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  • Quote from Shako: “Has anybody by chance done the calculations for all the ETC lists? How much they changed in points each? If not it's gonna end up my job for tomorrow. ” > Quote from panterq: “My math needs to be double checked: Argentina -> up 60 points Australia -> up 3 points Austria -> up 34 points Belarus -> up 87 points Czech -> up 76 points England -> up 10 points Finland -> up 157 points France -> up 111 points Latvia -> up 79 points Mexico -> up 87 points Netherland -> down 20 points …

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

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    Meme from our tournament:…3a1fe80c15b87a7777fadd730

  • Quote from Kdownunder: “Characters with the favours (this time Envy) can join the vanilla footsloggers right? ” Yes.

  • Quote from jimmygrill: “Why does a Battleshrine have Not a Leader? ” War plartforms count as Characters, so all have Not a Leader

  • One heavy Pyro list once destroyed my Warrior block in two magic phases. So what, he wasted two magic phases on them and if I had 60 Barbarians instead of that Warrior block (similar points) he would still need two magic phases.

  • Quote from Happy Aspid: “Of all examples - you managed to bring the ones I didnt made. I asked about armies without some races in their names - like ID, SE. And I repeat the same question - Felldraks are not part of Warriors army organisation - why they got preferential treatment? ” You did mention goblins. What preffered treatment for Feldraks? They got less unit entries and no auxilliary book. It is obvious Barbarians are the preffered one.

  • Makhar Discussion

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    Quote from Ghiznuk: “By the way, what about my proposal of renaming the Enaree to something more Magyar-ish ? ” @Scottish Knight

  • Quote from Happy Aspid: “I never asked for full barb army in the main book. Just for actually competitive entries in the main book.I have never blamed the project for any kind of evil agenda, and spoken only about rules. In my eyes - if entry is present in the book, then it supposed to be competitive. For everything else we have Aux books. The purpose of any entry - is to get the job done. If only job is just to be there - then absolutely anything can take it, and there are no point in it. ” You…

  • Quote from namadeva: “Understood, so the WDG dragon and giant are the example to follow for all the other armies that have them, and this change for them will happen during lab session, and for now, only ID is the next in the list. So, can we assume that it is a downgrade? And in this case, can we assume that the current situation makes them weaker in the WDG book compared to the others? I wish to be wrong... Cheers, ” I would not say it is a downgrade/weaker, if it is cheaper. Price is the god …

  • T9A treats Giants like Dragons. They are all over the world and no faction can claim them for themselves. Giants are closed, the same way as WDG book. No design changes for years to come. WDG forum will have to understand that this forum is meant for discussing the army as is and how to play it, not wish listing any more.

  • Only WDG and DL book are 2.0, this means full T9A fluff design. ID is next. WDG Giant is also a good "leader" inside Barbarians. Sometimes inspiring confidence in your fellow troops is most important leading skill

  • Quote from Happy Aspid: “About flavor - while I am content with current rules for giant, why he was tied to barbarians in the book, that according to you is about Warriors? Just imagine fearless Giant in full plate (not just heavy) with shield and 2 gifts of the dark gods to choose and rules with path of favored instead of battlefever. ” Design is background driven. Giants are in a child minded state and could never understand the complexities of being a Follower, selling your soul and stuff.

  • Quote from Jomppexx: “I'd rather have rerolls to panic and break tests rather than D3 S5 AP2 impacts as Ogres. But that's picking cherries out of the cake and dreaming of building the perfect army. ” It is not picking cherries as much as not understanding that each army has its flavor for a game design reason, be it background based or legacy. WDG are an army of selfish individuals that do not want to bunch up under a flag. Rules are made to enable that wide army play. If you do not like that st…

  • Stating that fire can be put down with water is kinda being mr. Obvious right? Every unit has a counter and every cowboy (much more the ones below 400 pts) can be killed by one or two spells by more than half the paths. If you can't stomach that reality, which is a feature and not a bug of T9A, then do not play cowboys.

  • I see boots attractive for Sorc using Fallen as a very mobile bunker. Chief, Chimera, Paired Weapons, Shield Breaker, Thrice Forged; 370 pts So 8/20 Move with R5 2+AS. 9 S5 attacks, 4 of them AP10. I wonder when is this guy getting played as he is now dirt cheap compared to cowboys of other armies (and to Lord on Karkadan). And for extra 40 pts he gets to Fly.

  • Makhar Discussion

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    Quote from Tyranno: “I'm kinda pissed off, as I really needed the potion of swiftness to stop elves from 1-shotting him. Now I have nothing to counter giga-elf lords. ” I believe that is not a Makhar problem alone now

  • Makes the Path overall worse against other paths. Meaning players will more likely take other paths and your EH will not face Divination in every second tournament match up.

  • See Change log on Casting values.

  • Quote from umbranar: “Quote from Exalted Champion: “Not really sure what 4 single karkalords can do? Deliver 5A S7 each at charge? And what else? Cant kill most characters, cant take return damage with AP3 or more or lethal strike or alchemy, cant brake steadfest and dont deliver any synergy to the rest of troops. I can see that they can charge chaff or some medium threats. But thats it. ” As I look at it now and thinking of games I played, multicharge, chaff (lust yay), put pressure on the back…

  • OK Hunter is a very similar model as Chosen Lord on Karkadan. Sure one HP less, but very easy access to 1+ armor on the Lord to compensate that. I am sure spammed Lords on Karkadan, when cheap enough, can be a nightmare to face. But someone needs to do it, break the meta and not be in echo chamber. @DanT ?