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  • SE 2019 final update

    N3okorrales - - Sylvan Elves (SE)


    Quote from Wesser: “Quote from Snarkhunter: “The Titanic Might/Whirlwind change was seen as more beneficial to chieftains due to their much more limited magic item allowance, thus the additional offset to their mundane weapons (specifically the ones with additional AP). ” Does anyone plan to take non-spear/non-bsb Chiefs? ” Of course, ive been playing wardancer chief bsb with heroes heart for over a year.

  • SE 2019 final update

    N3okorrales - - Sylvan Elves (SE)


    Quote from CariadocThorne: “Quote from Laik: “I'm really surprised that after years of making good rules they've decided to increase price of sylvan blades by 15 points on chieftan - which makes it ex aequo the most expensive mundane weapon in the game (with same pricre on prince - that has more WS,I, Agi, AP) - can anyone answer me why does it happened? I've always played shooting oriented BSB chieftan and it seems that it will stay that way. ” As I said in the OP, it makes more sense once you …

  • Quote from Serwyn: “Did someone try the Roc with giant stone ? Is the resin of quality, or is it finecast-level ? ” I have that eagle and its great.

  • Quote from Aenarion43: “Since BattleScribe no longer has 9th Age available for list building, what are people using to make lists? PS. I assume this is a temporary thing... anyone know for sure? ” Never used battlescribe, their output layout is a freaking mess. simplest and it gives etc layout to your lists is

  • Quote from raulmartinv: “Quote from Terdekx: “Estoy dándole caña a esta lista cara a los TOE: (Hidden Content) ” Desde mi ignorancia, te hago las siguientes preguntas:1. Como consigues que no te maten a los tres heroes (que solo tienen 3 heridas cada uno, con r3) ” Los dos heroes a pie en los arqueros o sacrificando el scout de los sentinels los puedes poner en los sentinels y el heroe en ciervo(que tiene R5) en los wildhuntsmen o en los heath riders.

  • Quote from Peacemaker: “Quote from jaith1: “Guys lets nerf the Griffon Prince please. The mount gives hero's Heart calibre attacks, while the elven Prince gets to Swing his elf self around as he sees fit... and deal damage to units... potentially with his elf self's hero's heart. We won the election. Stole griffon prince in all lists please. #GRIFFONBOIZ ” 4 wounds. Best you can get is a 3+/5+ for like 450pts?...24 goblin bows with spears is all you need to zone this guy. Any gaming group that c…

  • TA staff using 7 likes as a mesure for something, that isnt scary at all... Again the army is on its own bottom hell hole and theres people arguing about nerfing something else!! its amazing!!

  • Does magic resist affect the casting roll of a learned spell if the atribute spell is the one targeting the unit with MR?

  • Quote from Gaius Marius: “Cool, I look forward to the help designing an EoS hero on foot who is... you know, super good at killing stuff. Oh, or a mobile hero with a mount of some kind who is better than the HbE offerings. (sorry for the sarcasm, but sometimes the heroes in an army aren't all about killing all the other armies big heroes, and HbE Heroes seem to fit that bill) ” can we get a heroe that for 360 points gets res4 AS1+ reroll that also gives BF and hatred to the unit, that also chane…

  • 459 - 5 Kestrel Knights 373 - 6 Wild Huntsmen both units have shields but its not showing in list output.

  • Seems to be some issue with list output. 160 - 3 Forest Eagles, 3x Number 465 - 10 Briar Maidens, 10x Number, Champion That 3xnumber?

  • Im sure the data driven thing takes into account that the OP passive that heals our dragons only has 12 inches range right? right? freaking hell the army is in its own hellpit and the usuals still have tha balls to come here and argue its fine.

  • Its incredible that elein reavers without bows still count towards bow section.

  • Quote from Hachiman Taro: “ It's better if we focus on practical measures I think, like where the moderate point changes in the update could be better targeted. ” Those "practical measures" is the polite term for "useless changes that will do nothing for neither internal nor external power level" If you/they want WH to be used reduce the cost of the shield( i mean COME ON 5 points for a shield!) or the unit itself agresively otherwise dont waste your time with proposals that will go nowhere that…

  • they also reduced the champion upgrade from 120 to 100 in case you missed it.

  • 2019 HBE Update Feedback

    N3okorrales - - Highborn Elves (HE)


    Quote from mathair: “Quote from Vespacian: “HBE army as a whole better supports dragons than the other armies (Multiple sources of healing, hereditary, GW, star metal shield) ” [more combat power from lord( 5! s7 ap3! attacks, can have 6 s8 ap3 on charge) ” curse of the black stag doesnt work if the prince is on a dragon. Massive BulkIf the model is mounted by a Character, ignore the rider’s Armour Equipment (including Armour Enchantments) andPersonal Protections, unless specifically stated othe…

  • Quote from Herminard: “Quote from Furion: “res6 3+, thunderstomp, Quote from AlexCat: “This is really interesting, can you elaborate on it a bit? On paper Nova lance hits much harder unless you wanna do a lot of "parking" of enemy units and prolonged combats. Also, very interested on your take on the Griffon. He does roughly twice the damage than the dragon on charge and much better protected AND (thus having really good synergy with MoCT), has smaller base, AND faster. What are the arguments ag…

  • Quote from funkyfellow: “Yeah I am digging the following build: Blade Dancer Chieftain: Battle Standard Bearer, Spear (Hunters Honour), 2X Aether Icons - 335 13 Blade Dancers: Champion, Standard Bearer (Banner of Silent Mist) - 486 MR 3 & -2 to-hit vs most shooting. The Banner of Silent Mist is optional if you just plan on camping a Forest with the unit. Another good choice could be Banner of Swiftness on the unit for some silly charges and flanking maneuvers. ” Been using that unit for the last…

  • Quote from Wesser: “Double Aether Icon on the Bladedancer BsB is pretty ace ” You could do that before, i mean ive been using it the entire summer.