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  • Quote from Calcathin: “Quote from Kopistar: “Master alchemy, drake 945 Prince, general, qc, dfa, spear, longbow, moonlight arrow 440 Commander, bsb, moct, great weapon, becalming 415 Not the best but decent ! ” Feels in the right direction Edit: I just realised that Prince is naked.. it now doesn’t feel much in the right direction note your characters points are misscalculated Without Hero Blades I wouldn’t consider running the big alchemy lizzard... ” yeah theses where old pts. Prince has the s…

  • Master alchemy, drake 945 Prince, general, qc, dfa, spear, longbow, moonlight arrow 440 Commander, bsb, moct, great weapon, becalming 415 Not the best but decent !

  • i for one love the ootfh on drake. I even Don't pay him heroes heart and it has never been a problem. i find that between +2 armor, H and +1R you have fairly decent option to make him really tankier/grindier. I know it does not solve the prob versus canon and not that much vs Magic but once locked in a fight he is a very tough nut to crack.

  • I see 2 impacting move. - divination nerf - overall mount pts reduction (second time) Could we see a switch to alchemy and more cowboy (generally, not only us) even maybe a bit more monster ?

  • reducing AA allowance ? So they can indeed makes decent pts reduction on AA/mount without us beeing able to play a monster mash ? I havent run deep math but i think this could be sold as a nerf, the ability to fill a lesser % of AA ?? This is the only thing i can think of. Because griffon are already cheap and filing 4 commander griffon might be ok but not if they have decent items.

  • I've run him 20ish game too. I find it decently good. One of the few FUN model we have.

  • Quote from Casas: “Pairings for Round 3 @Allor Vs @Martins9thAge @Arthur Vs @GabbaGandalf @MistrMoon Vs @RomanRagnorak @DarkS Vs @Firthunands91 @panterq Vs @Thurvack @Kopistar Vs @subspace @helldragon Vs @dslak @Casas Vs @GitanoNinja Deployment: 5 - Refused Flank Map 6* Secondary Objective: 6 - Secure Target *(Maps can be found in the Official T9A Map Pack v2.1.2) You have until the 27th october at 20:00 GMT to submit your results. GL HF!! Table up to now: * # * Player * Points * 1 * @'Allor' * …

  • Lion Guard vs Flame Wardens

    Kopistar - - Highborn Elves (HE)


    shoot one, fight one, redirect one I think you should add spearmen or at least sea guard in that discussion. Big block of spears is a meaningful threat. And believe me not every unit want to run straight at sea guard with a banner and a sliver. I found this to be a very decently thrratening unit. Anyway as said before i pick my block depending on magic and vice versa.

  • Lion Guard vs Flame Wardens

    Kopistar - - Highborn Elves (HE)


    list suiting. Each unit has its own benefits and its up to you to choose. Warden and flaming standard synergize very well with alchemy. LG are way better with Divination. So already magic path has an importance. If you go MoCT with Prince LG and warden are good. swordmaster Don't need him.

  • Once Bitten in Germany

    Kopistar - - Germany


    Strasbourg and switzerland also have some players. And many would be happy to meet you !!

  • I would love some thing "ala mageblight" that affect maybe characters (or unit containing), or items (or unit having such). This could also be a fluff "spy" thing.

  • mhmmm.... With your mouth ?? Sry. Couldnt resist.

  • Yeah but this solves nothing for them and only increase their rps nature. It would require additionnal math to see if Herm thinking makes them way better agaisnt cav too. My gut feeling is yes and therefore this might be a no go though.

  • well. getting 8*4+8*2 might be a Reason. Like a horde would deal 48 attacks, mainly hitting on 2+/3+. wounding on 2+ up to 4+ most of the time. Wanna do some math about it ? Even if 8 swordmaster made it into combat that's 33 (champ) attack Off6, lighting reflexes and S5. Seems a good deal to me. That's 14.666 wounds on a parry R4 unit. 18 if R3. Couple with alchemy potential or awaken the beast made them insanely good. Insta buy for me. 2x15 with champ+muso at 2x285. insane potential

  • fae miasma not always triggering (especially if you loose some models) Opponent can still make good roll and "avoid" the penalty (and that is really frustrating, seeing a warmachine needing a 6 and still hitting). In short, you cant really count on them to have an impact.

  • HBE vs WDG 8-12 mvp : warden lvp : ootfh drake/ryma HBE vs DL 8-12 mvp : warden/ootfh drake lvp :sea guard HBE vs EoS 13-10 mvp : warden lvp: sea guard/ryma HBE vs WDG 9-11 mvp : warden lvp : -

  • that sarcasm is absolutely not helpful. Plus you have no way to compare both version, making your argument iffy, at best.

  • you forgot the main thing. Ap2 on sea guard and agi7 if charged. Meaning that not many unit will run straight toward them

  • Units of 2 Eagles?

    Kopistar - - Highborn Elves (HE)


    testing them on a 3 game turney : - vs WOTDG they killed one base warrior before fleeing (not rallying ment they gave full pts) - vs DL they got 1 succubi before dying - vs EOS they got the milita (150pts) and remained alive I intended to hunt warmachine and chaff but the EOS "cannon was guarded" by 3 griff so i couldn't go really close to threaten him I will test them again in the Crippling Rides on UB. So far i would say they lack Something to really be Worth taking in multiple models. Bigger …

  • Allor and Firthunands91 lists are correct.