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  • I0liLRJ.png Descendant Degeneration "Ancient Man lived a life free of hardship and deprivation, for he had built himself an abundant paradise and banished what was ill in life. In these gardens sprawling across the stars, Man did not kill Man, and Man did not abduct Woman, and Man did not beat Child, for all lived a life of bliss. Hope reigned supreme, a hope sprung from Man's great achievements, and Man worshipped his own high knowledge. For Man had utterly mastered nature, and his craft and cu…

  • @a20t43c has kindly donated his prizes on to @Chevalier Rouergue2.

  • Makhar Discussion

    Karak Norn Clansman - - Makhar


    Art Contest III has concluded, and here are the entries to T9A's Makhar art pool: Artwork by @Chevalier Rouergue2: w2FWFZp.jpg Artwork by @a20t43c: DhVK5hS.jpg And my own doodle: PRvHFdT.jpg Makhar Flayer Among the Makhar, some follow a darker path. That of the Flayer. Where the herdsman is content with his horses and sheep, the Flayer seeks more exotic and sometimes dangerous pastoral beasts. Chimeras, turuls, karkadans, and in rare cases humans; the more dangerous the herd, the more prestigiou…

  • @Grimbold Blackhammer perhaps? Just a wild guess.

  • Thanks! Uther the unhinged over on Chaos Dwarfs Online strikes again: Quote from Uther the unhinged: “On a less sane point.. Doomewheel racing is good......but not as good as two Doomwheels chained together (alongside each other) pulling an unpowered ‘chariot’. Like the kids race in ‘Phantom Menace’. For cheaper doomwheels the manticores veermyn version would be ace. ” I just love this idea!

  • @BondageGoatZombie: Damn, I have completely missed your post here! Lovely thoughts! I'm sharing them on all other forums' parallell brainstorming threads right away, due credit given to you here of course. I'm currently too sick at the moment to come with input. Lord-Triceratops over on Deviantart has drawn these concept images for his own historically based fantasy setting, which happens to sport Incan Dwarves much like these proposed ones for the Wrathful Mountains in T9A. The parallells are o…

  • First port of call? Best of luck! Will watch this with interest.

  • 49nSLTC.jpg The Ninth Age Presents: Winners of Art Contest III! Makhar We had some neat entries this time around, with submissions spanning from an Orc shot at a Kurgan grave, to a lordly Gyula! It was very nice to see all these varied depictions of the horselords of the steppe. And the winners are: 1 DhVK5hS.jpg 2 w2FWFZp.jpg 3 PRvHFdT.jpg 1st Place: Entry #2 - @a20t43c! 2nd Place: Entry #1 - @Chevalier Rouergue2! 3rd Place: Entry #3 - @Karak Norn Clansman! The entry key! 01 - @Chevalier Rouerg…

  • Quote from Ghiznuk: “I was planning to make an announcement tonight on FB ” I'll try to have the winners announced by midnight.

  • Last day to vote.

  • Aye, Stuff of Legends is wonderful. Warmly recommended. One insight which will be formed by an exploration through it, is that the large army book threadmill format was a creative straitjacket on Games Workshop, increasingly strong from the 1990s until the End Times. 1980s Warhammer sported a lot more varied range, and was more explorative since only a few stray models sufficed for a release instead of units upon units to cater to an army. This thread may be better moved to the Other Games secti…

  • Art Contest III: Voting! 3 Makhar artworks were entered into the competition. Check them out and cast your vote!

  • 49nSLTC.jpg Welcome to the voting thread for the 3rd Art Contest! Makhar How to vote: Please choose 1 entry and send a PM to @Karak Norn Clansman. Do not vote for yourself. Voting will close at 11:59 PM January the 18th, 2020 UTC. We will post the results soon after. Entry 1 w2FWFZp.jpg Entry 2 DhVK5hS.jpg Entry 3 PRvHFdT.jpg Remember, there are a lot of prizes up for grabs! Great job everyone and good luck! T9A Team

  • Ian Sturrock, Senior Lecturer in Game Design and Games Studies at Teeside University, has written a concise article for The Conversation on the success of Games Workshop as a company. It's an easy read. This article, and some highlights in the following discussion on DakkaDakka, may be fascinating for anyone curious about such things. Sharing here in case anyone find it interesting: Quote from Ian Sturrock: “The secret of Games Workshop’s success? A little strategy they call total global dominat…

  • Agreed, remove the unnecessary barrier. I cannot link to threads in the Infernal Dwarf section on Chaos Dwarfs Online, since you have to be a registered member here to view them. Poor for outreach.

  • Art Contest III

    Karak Norn Clansman - - General Discussion


    Quote from Hombre de Mundo: “I won't be able to make it due to work deadlines. Oh well, next time! ” Just checking: What kind of date would you need to find the time (without death stress), at a guess? We'll probably have enough entries, but checking just in case, for unlikely backup-plan.

  • Art Contest III

    Karak Norn Clansman - - General Discussion


    Okey, things have conspired for an extra little delay. Due date is now 12th of January.

  • Art Contest III

    Karak Norn Clansman - - General Discussion


    Won't get home to handle the contest in time. Due date moved to 10th of January. Make the most of it. Cheers

  • Thanks! Yes, that is a 25mm base because I could not easily find a 20mm slottabase for his base tab. The base tab and footprint of the brickwork will fit on a 20mm base.

  • Cheers! Trust your eyes. I used a 25mm base for better grip while sculpting. I couldn't find a 20mm slottabase easily, so the 25mm base is used also for photography because the sculpt has a base tab. The base tab and brickwork footprint will fit on a 20mm base.