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The 1 1/2 hour speed painted giant - more techniques with Citadel Contrast paints

0 +2 58

The mighty Dwarf Grudge Buster: Project conclusion and maiden voyage, updated pics. for 9/29

8 +3 295


So do battle runes have a cost of zero? (Confused!)

5 130


The Snow Dragon comes to the frozen lands of The 9th Age

0 +3 205

The "thirty minute High Elf": A speed painting test with Citadel Contrasts!

0 +2 151

Making some truly gargantuan Hold Guardians for the Dwarven army!

1 +2 143


Citadel Contrast Paints are transforming my painting output and motivation!

0 +5 253

A dwarf gyrocopter gets the GW Contrast treatment

0 +2 241

The XVIII Halberdier Battalion of the Empire of Sonnstahl in winter dress

3 +1 596


The Empire prepares for a winter campaign, plastic conversions

0 +8 190

Giants and trolls get the Contrast treatment

4 +3 522


Wolves worthy of a 9th Age winter

0 +5 250

Wargames Foundry paints: the forgotten paint system you can't afford to ignore!

0 179

Newest experiments with Contrast Paints, on metal, plastic, and resin models with many new pics!

1 +1 465


First test of Citadel Contrast paints on human flesh, with pics!

0 561

Modular river sections for any type of terrain board, final pics. of completed river on the tabletop

1 +1 425


Agriculture and bread for the kingdoms of men...the classic old windmill

0 232

The classic old tavern/inn/meeting hall arrives in the Empire of Sonnstahl

0 155

Bringing towns and cities to The 9th Age gaming table

1 +4 369


The 9th Age gets its own Empire castle keep

2 +3 384