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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • As always, any and all feedback is appreciated, especially regarding the scenarios. Feel free to drop Paul and I a message if you have any thoughts.

  • Massive thank you to our sponsors and, most importantly, our players. All photos are on our twitter @Scottish9thAge. The final standings and prizes are as follows: * * Team * Score * 1st * The B@stards of Winterfell * 188 * 2nd * The Ninth Cage * 157 * 3rd * Mookbusters * 156 * 4th * Pending Wives’ Permission * 130 (135 -5 for Models) * 5th * Los Old Alliance * 124 * 6th * Carmitage * 120 (130 -10 for Painting) Scenario Prizes None Shall Pass – John Tea Camp Architect – Martin Bueno The Herder –…

  • Quote from Eratu13: “Quote from LostCause: “To let everyone know, Paul will be replacing Dave Burns on the Ninth Cage. I’ll adjust the pack accordingly. ” whew didn’t fancy your vanguard VC list ” There’s still time! It’s all a ruse anyway, everyone knows I’m garbage

  • To let everyone know, Paul will be replacing Dave Burns on the Ninth Cage. I’ll adjust the pack accordingly.

  • Unfortunately we’ve had another drop out tonight. Dave Burns has had to withdraw due to illness (tis the season). Either Paul or I will replace him on The Ninth Cage. I’ll let you know as soon as possible.

  • I have to side with Martin here. The Salt Miner is trademarked.

  • Quote from Ironrock: “Third payment sent to complete the pennies, for the service of event tickets. I've raised a query with PayPal for the first MIA payment, so on that as well. Can I get a name change now please? otherwise I'll never qualify for the Masters with so many copies of myself from attended events. Thanks, ” I’ll fix your name in a bit, Tim. It’s my fault for getting it wrong.

  • Everyone that isn’t Ed, Fras and Tim R, please get your food order in by tomorrow. Make sure to note your order and the cost. This is to make things easier on the night.

  • I’ve booked F&B’s for Saturday at 8.15pm. You’ll soon receive an email with a copy of the menu. Everyone that wants to come to the meal must send their order to us (via email) by FRIDAY. Please note any related dietary requirements. To avoid any issues on the night, can everyone make sure they remember exactly what they order. You don’t need to preorder drinks, but keep a track on the night to make settling the bill easier.

  • Quote from wombat: “Love the DH List, Will be interesting to see how it preforms. ” Hear that @Falgrin? No pressure.

  • After some technical difficulties I can now say everyone has paid! Looking forward to seeing you all at the weekend! Stay tuned for an update about the dinner. Given the response, I’ll try and book Frankie and Benny’s. If anyone DOESN’T intend to come to the meal, let me know ASAP. For those traveling up, there will be people hanging around during the day on Friday if people fancy a warm up game.

  • Quote from Spacegoblin: “Thanks to everyone who have submitted their payments. Fraser, Tim and David Box - your payments are now overdue. You've been warned..... ” In the words of a wise man...that’s a paddlin...

  • Quote from ravenheart777: “Just wondering if there is a meal planned afterwards? ” Yeah I’ll sort out the dinner this week. Can everyone who would be interested in the dinner comment below. It’ll probably be Nandos or Frankie & Benny’s.

  • Paul will be putting up a list when he gets the opportunity. You can also check your PayPal account for payment history.

  • Quote from kingreidos: “Just looking at Andrew's VC list. So, has the Strigoi ghoul Vanguard limit been buffed with the latest update? Max of 35 models per unit now, rather than a maximum across the whole army? I'm super pleased if that's the case (rubs hands with glee for next army list) ” It’s been that way for a few updates, I only just recently realised the limit was on the unit, not the army I’m loving Strigoi lists, especially the vanguard elements. Matt, we should set up a VC list chat

  • List pack has been updated. Friendly reminder, payment is due on Saturday.

  • Further to my post last night, Drew is unfortunately having to withdraw from the event. So, Martin’s SA will be replacing him on Team PWP. I’ll edit the list pack to show this when I get a chance.

  • Quote from ravenheart777: “Quick rules question about the 1st scenario guys. What is the deployment zone? It says that its frontline clash, however the map seems to show a different deployment. Is it an 12x18 deployment? Is it the standard 12x72? Or is it something different? ” 12” on from the long board edge, just like Frontline Clash.

  • Nic’s list shouldn’t have a briar beast in it, just FYI. I’ll edit the list pack in a bit.

  • There is one element of fine print: There is a chance that Drew might not make it due to unforeseen work circumstances. We'll know more in the next week. If Drew cannot make it, Martin will replace him on Team Pending Wife's Permission. So when you're going through the lists, keep that in mind. You can find Martin's list at the back of the document with the other two reserve lists (mine and Paul's). Looking forward to it, see you all very soon! Remember, payments are due by Saturday (30-11-19). …