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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • The Von Karlsteins

    Xargosh - - User Blogs


    Wow, i like watching this thread. Great work and some nice converting ideas.

  • Adam painting stuff

    Xargosh - - User Blogs


    AWESOME! I like your thread because it's great work and inspiration for myself.

  • Really awesome. I like the forests, especially your self made trees.

  • Thanks for your feedback and hints. @Eisenheinrich: Can you transfer this thread to Painting and Modeling Discussion?

  • In the world of T9A (Does the world have a name?) are many races that do not fight in rank and file, as in the case with the armies of elves and humans. I'm thinking of the armies of orcs & goblins, the ogres and so on ... As a player of the orks & goblins, I would like to show this in my army and on my movement trays. SoI need a little bit of space between the models, which means that the movement tray get wider than usual. The question is, how do I deal with it in the game (measurement)? W…

  • I love it! It's like St. Patrick's Goblin's Day! To quote an Irish folk band from Germany (Coalminer's Goblin's Beat): Do you know the land of green...? Watch out, the age of greenskins goblins begins - now!

  • Name T9A Mascot Poll!

    Xargosh - - General Discussion


    Voted I like the drawing. It would be great if the two once existed as a miniature. Let's go miniature designers in the T9A world!

  • I read about Lord Breslin in The Ninth Scroll and since then in this post The story is exciting and captivates me since the first section. For me it does not matter if the story is canon or fan fiction. At this point I would like to quote from the article by Alessandro Vivaldi from the third issue of The Ninth Scroll: "As well as playing, the 9th age involves building and painting armies, telling stories, creating a narrative or even an entire background for your 28mm heroes!" In my opinion such…

  • Unit Cards (2.0 Edition)

    Xargosh - - Supporters Corner


    Currently I am also trying again on unit cards. My friends and I do not play as often as we would like to, so I am experimenting with cards that, in addition to the profile values and the equipment, also summarize the special rules. I hope this saves me the constant look-up in the rules. The layout is based on that of the army books, which is mainly because I have no color printer. I'm thinking about which format is better: A5 (letter) or A6 (postcard). It would be nice if there were official te…

  • Got the Rulebook and Arcane Compendium today. At first I was skeptical, but quality and price are right. Both books look great. Let's see what the full colored books will look like in the end. Thanks to those of you who made this possible!

  • The following youtube channels helped me to improve my skills in painting and terrain building: Luke APS Luke has a lot of experience in terrain building as well as in painting miniatures. He offers tutorilas on both topics, which show how better results can be achieved with cheaper alternatives. Especially I would like to mention his DIY-tutorilas for colours, washes, flocks, foliage ... The Terrain Tutor Mel is an experienced site builder. He is neither limited to a specific game system nor to…