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  • why should the payment include "october" when the event is in June? Maybe a typo? Also, the money is different. 40€ via bank payment and 12 via paypal. Nice discount

  • [Germany] BeLaMa 2020

    Nesro - - Tournaments


    maybe not advise people who wanna get drunk to drive by car.... Kreuzau itself has a limited range of Pubs with Leos Brauhaus beeing close to the venue. Düren Downtown offers a few places for beer and food like Extrablatt, Das Brauhaus, Postillon, Franziskaner, Alt Düren. But with the venue open till midbight you could drink there and order fast food (Carl Schurz Grill ftw)

  • Quote from Kdownunder: “Quote from Adam: “Quote from Crazydwarf: “Does Hereditary spell trigger a Attribute spell? ” no ” There is exception to this in WDG book though (Exalted Herald): "..In addition, Guiding Light (Divination) becomes the Attribute Spell for all non-Bound Spells cast by the model." I don`t recall if there is others. ” HE Master of Canreig Tower. But these exceptions are clearly stated.

  • yes, it works. After that, you can also raise models keeping the breath (I guess)

  • also, he can now perform as many pivots during its move since its a single model unit --> perfect for chaff or secondary

  • Quote from humblr: “Quote from Traumdieb: “Btw at Belama SE is the most taken race. Over 10% ” Where can we get the lists (not only SE)?H. ” reader is at:…ndComment&comment=5167781

  • [Germany] BeLaMa 2020

    Nesro - - Tournaments


    could you explain the reason for changing the cap from 55 in the t3 description to 50 in the reader?

  • OK General chat

    Nesro - - Ogre Khans (OK)


    also remember that you can trap a terrrain while an enemy unit is in it. Had it a few times that a unit walked into a trapped terrrain and next turn my guys walked in again for a new trap. Can also work if u have a unit fighting in a terrain feature that will likely loose. However, after vanguard these guys are the slowest unit in our army (besides core scraplings which are never used...). So keeping up or being able to run in front zof your units is a bit tricky. I still use them all the time a…

  • cover is one of "any modifiers". You determine cover at the moment the unit declares the charge. So if the attacker is in a forest, it gets cover fron forest even if it would leave this forest during the charge move

  • Quote from Tobi_Tobsen: “Binding scroll on Awaken the beast. I can't cast the whole spell or just 1 of +1 strength or tough? ” you target the spell, not a version of it. So the complete spell cannot be cast.

  • titan Forge has a good range of our models(all in pirate mode) and has a kickstarter in production with even more models that should hit the shop at some point. Mierce has maaaaaany monsters and some monstrous infantry that can be used as well. However they are really expensive (but offer 15% t9a diacount and have quite a few sales a year)

  • Do effects like Vampiric work if the wounds caused were against the own heath pool due to Mirrored Scales? Broodmother does not due to new wording in DL 2.3. However, vampiric is different, so should work?

  • about 1: "no other model can allocate attacks towars either of these models" quote from Fighting a duel. The champ cannot be killed by onything else than the opponent duellist (with one exception stated in the rule as will which is likely only important for kadims or other stuff at agi 0). About 2: insignificant comes in play when checking if a friendly unit has to take a test. It does not for the 25% check as the hunter and tiger are one unit

  • Quote from Traumdieb: “If a champion is in a challenge and is killed by a quicker combat participant due to whip out if the unit is his opponent still in the challenge? Does a mammoth hunter in a unit with a single sabercat tiger has to test if the tiger is killed? ” 1. not sure what you are asking. If a champ is eg killed by impact hits in a challenge, all further attacks still has to go on the champ until max overkill and are lost afterwards. So no stomping the unit. 2. a hunter and a tiger ha…

  • Quote from Eru: “Quote from Nesro: “Broodmother ” No, it's being clarified in the incoming version. I suppose that any similar effect, as Vampiric, will be clarified in the same way. @Eisenheinrich to be added to the errata? ” ok, but I am not asking about incoming versions but current rules

  • Do effects like Broodmother or Vampiric work if the wounds caused were against the own heath pool due to Mirrored Scales?

  • @WhammeWhamme Oger Tribesmen come with paired weapon and can in addition get Iron Fist. They do not have weapon master and must therefore choose at the beginning of the combat. 99% of players use IF by default but could still use paired weapon for the +1 off and ignore parry Also, every unit is equipped with Hand weapon, even your dogs, wyvern- summon etc as per table 9 of the rules (21.F.a.1). This may not always be a sword or an object at all, but is a Hand Weapon ruleswise.

  • @Kdownunder Yes, feigned flight is stated in units profile (or upgrade such as wotdg favour of Cibareah) and not hidden in other rules. Do you have a unit in mind where this is not the case?

  • T9A in 2020

    Nesro - - General Discussion


    play my first team Tournament in January (and help us not finish last) paint my 2. wave of TitanForge Ogres (still in Production) Organize at least one tournament in our Clubhouse visit @GalainPro for a game in Bavaria.

  • Android, BS Version 2.03.17, The 9th Age 2.2.5 from Dec, 16. Warriors of the Dark Gods, Chosen: Paired Weapons should cost 1 point, are currently at 2 Halberd should cost 8, are currently 7