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  • Armybuilder 3.x Dataset

    Kalerith - - Supporters Corner


    1. I love all of the hard work you put in. Ugrush might find me annoying because i always nag him about the next patch on messenger, but hopefully he will forgive when we go to sweedish masters and ill get him some beers. 2. When is the 2nd part of 2.1 books out ?

  • Sign me up, can let the Sweedes have all the fun! Karl-Erik Hansen (NORWAY) Edit. Doing just 4/5 btw

  • EML: 2nd season

    Kalerith - - European Masters League


    I think a league simply decided by points over the course of a season would give less incentive for teams that are not located in central parts of europe to participate. A system only determined by points scored in the league is great for those teams able to go to an international event every weekend. For those teams without such opportunity they would automatically not be able to compete with those going to a new event every month. Im not saying do one or the other, but its a perspective worth …

  • Quote from Ozzy666: “ This is a very, very bad idea.Nerfing 10% of units is a much simpler task than buffing the other 90%, not to mention it would make for a super big update, which is not happening, since we're at T9A 2. ed. gold version I've already experienced a few attempts to "buff all the weak things" in Malifaux (a skirmish by Wyrd), and let me tell you, it wasn't pretty Not really, a lot can be achieved by small redesigns and points adjustments. I am aware that thats not the road thats …

  • I dont see why people think VS needs a nerf. How did you reach that conclusion? ETC = No VS inside the top 20 players. Have a problem with Dreadmills? Bring magical missiles. Want to autowin on points against VS? Bring pyromancy. Catapults are broken? The two most common infantery armies that faces VS: EoS = pyro VC= Dont care about catas, just raise the models back. There are three strong components in the entire VS army. 1. Dreadmills 2. Catapults 3. Pendulum. Does that mean that we should ner…

  • Midlands Mayhem 2019 7-8/9/2019

    Kalerith - - Tournaments


    How many people have signed up so far?

  • ETC 2019 - ID Lists

    Kalerith - - Infernal Dwarves (ID)


    I dont like the list of Karak Angor Mainly because he has 0 chaff. I do like my own list tho O:) Also I think USA has a good take on ID.

  • In our last team tournament in Norway we had a situation occur in the top table battle. Herminard (forum-legend & faux pro) was playing against the tournament monster harakiri (top 4 individually 2 WTC`s in a row and 3rd overall ETC 2018). Herminard was playing his by now classic swarm style of list with this: 3x10 minotaurs and too many to count blobs of 20 mongrels, against harakiris now familiar OnG mixed arms list.…103755321/?type=3&theater Tried to upload my p…

  • 3d printing. do you do it?

    Kalerith - - General Discussion


    Have a friend who is doing some work for the local boyz. We usually make some stuff that we dont can get our hands on through the normal channals. Like Orcs with crossbows I also had him make me some kadims based on a scaled ragnaros model (for those of you who play wow) you know what it is.

  • Quote from ukrocky: “Quote from DanT: “ Quote from Pellegrim: “ ” ” I disagree, 8th was anything *but* boring. The flavour, randomness and the fact everyone had broken stuff made the game immensely fun. The regular release of new books and units was fun. The imbalance was fun as you could set yourself a challenge, so I don't really agree with the handicap point. There are still auto includes in 9th, and I would argue no more so than in 8th, just look at Skaven lists with double doomwheel and a P…

  • Quote from JordanBladen: “I miss purple sun ” eeew, even at a sarcasm level the though of purple sun disgusts me xD best regards salty Ogre player

  • dont know dont wanna know. estimate about 10 000 euros. probably double that if you count me in for events over the lifespan of t9a (tho this includes an extensive alcohol budget for some events).

  • I have a chaos sorcerer I cast the boosted version with breath weapon from occultism on himself (range 18). Can I expend a veil token to gain rr to wound with this attack? I would think so, due to the new wording saying this spells effect. (The spells effect is the breath weapon). But its one of those who are a bit ambiguous. When you answer it pls tag me in the reply for notification

  • The comp balance wise is fine regarding UD. DL is fine as is (w no comp), but the army in itself is in a state that it probably isnt competetive at all without the multiple omen build, which is currently a problem. Hopefully will be fixed tho. The VS comp I honestly dont understand at all. Do I think its annoying playing against double Dreadmill? Yes. Are the Dreads a bit too strong? I think so yes, but not to the point that a point increase wouldnt fix them. I would probably still bring 2 at 35…

  • Example: Pendulum in a unit of monks declare a charge on a unit of 20 crossbowmen with marksman pennant. The unit of monks is depleted so there is 2 models left. There is also a bsb in the unit. The banner of the unit has the +1 movement upgrade to it. The SnS from the crossbowmen kills the unit. Does the unit keep the +1 movement for determining if the charge is possible? (We played it as yes, due to the fact that the charge range is measured at the start to check if the unit can actually decla…

  • Quick question. If a Shaman from Ogre khan selects firebrand upgrade, how does that work with Essence of a free mind? Example: I pick an Ogre shaman with essence pyro/shamanism If I pick shamanism, I cannot utilize effects for Firebrand upgrade in those games?

  • Hi, if I have a dragon mage (dread elf/vampire count/insert occultisme caster on a gigantic mount). Would the mount get the benefit from the ampified versions of both spell number 1 and 3 (Pentagram heal, and rot from within boost to Off/deff skill). The amplified version states caster gets said effects. Problem occurs because of the description of caster pg. 56 in main rulebook. "Caster: The spell targets only the model casting the spell (unless Focused, all model parts are affected)." As far a…

  • V205 Discussion thread

    Kalerith - - Archive


    Quote from Herminard: “Quote from Peacemaker: “Quote from Kathal: “Sure, in this specific case (aka parking your BLT right behind a Hill, which is very "interesting" itself) you can get easier cover in 205 than in 204 (my guess is: different LoS angle and roughly 2" lost on the right end) but is this really a problem? It just punishes bad deployment from Bolt Throwers, and that's it. ” It also punish those 30" long range shooting units with quick to fire since even they can't move enough to get …

  • Polish Team Championship 2019

    Kalerith - - Tournaments


    we visited several venues I am certain @Herminard would enjoy I have only good things to say about Cracow, and if I can I will go back