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  • And the last one, not the least, since it is the Royal Gallery at the King Castle. Here are depicted the portraits of current and past kings and queens, under the coats of arms of their predecessors. This is the major hall where the King receives the most prestigious hosts. (Hidden Content)

  • Actually, I have some more. King Henry sent his three cousins to a Cruzade expedition in Port Reynaud. They faced there considerable danger, but never lost their resolve. Their tale is a bard's favorite by now. (Hidden Content)

  • Why? They don't like coffee?

  • The dragon on the foam seems to be drinking from the cup. Coffee?

  • Quote from Ludaman: “@Calisson I believe at least one of this should be photoshopped in cappuccino foam ” (Hidden Content)

  • To finish my series of entries, here is a whole unit of infantry under the command of King Luis (the first). (Hidden Content)

  • Coat of arms of Catherine. The Royal Chapel. (Hidden Content)

  • A boar used to ornament the arms of the early kings. However, this animal has long been abandoned to cadet branches, and nowadays it is the Monfort family which has inherited from it. One can see their coat of arms displayed in a chapel erected thanks to their generosity, in repentance of some long forgotten misdeed. Collector's ivory carvings reflect their wealth. (Hidden Content)

  • Quote from Little Joe: “Did a bit of digital yesterday in Blender on the heraldry list from the OP... Take from it, that with a decent image the digital limit is the sky. ... So hop hop, show us that heraldry. ” Challenge accepted! The Carnival is a popular event in the north-eastern provinces of Equitaine. The population proudly brings up the marks of ancient heroes. Here, a "Charlie" proudly brings up the emblem of Charles, the founder of the current dynasty. (Hidden Content)

  • One more. After the death of the Prince heir Henry, his infant brother Luis was raised with utter respect for his defunct brother, presented as the epitome of chivalry values. Naturally, when he became a father himself, he couldn't find a better name than Henry for the future - and current - King. The sculpture below the royal loggia in the King's castle was made shortly after Henry's coronation. It symbolizes the bound between the revered uncle and his nephew, transcending death itself as they …

  • Wladyslaw is the most ruthless Voivoda that Zmayevatz has known. His victory over the Empire troops which tried unsuccessfully to force him to join the Empire stunned the world, as his impetuosity managed to overcome the superior technology and numbers sent to defeat him. No wonder why he has been revered as a priceless ally of the Kingdom of Equitaine. This tapestry depicts the Voivoda defending his land from the Imperial invasion. (Hidden Content) -=-=- Note: post 1 mentioned that we could use…

  • The year 922 was a year of great sorrow for the Kingdom, with the sudden double death of Henry, the heir prince, at the time the most beautiful and brightest knight of the kingdom, and his mother, Queen Lyuba, still at the peak of her beauty not having reached her fortieth winter. King Charles was inconsolable forf this double loss, and ordered an abbey to be constructed for the perpetual celebration of the Prince heir and his mother the Queen. The work started immediately. However, before the e…

  • Alfonso had another brother, Xavier, therefore a half-brother of Luis. Xavier had no inclination for ruling lands. He was more incited to rule souls. Inspired by the Inquisition of Sunna Church, he created the order of the Green Hat, which initiated hierarchy had to search across the land for heresy. Fortunately, his order did not survive the death of his creator. Here is Don Xavier coat of arms, and - the Lady be blessed - that's all what remains from him. (Hidden Content)

  • Hear ye, hear ye, come closer to me because I am going to tell you the true story of Adelard, and how he got his coat of arms. I guarantee this story to be the truest truth, as I know it from my grandfather who was the cousin of the official storyteller of his grandson King Charles, so please be generous and fill out my hat with your magnificent retributions. But first, let me authenticate the story with this marvelous ivory sculpture, which was made after Adelard's tale. Sure, you can have a lo…

  • King Luis had built a magnificent chapel to host many holy relics brought back from overseas. The building was allegedly located right in the center of the beloved capital city of his kingdom. Scholars had long debated about the authenticity of the building, assumed to have been built long after the king was dead. But last week, ancient pavement has been excavated, and the best heraldry experts authenticated the coat of arms of Luis, the founder of the dynasty. Noel, Noel, let all the populace r…

  • Quote from Everstrife: “we will see about selling some. ” @Everstrife Here is what T9A could do to help you if you wished: 1. You can have the Homebrew downloadable from your own website, I just need to add the "compatible with T9A" logo somewhere. This may help potential buyers realize that the models are effectively playable. 2. Before that, we can work on that AB to make it more appealing where we can. Not only on artwork, but as importantly on playability, with actual trial, for which we wou…

  • New species are not that likely to be adopted. Remember, T9A is in its vocation a tabletop game, in a believable setting. When speculating on a new species, people should check the following questions: 1. Modeling: Is there an existing suitable model the players could buy to represent it? 2. Fluff: Would this new species fill a believable ecological niche not requiring "it's magic, dude" explanation? 3. Game: Would this new species help to fulfill a need in the game? 4. Demand: How popular is su…

  • The Al-Qassar Sultanates

    Calisson - - New army books


    Quote from setrius: “I think I should be actualizate the army book ” Make sure to specify: .permission to pick from his personal works for non-profit (i.e. homebrew) T9A use.

  • T9A: Grand Companies

    Calisson - - Homebrew 9th Age


    Quote from XaireTharisae: “@Calisson @dan @EdSteiner Can you link all the books already made, like this we can give some time for everyone to review different works and from that we will have to make a decision. ” Downloadable: 1. Name: Grand Companies - Link: T9A: Grand Companies 2. Name: Independent Mercenary States - Link: Independent Mercenary States 3. Name: The Iron Legion - Link: Dogs of War T9A: The Iron Legion. Gold Edition. and Compendium I 4. Name: THE PULP AGE. (note: dismissed by au…

  • Quote from Ghiznuk: “WaooooaaooooooaaaAA !! Now is time to make models for the other units ” If there are drawings, I will gladly update the AB as well.