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  • So, I decided to give the Contrast Paints a real acid test, and gave them to my three year old daughter to paint her new Triceratops:…3d1ba667e53ba128c4ec00cea After a quick intro to Contrasts this is what she ended up with:…3d1ba667e53ba128c4ec00cea I only did the belly, the inner most part of the neck and part of the face It is not the most glorious paint job, but all in all extremely good, considering this is her normal style: the-…

  • Quote from Ozzy666: “It's actually (D3-1)*6+D6 to get a flat distribution of results between 1 and 18 and then you reroll the entire thing if you got 17 or 18. Which I assume you meant, but just wrote it wrong (...) Best Wishes Ozzy ” Yes, too tired

  • We always roll D3*D6 which is also distributed flat and don’t require a D20. 17 and 18 is just a reroll.

  • Models for the Dread Elves

    mrmossevig - - Dread Elves (DE)


    Just backed their kickstarter to get the terrain pack! Also, looks like there’s a Kraken lurking in the secret box too:…3d1ba667e53ba128c4ec00cea

  • Quote from Scottish Knight: “Quote from Kanadian: “Chain male is made of circles, yours look like squares. ” I think in some of the pictures you can make out the links better, it's the overlap that makes them look square. ” Agree. But in no way those fine lines Are gåing to be visible on the table, so it will look like squares on the table. That’s why all miniature companies cheat on their chain mail - to make it actually look like circles when viewed from afar. Even Mierce oversize the chain ma…

  • Havent seen this posted here before:…escape-from-pizza-dungeon a lot of miniatures for $120: 36f36414d9e90cbf446e5b5fb1256337_original.jpg But that shipping date, 2020, is that for real?

  • Also did a fell ork to try out contrast. This is contrast only except for the blades which are silver with yellow contrast on top:……3d1ba667e53ba128c4ec00cea

  • Quote from Glonojad: “This Lannister damsel is really nice, looks much better painted than in grey scale ;). Still, she seems a bit static to me. ” Agree. I think that’s just the style of Lubart’s miniatures. They are designed to be static, much like 5th edition and earlier, so yeah, just different taste.

  • @Marcos24 Looks great! Do you have some pictures of the test print? Did you use your own printer or a printing service?

  • What I do think would be interesting is either gryph charger grey or space wolves grey as a base for DE skin... anyone seen those in real life?

  • So I almost finished the first four guys:…3d1ba667e53ba128c4ec00cea But as a lot of you have commented, they are quite dark, especially in the shadows. So inspired by you I kept chasing the perfect Contrast Color. The one you see below is the closest I got. This is something like 10 parts medium, 1 part Black Templar and 4 parts Darkoath. On pure white Tamiya primer. The light parts match Pallid Wych Flesh perfectly, so after just one coat I can just touch them up …

  • Quote from Marcos24: “Perfect reason to trade some steadfast breaking power for model killing power! ” No-no. That’s elven territory.

  • Sorry for all the posts, I’m not thinking too fast right now. What if we gave them two weapons options? -Slavers crossbow (18", CC support weapon) -Hunting Crossbow (24", Aim3+, counts towards Destroyers) Still no gunline builds available. The RAs do not suck if you don’t want them to and you can field as many as you want.

  • But it raises an important question, for the people following this thread: We need to limit the potential long range damage output of Auxiliaries, would you rather see a cap on their damage output per model, or a cap on the number of models you can field?

  • Quote from Giladis: “Quote from Radian: “Why everyone here want to force repeater auxiliaries to make in cc?! ” Because guidelines tell us DE should not be able to play gunlines which translates into very limited access to longer ranged weaponry. ” Partly true. KoE should neither be able to play gunlines but have access to 30" longbows. Try to take those away from us KoE have been limited to 100 arrows per list and a similar approach could be taken here to limit the gunline-builds without killin…

  • My vote goes to +1 aim, no further adjustments needed and you can use your design time for something else. Not good against armored units but perfect against infantry and monsters. Wouldn’t be strange if Dread Elves were able to make weapons that could fire multiple shots without inducing a aiming penalty. The old “Multiple shots”-rule that is still lingering in the aim of the repeaters meant to represent the difficulty of reloading fast I think?

  • Quote from Glonojad: “Maybe orange? What are the other colours on Your monsters? I remember You did a lot of changes on Cold ones,but don't remember how did they ended. ” The cold ones have the same colour one the body, but they do not have wings. Both the Kraken, Hydra and Manticore have big red-orange parts. So yes, maybe smart to use something like orange to tie it in with the other monsters. I do think that the heavily saturated orange I’ve used so far on the monsters will feel to massive on…

  • @Peacemaker Guess how many tools in the 1.3 KoE-book was available to reliably deal with the Stank? Correct: none @Herminard Guess what @Watertheplant brought to every game of “Fantasy Battles” as I was building my KoE army? Correct: Stank The training regime worked but not without leaving scars. I am happy to join you both on a journey sometime, and as long as nobody mention the empiric-steel-crutch-that-shall-not-be-named or run into any other PTSD-triggers for me or my horses we should even h…