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  • More interesting than the empty topic, is the thread title. "The Ninth Age Death" is either a name chosen out of undermining malice aimed to damage a public image (i.e. propaganda), or innocent dumb hyperbole. In either case the title has nothing to do with the topic at hand. Mods should change such misnamed threads at the flick of a wrist upon discovering them, is my advice. Anything more relevant to the actual topic will do.

  • This is a question for specific tournament organizers, but in any case this must be an extremely rare outlier? Hardly worth bothering about here.

  • Going Forward

    Karak Norn Clansman - - General Discussion


    Quote from Frumious: “i have been considering sponsoring a short story contest around heroes... ” Please shoot me a PM if you decide to do so. I could maybe help out with running the contest. This is by the way the right way to go: CDO experience proves that exploiting the competitive instinct in humans is a good way to generate buzz and life on a site, and stimulate the creation of often high quality content.

  • The Warhammer 40,000 free webcomic Spannerz has concluded. Here is an image salvage of the fun little thing, for the benefit of future backup and of the Warhammer community at large. Backup folders: Imgur Album Google Drive Folder 6jZRe0G.jpg NIrbBbi.jpg WqcOrJq.jpg

  • It is to be expected that we'll eventually see T9A make it into RPGs, card games, novels, comics, video games and so on. As long as output and outreach of captivating content (not least artwork to go along with background) is achieved and sustained, the sky is the limit for this communal creative project. The Ninth Age is after all so much more than just a renamed Warhammer clone. It's a mighty volunteer undertaking complete with a linguistics team. There is potential for its background to becom…

  • Going Forward

    Karak Norn Clansman - - General Discussion


    Volunteering to help with outreach can go a long way. Whether or not done under the umbrella of T9A team, or entirely on one's own initiative and through one's own channels: Just do something if you've got a useful idea. Official stamp aside, volunteers are the lifeblood of the project. There are signs that people in the team are overworked. More manpower might be needed to relieve existing volunteers and cover blind spots. It is correct that army subforums are for registered users only. This is…

  • @dan: Certainly an approach which the range of @Dragonclaw Miniatures is well suited for. IHSBes2.png Vermin Swarm Scholar Sizeable parts of the learning of ancient Avras of the Humans have been carried on by the ratmen that claimed supremacy over its fallen civilization. Much of the ancient heritage of literature, science and wisdom has been lost to the teeth of time, yet what remains of the old lore in the frayed and treasured libraries of the Vermin Swarm has been expanded with new works and …

  • Some upcoming Abyssal Dwarf stuff from Mantic: Grotesques abbf0b23462114e38ba440dfe9817bf18fd39efd.jpeg Infernox a325487267cbd5b04b65d7064f83a3a9f1e55d39.jpeg New Golem, Hexcaster I guess and Immortal Guard? 42ea07128e83df7e99566658d4da3f1bb712eb3b.jpeg Grotesque character 8335334580b20d54a313fbeacaeb4e308e1411c7.jpeg 856cefe4c5984d27a89247dd074dd58f164479b0.jpeg

  • That is actually a self-portrait. He is flailing with paintbrushes like that in order to finish his madness build in time for weekend's tournament.

  • Oldhammer Art Contest

    Karak Norn Clansman - - WWW Topics


    BUZT83V.png Oldhammer Art Contest II is up now over on Oldhammer Forum. Open theme; enter whatever art you like. Due date the 27th of January. Miniature prizes are up for grabs. Check it out!

  • @dan: Thank you most kindly! I plan to compile something down the road with short flowing text to weave it all together, but the problem is that it's all an ongoing process of worldbuilding proposals, and I've got lots, lots more I wish to depict in doodles before it's time for a first compilation. There is basically a whole world to conquer in detail out there, but maybe a Dwarf culture compilation could be the soonest compilation candidate to come? Cheers

  • 2MuOEvT.png Vermin Swarm Testudo A truly ancient tactic long used by the Vermin Swarm is the unleashing of rat swarms from infantry units packed close in tortoise formation. No one knows how the ratmen manage to control most of the small rats massed around their paws until the moment they are released. Some speculate that Rats-at-Arms carry with them bags filled with small rats which are emptied at a signal from the commanding officer, yet most eye-witness accounts attest that many Vermin Swarm …

  • Marvellous. I've shared this over on Chaos Dwarfs Online.

  • p4KeEXl.png Vermin Swarm Grenadier Skirmisher slinging naphtha pots aflame at the foe. Reference Images

  • @Mad 'At Please see CDO PM for your prizes. VJKolbS.png Artisan's Contest XXIX has launched, with Chaos Dwarf berzerker artwork challenge for a theme! Feel like doodling or painting a non-miniature entry? There are prizes aplenty up for grabs.

  • Carnyx of the Gods s9m3Yei.jpg Quote from Matthew Klaas de Witte: “Unofficial fan content The Carnyx has immense magical properties, it is as rare as it is powerful and so is the magic woven into the earth that suspends it across the field of battle. The massive instrument must be held up by arms of arcbronze laden with gold, and played by three individuals. It confers immense strength unto its allies, the mere sight of it rallies men to the most lost of causes. I wanted to bring in a carnyx, bu…

  • Relevant as neighbours and thus enemies of these proposed Infernal Dwarves: Tribes of the northwestern Barren Mountains wS4xFin.jpg

  • We should perhaps just name it "Halflings and Gnomes" in the meanwhile as a stand-in? Or place it us a subcategory to EoS? The wiki is such a resource, that it just would not do to not include them. Halflings are a staple of fantasy.

  • @Little Joe: Thank you most kindly! It was a pleasure to discover that the miniature had already been entered into the wiki when I at last found the time to add them this evening. Besides, we should have a Halfling and Gnome category around somewhere. How does one create a new category in the wiki?

  • od6hzM4.png 1crh1Pj.png This Enslaved Elf of Ancient Times miniature may be of some interest for those wanting to display a former rival to their dreaded general.