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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Hi! This week we have received our Shabtis and Colossus for UD! We will start with the shipments shortly Also these miniatures will back on stock by January in our website! We think that you would love the quality and the size of the miniatures, the Colossus specially is huge! aebbDTo.jpg X6SUrGX.jpg HpcMOxu.jpg

  • Quote from Little Joe: “Let me start by thanking you for helping out in the miniature library, nicely formatted too. Thanks for supporting gaming with nice products and miniatures. ” Hi, No problem, as I said before in other messages, thank you for this project and the support to little company as ours

  • Hi all! This week we have a promo especially thinked for T9A Players who want a good quality gamemat for their games The shipping of this kind of article usually is very expensive (due to its weight), so don't miss the opportunity! NOTE: You will be able to select FREE SHIPPING at the check out! ---------------------------- FREE SHIPPING FOR NEOPRENE MODULAR PLAYMATS! From 24/10 TO 31/10 >>VISIT OUR STORE! BftdaJA.jpg

  • Hi! Here you have an animation from our current PRE-ORDER, here you can see the different weapon choices for Shabtis. There is also a banner which will come with the Miniatures C2Th6DK.gif

  • Quote from msu117: “Preorder those UD beauties as holiday gifts, for self or others, I known I did ” Thanks for your purchase! I'm sure that you will enjoy it! Quote from Ilderoth: “Quote from Txarli Factory: “Right now we have a PRE-ORDER available through our Online store for a Shabtis and a Colossus. PXkjrM9.jpg Promotion available until October 15. ” Great models! Are you planning on making any other models for the undying dynasties? ” If we see people interested in this army, we will make m…

  • Quote from joel127: “Hello! Awesome mini, I think I will buy your shabtis. However I also like the Rat Chieftain & Rat Ogre very much, do you know when it will be available again? Also, the price for "Rat Chieftain & Rat Ogre" seem extremely high for a model of that size, is there something you can do? Thanks! ” Hi! The Rat Ogre is in production right now, and will be available at the beginning of November! Talking about the price, this miniature had a special PRE-ORDER price (28€), the Rat Ogre…

  • Right now we have a PRE-ORDER available through our Online store for a Shabtis and a Colossus. PXkjrM9.jpg Promotion available until October 15. aiWeMYZ.png

  • Cwu6d97.png Hi all! We're Txarli Factory a Spanish company who design Miniatures, Game mats and Board games. First of all we are glad to be here Our intention for this upcoming year is create a few projects for T9A in pre-order format through our Online Store. We will combine them with bigger kickstarter campaigns, but T9A content will be mostly launched as a pre-orders. We want to for hear your ideas for our future projects, we are specialized in Miniatures production and Game mats design, so w…