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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Quote from B4BE: “I can't wait to watch the Math-CD Battle Report on youtube (I hope there will be) ” Hi! You will of course be able to watch my 5 games on my channel. Check out also ankor's, benji, swiss etc team FB pages for some live content (french mercenary will be live streaming). I currently have 3 tests games (2 with wild hearts 1 with this list ) that I am going to release at the beginning of next week. On a side note I still think that the list with a bruisers block is more stable than…

  • Collecting the coverage from ETC 2019

    Math-CD - - ETC


    On my (French speaking) YouTube channel I will do some etc coverage + post battle reports of my esc games YouTube -> mate ces dés

  • Titan-Forge

    Math-CD - - Supporting Companies


    Quote from strauss: “@Math-CD for your pirats OK ” thanks my friend. I already pledged a significant amount (undisclosed to my wife for the moment ) They will be perfect to complete my collection:)

  • indeed ! I am looking forward to see how he performs with this unconventional list Grand est 1 being one of the favorites he should have some challenging games

  • I am considering using this for a presentation board. Does anyone have this wall? If yes, could you please give me the size of the wall (hight, width, depth)? This would be very helpfull! Thanks!

  • Hi guys I have two doubts : - does cursed medallion (VC) also work on spells casted by the bearer? - during a pursue movement if you need to stop 1inch before an impassible due to the legal position rule but still roll higher than the fleeing unit on the dices the fleeing unit is destroyed right (even if she ends up being placed further away than the dices rolled)? Thanks in advance !

  • Not entirely happy about my mantic HG and my taurukh are not 100% finished so I guess other ID players might be better choices for this kind of request. I will try to upload an image just in case it might be useful.

  • First of all, thanks for asking us. I only red the first post and not other people opinions just to make sure I am not somehow influenced in my description of my impressions. Here is my point of view. 1. I always struggle with the B&B cap so maybe it is too restrictive but I understand the reason behind this limitation. Although for me infernal engine / bound deamon WM should not really be in the B&B where lugars and kadims belong. 2. I find the defensive build very limited in particular. For me…

  • are you allowed to switch characters' / models' positions within the unit while not (swift) reforming (for example while marching)?

  • Quote from PrinceCharming: “U can watch my list for the luxembourgh bash master, it has a hunter on auroch ” I found the idea interesting since it allows you to play 3 of our big monsters ! However I would have paid less stuff on the mounted hunter in order to lower a bit the cost. Let us know of it went ! GL

  • Your army: ID Opponents army: VC Score: 18-2 MVP ID unit: alchemy's master LVP ID unit: Kadim titan Your army: ID Opponents army: DL Score: 20-0 MVP ID unit: pyromancy's master LVP ID unit: flintlock axes / Kadim titan

  • thanks @Lagerlof . I always find this formulation confusing

  • regarding an ID vizier bsb with the crown of the wizard king & icon of inferno: Is he himself counted as friendly wizard within 12 and therefore blaze is also cast when he casts his spell ? Or the icon effect doesn't work for himself ?

  • Models for the Ogre Khans

    Math-CD - - Ogre Khans (OK)


    Quote from Little Joe: “Hello all! I just added this to the library for Khan or Great Khan: Kazuka_mini (Hidden Content) He is a bit "large", what do you think? ” interesting thanks! Could you add the link please ? I can't find the model on the Instagram link you put.

  • Hi, two things I have asked myself recently without being able to find the reference: 1. Can you switch a character position if you do a march move ? Meaning can you switch a character position without swift reforming ? 2. In cases where the 2nd rank is not full, can models in 2nd rank of a model not in base contact with the enemy also perform supporting attack ? Meaning can he moves within the second rank to attack? I always assumed yes since the footprint rule came out but didn't find the refe…

  • Quote from Eisenheinrich: “Quote from Math-CD: “An ogre shaman wizard master pyro with fireband + another character wearing the wizard crown who would randomly pick pyro. Has/can he to rechoose another lore to avoid this issue ? Regarding the second case it is quite clear that this choice makes no sense thx. ” No, there is no choice involved. If in your example the randomised path is pyromancy, you will end up with two wizards with fireball. ” ok but then you are only allowed to cast fireball wi…

  • Quote from Adaephon_Delat: “Quote from Math-CD: “Regarding spell selection I always wondered what happen if you take an ogre shaman master pyro with fireband and a crown wizard king who randomly selects pyro ? Another case if you take two apprentice shamanism you get two spell 1? ” Wizard can't take the crown. Yes, you get it twice, but can't use it twice a magic phase since its not rep. Better take one hereditary spell ” sorry that's not what I meant . Let me rephrase An ogre shaman wizard mast…

  • Regarding spell selection I always wondered what happen if you take an ogre shaman master pyro with fireband and a crown wizard king who randomly selects pyro ? Another case if you take two apprentice shamanism you get two spell 1?

  • T9App, army builder

    Math-CD - - Army / List Building Tools


    great job ! I will advice my YouTube followers to use it

  • Bonjour à tous, Le Big Games rebaptisé Bellum Lacum revient pour une 3 ème édition ! Ça sera à Douvaine cette fois ! Venez nombreux ! Consultez t3 et regardez mon teaser pour plus d infos: Ça a tout pour être le tournoi idéal pour tester la v2 gold qui devrait être sortie à temps