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  • DL 2.3 Feedback thread

    Maelstorm - - Daemon Legions (DL)


    All in all I think it seems good. One thing I like is that units get a bit more specialized by getting AP0 for example. Price drops on GDs are always welcome. I do think people are somewhat negative on the state of some choices, I don´t feel that Blazin Glories or Flies are in a particularly bad spot at the moment and the army as a whole seems kinda fine.Not perfect, but in a good spot. And I say this as someone who plays in a meta that relies heavily on shooting and offensive magic.

  • Speaking as a player, not a tag, it would be reasonable and kinda perfect if their special rule (at least the AP part) became for melee attacks and not only special attacks. The strength reduction could be left to only special I think. Very interested to see where we end up.

  • Those reminds me of the enemies in Dark souls with dual-door-shields^^ Annoying buggers.

  • Speaking of army complexity, I´ve played EoS for a lot of years and have never had problems with people not understanding what stuff in the army does (and yes, I´m running IG+ support unit and all the synergies). They might have misjudged the potential of the synergies, but they´ve always understood them. Now I play daemons and I usually print out a cheat-sheet with all the rules and manifestations of my units since they every unit is so packed with rules. Sure, EoS have a lot of rules as well, …

  • That entire list is risky

  • These three was the most recent ones on tournaments. Generally a lot of mobility and magic. Maw of Akaan, General, Greater Dominion, Wizard Master, Evcation Chitinous Scale 880 Kulimas Deciever, Wizard Adept, Piercing Spike, Venom sacs (Guiding) 500 21 Myrmidons, Lightning Reflexes, M 519 23 Succubi, Bronze Backbone, M, C 612 6 Clawed Fiends, Piercing Spike, M 663 6 Clawed Fiends, Unhinged Jaws, M 669 11 Hellhounds, Digestive Vomit, C 332 2x5 Furies 160 4495 Maw of Akaan, General, Adept, Evocati…

  • You can build this interesting list now. If you like shooting. Prelate, Plate Armour, Death Warrant, Imperial Seal 340 Marshal, BSB, Shield, Willows Ward, Alchemist Alloy, Household Standard 240 Wizard, Wizard Master, Cosmology 350 Inquisitor, Horse, Blessed Steel, Shield, Hammer of Witches 295 Artificier, Long Rifle 130 40 Heavy Infantry, Halberd, FCG, Razor Banner 495 20 Light Infantry, Crossbow 275 2x5 Electoral Cavalry, Great Weapons, M 180 2x1 Imperial Rocketeer 160 Cannon 245 Volley gun 19…

  • I on the other hand have been having tons of fun with the book

  • Yea, 40 orcs with PW feels very cheap now.

  • I know it doesn´t seem like much, but in many lists another item, or another unit of chaff can make a whole lot of difference.

  • Games reported. You can always trust the steadfast people here to deliver^^

  • Games reported, keep reporting

  • All these games reported, keep playing.

  • Games reported, keep it up!

  • Played an event with two GDs. Ended up in the middle. Quote: “ * Your Army: * DL * OpponentsArmy: * WDG * Score * 18-2 * MVP DLUnit: * Courtesan * LVP DLUnit: * Succubi * Your Army: * DL * OpponentsArmy: * BH * Score * 12-8 * MVP DLUnit: * Clawed Fiends * LVP DLUnit: * - * Your Army: * DL * OpponentsArmy: * VC * Score * 19-1 * MVP DLUnit: * Maw * LVP DLUnit: * - * Your Army: * DL * OpponentsArmy: * DH * Score * 4-16 * MVP DLUnit: * - * LVP DLUnit: * Courtesan * Your Army: * DL * OpponentsArmy: *…

  • Well, he is in fact probably the single best piece of character against DL. But very niche. He is a single M6 threat, so he can usually be ignored somewhat. But yeah, he is like the KoE duke in that he really wins games on his own against the right things. Poison works really well against him, as do anything with lethal strike. Characters however, do not.

  • Quote from Adaephon_Delat: “And then ravens wing on steam tank? great idea, but i am sceptical that this is not OP. I would agree with @Villon. Through the hereditary EoS (and the bound spells) has already a very flexible magic phase ” Except random movers can´t be the target of a magical move, just to avoid weird situations. (p.97, under Random Movement) So that wouldn´t be a good reason to limit access to witchcraft^^

  • ETC 2019 DL lists

    Maelstorm - - Daemon Legions (DL)


    Quote from Kapten Kluns: “Quote from john doc: “ ” Im still waiting for DL to get some magical boosting manifestations that will allow higher quality wizards. ” I mean, having +2 channel and masters with +2 to cast is pretty good to have without having to pay for it. But agree, some more magic-boosting would be nice.

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

    Maelstorm - - WWW Topics


    Mmm, explaining to German customs officer in shaky german why you have a box with 40 sharp metal objects that you want to bring on the plane. Fun times!

  • Games up until here reported, keep it up!