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  • Played a 1 day tournament yesterday. My list: (Hidden Content) Game 1 - frontline clash, hold the center (Hidden Content) Opponent had alchemy so i made a long charge bottom of turn 1 with my knights, figured I'd target them in combat than getting killed by missiles. The knights ended up fighting for 10 rounds of combat, killing his 2 giant blocks of barbs, a giant, and the characters. Ended up with 1 knight alive, saving a lot of points. Meanwhile imperial guard kill a forsaken one and then hol…

  • EoS: Imperial Prince vs Great Tactician

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    or you can put him on a horse and get 1+/5++ or 1+ rerollable. Not possible with a Knight Commander equipped with sonnstahl sword. Sure you lose some OS/DS and Agi, but gain an order and more survivability.

  • Putting ogres on the shelf for a while and giving my empire some love again. Lots of fun, but gave away the objective and my deathstar + characters in turn 6 (for a ~2200 point swing) by foolishly trying to fight a wrath warrior knight unit with 2 chosen lords inside. Will adjust my list and try again. * YourArmy: * EoS * OpponentsArmy: * WDG * Score * 4 - 16 * MVP EoSUnit: * 40 imperial guard, Hw+S, with locket prelate * LVP EoSUnit: * 20 light infantry, handguns

  • Quote from dkrotenberg: “Does every empire Militia model have all three weapon options? Or does one have to chose? It says they have paired weapon, pistol and bow ” they have all of them. In close combat use paired weapons, and in the shooting phase you decide whether to shoot bows or pistols (note that the whole unit must use the same shooting weapon)

  • Quote from Kuyp: “Number one is complete garbage, and i mean that with all politeness.... Why ? this is a game of skill more then it is of luck, a player should be skilled enough to move their units and visualize where they want to move before moving -- end of story. moved your guys forward and don't like the position ? too bad learn from the mistake and move on have a move your not sure about? talk to your opponent don't even touch the unit until you are ready to move it. movement is a massive …

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

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  • say I declare a charge with a model, and the enemy unit flees. So the enemy units pivots directly away from my center and moves. What happens if this pivot brings them out of my charging model's front arc? Fail charge in that direction or can still roll to try and catch them? Thank you

  • I tried playing my humans like they were my ogres... didn't work too well I will readjust list and try again! * YourArmy: * EoS * OpponentsArmy: * DH * Score * 1-19 * MVP EoSUnit: * Imperial Guard * LVP EoSUnit: * Knightly Orders

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

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    hJsj4VA.png I can play a million games and never reach this level of enlightenment

  • Iron fist question

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    Think of it as a weapon that basically functions as a shield that grants +1A and cannot be enchanted (except heart ripper/ritual bloodletter). You cannot enchant your "hand weapon in the other hand" as for all intents and purposes the ironfist "replaces" your close combat weapon. See table 9 on pg. 107 "if a model has any close combat weapon other than a hand weaponit cannot choose to use the hand weapon"

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

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  • My Prince on Dragon managed to kill the herald in 1 round, taking only 1 wound in return which was cool. I misplayed my chaff by giving them away too early which cost me the game i think. * YourArmy: * EoS * OpponentsArmy: * WotDG * Score * 7-13 * MVP EoSUnit: * Imperial Prince on Dragon * LVP EoSUnit: * Militia

  • Quote from rog: “Hi all, Thinking about getting back into the game. Haven't really played since WH 7th. Could somebody please give me the low-down on army play styles right now? Thank you ” Hey mate, this thread might be useful to you.

  • * YourArmy: * EoS * OpponentsArmy: * DL * Score * 16-4 * MVP EoSUnit: * Knightly orders with BSB, KC, Prelate * LVP EoSUnit: * Spearmen Shout out to my militia for putting 4 wounds on the greater greed Demon with bow shots hitting on 7s, wounding on 6s, then a 4+/5++

  • * YourArmy: * EoS * OpponentsArmy: * SE * Score * 2-18 * MVP EoSUnit: * Spearmen with flaming banner * LVP EoSUnit: * Mortars - 2 Mortars managed 1 partial hit between them all game - Tried a risky charge with my IG that didn't pay off and cost me the game

  • Currently working on the prototype for my young Griffon (young dragon?) Knights. Using Games Workshop celestial dracolines (?) for the mount, and Warlord Games Cuirassiers for riders. Shield is from anvil industries. Used a few of bits from the GW sprues ro cover my greenstuff and spruce up thr guys helmet. Only issue so far is my complete lack of greenstuff skills, and that the mount has the sigmarine riders legs built into it, which are twice the size of the regular human rider. I built up a b…

  • Prelate unfortunately cannot use Examplar Flame, as be is not a wizard. Perhaps give him Imperial Seal instead of blackplate and Examplar Flame? That will solve the leadership "problem" (Ld8 can be ok with use of Orders and Divination attribute). Liberal Magic means your wizards can choose to replace one of their learned spells with the number 1 spell of a lore they didn't take (but have access to). For example, a Wizard Master of cosmology could take any 4 spells of the 6 available in cosmo, or…

  • 4500 Asklander List

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    Your wizard seems to cost 100 points too much. Build him outside of BattleScribe (pen & paper ) and see if it matches.

  • Quote from kaisersose: “The orcs lost most of the special rules because of complexity/random reason. This book is a joke. ” That seems a little extreme. You are free to dislike it, but can I suggest being a little more grateful for our free rules, art, and fluff? It is Christmas after all

  • Quote from Andrzej: “Art, fluff and general idea is great. Buuuut... As mentioned above, wayy to many new special rules, upgrades, manifestations etc. It is completely not new-user friendly. Seriously. I play this game almost 15 years and even I was really confused and overwhelmed but the amount of new rules. And what worse, it's not even like: ok, this unit has +1 to wound or rerrol for x. No. It is: this unit has +1 to wound/rerrol for x fighting against X size enemy, from the flank, after los…