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  • Quote from Fnarrr: “I find it almost odd Turkey didn't take it, but I guess that list is pretty tight. ” @fnarr i thought so too, but restrictions ofc.. even with queens cavalier we cant take AA + ootfh dragon, And you dont wanna give up the pyro/alch combo

  • HBE vs OK 20-0 HBE vs DH 19-1 HBE vs OnG 19-1 HBE vs OK 10-10 HBE vs VS 20-1 MVP RH Prince on Chariot LVP Evertyhing worked but if i had to pick probably RBT's surprisingly

  • thanks alot @My_Kin! I was ready to give up on the list up until this tournament, kinda hard to bash it atm xD You are 100% correct with the lucky charm sir! Squezzed it in with some extra points and totally forgot about the artefact cap, luckily i also forgot about the item so didnt use it a single time during the tournament, will remove asap. the only thing i feel temped to try out is removing book of arcane power, talisman of the void, shield on commander, lucky charm, and exchange ring of th…

  • WE BACK! After yet another, long time away from posting batreps, me and co-host Dave return with a bang! Info: GT, 4ppl team-tournament, 16x team 64x players, 4500pts Game 1: HBE vs Ogre Khans Game 2: HBE vs Dwarven Holds Game 3: HBE vs Orcs & Goblins Game 4: HBE vs Ogre Khans Game 5: HBE vs Vermin Swarm Some random stats for us …

  • Quote from Adam: “So after this discussion about FW I will post a list of one of the top HBE players in Poland: 1 Mage Adept @ 225 Pts General; Wizard Adept; The Cosmology 1 Mage Adept @ 265 Pts Wizard Adept; The Divination Scepter of Power [40] 1 Commander Adept @ 405 Pts Master of Canreig Tower; Wizard Adept; Great Weapon; Light Armour; Battle Standard Book of Arcane Mastery [60] 30 Sea Guard @ 750 Pts Spear; Bow (3+); Light Armour; Shield; FCG; Cover Volley; Steady Aim Navigator's Banner [75]…

  • Aand here comes the next batch, games 2-5 Game 2: Game 3: Game 4: Game 5:

  • Aand here comes the next batch, games 2-5 from the GT that just was in sweden, 4500pts, 64ppl, G2: G3: G4: G5:

  • Quote from Borjnfer Wraith: “Lion pelt only works for Character on foot. So no 1+ armor in Chariot. ” @Borjnfer Wraith im aware, they get 5+ from chariot, 3+ with heavy armour, 2+ from alchemist alloy//death cheater, and 1+ from the shield. so they are both on 1+4++ vs ranged, 2+4++ vs close combat.

  • IM BACK! i've been ever present, though silent, i wont go into detail in my view of the year that has been even though i've been silent i've probably kept track of every page in this thread, which is no small feat, agreeing/disagreeing but with no energy to join the discussion. its been a rollercoster of a gaming year for me, but HBE strikes again! Reecently joined the Swedish Championship (regular GT) that was mentioned a few pages ago, and will post content from my 5 games, first batch done! E…

  • WE BACK! after a long time away in hiding, lots of loosing, lots of practicing and learning from the shadows, HBE strikes again! Info: GT, 64ppl, 4500pts Pre-tournament video: Game 1: HBE vs EoS, more coming soon