden Content) Played against a SE with 1 master chamanism, 1 adept occultism, 1 lord with spear which give distracting in 3X eternal guard pw, 6 medium trees, 2x7 bowmen cavalry, 9 kurnous, 2 eagles and 10 poison bowmen First time trying evocation. Really powerful against characters. I made some mistake about the rules and we stop the game before the end. (Probably finished on a 12-8 or 13-7 for him). Lo…

  • Official SA update thread

    marcema - - Saurian Ancients (SA)


    Full beta would be a scaiman unit, maxed pteradon unit, Soulfire evocation but i guess overdoing it won't help

  • Quote from Eymuster: “I wouldn’t like to discourage Designers, I really appreciate the work. I think part of the problems is they have too much work, too much data to process and too many details to balance together. I think this is why from time to time they loose sight of objective. I’m trying to point out how things look on the table. I am not saying TG+Fully upgraded coatl is bad. Our Turkish team ETC player used it in a completely defensive list and play style and got average scores; averag…

  • Quote from Red88: “Alpha + Shard is Standard... so only 15P BUT with 60P + 70P (Starfall Shard+ Spirit of the Stampede, i can now also ad Things like Kingsslayer or other big items) starfall Shard 75P + Spirit 70P = 145P ==> only 55P for a magical Weapon Starfall Shard 60P + Spirit 70P = 130P ==> 70P für a magical Weapon Thats a buff for me ! in Adition manny Things that can kill the Alpha are now weaker or Gone (Son Goku Duke) ” Correct, the thing that i myself am a bit sad about is that Alpha …

  • Played with a cuatl and ran him with Evocation, Symbiosis and Jade Staff, costed 570 - now 580 and was perfectly fine. Symbiosis only made things easier range wise, but didn't improve his casting capability. Also, he was neither the general nor the BSB, so if he would die, he would only be 570p, not 1000p what happens to many. I agree however that a big brick of TG with fully upgraded Cuatl is not worth it as you throw almost 1500p into a unit that does not perform like a 1500p unit should.

  • I never really understood skink caimans, what targets do you pick with them? Always have the feeling they take soo much damage because of the skinks, that you can't really rely on the output of 9 s6 attacks

  • I think we'll see a double amount of thyroscytus compared to this patch update. Else, i think we'll see a few more armies that run Scaimans and their results in the first half of the year will prove if we'll see them at WTC and ETC.

  • Think we had a thread about it before somewhere. Running a unit of 6 CAs. Running 3 CA in a skink unit where the skinks claim rank bonus and the Ancients take the hits seems interesting as you can't allocate hits on the unit if none of them are in basecontact with the unit if I'm not mistaken.

  • Quote from Perch: “Quote from marcema: “Correct. In other thread i commented on this. It is a bug, Plaque of the Snake God did not change. 45p it is. ” Okey, but why it didn't change? I mean it should drop in points, obviously. I know it is garbage option, but it looks like instead of dropping it in points, you are going to make it worse, because base cost of skink palanquin went up 20 points. Plaque of the Snake God should go down at least 25 points. I am not sure it will change much, but at la…

  • Quote from Dancaarkiiel: “Ancient @ 260 Basalts, Dexterity New Meta, you've heard it here first ” What about running 2 cowboys? Basalt, Dexterity seems viable. How about adding one with Taurosaurs Vigor? 260p for 5HP, res 5, 2+ AS

  • Official SA update thread

    marcema - - Saurian Ancients (SA)


    Strangely enough, the point values in my book are correct. @Dancaarkiiel did you have the correct version?

  • Quote from raven: “Hey lizards ! I have a good new ! We can land even more dinosaurs !!! Isn't it a good news ?? That's for me one of the most important reason i play this army. i can land now 2 baby carno plus 3 stygio for even less points than before ! With skink priest support (1-2 adept druidism) and a biiiiig saurian warrior with spear. Or a cuatl in TG (25) and serpent spear warrior. Have fun ! Me -> <-others ” You can even field 2x thyroscytus snake altar, 2x stygio, 1x mystic traveller. …

  • Quote from Fenris 89: “No i Get 945 with the Banner. Its 45points expensiver with this "buff" I Play 30SW Speer, serpent, MS, and 15 skinks. ” SW didn't change, Serpent didn't change, spears didn't change, skinks got 5p cheaper (you only run a min unit, what did you expect?) . Don't know what banner you run, but if its max +/- 0 which seems quite ok right? SW with spears and serpent have been solid and didn't need any point increase / point reduction. Banner is due to extern balance.

  • Quote from Red88: “Raptor Lord Starfall Shard 60P Dusked Forged 55P Taurosaur Vigour 60P Supernatural Dexterity 25P Lance, Shield ==> Pretty Nice 1+1+ 4 Wounds Hart Target, Fireborn WS8 I7 in Charge ” Variant could be Warlord, Raptor, Starfall Shard, Talisman of Shielding, Taurosaur's Vigor, PW, Supernatural Dexterity OS9 Agi7 on the charge with 6 Attacks s5 ap2 Warlord, Raptor, Starfall Shard, Talisman of Shielding, Taurosaur's Vigor, Halberd, Supernatural Dexterity OS 8, Agi 7, on the charge w…

  • Message to everyone would be, get out there and play some matches and see what happened to all other armies and see how the SA patch is compared to other armies. Very sure that KoE and UD are much more interesting opponents with the recent changes. Please post your reports on the forum as well, both positive and negative and then we can see what we can do to improve.

  • Quote from Perch: “As @Dancaarkiiel mentioned earlier, Skink Palanquin upgrade called Plaque of the Snake God cost is bugged. Before it was for 45 pts, now upgrade costs 90 pts. Nothing in change log about it. Speaking about Plaque of the Snake God, I believe it has been forgotten in patch by a mistake. When you fix its bugged price, please consider that it was never taken in lists and people barely notice it even exists. Moreover bear in mind that by making base cost of skink palanquin higher, …