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Randomizing Hits on Slaves with Callous

2 374

Dark Wizard

Combat Reform with a Warmachine

22 1,576


Large Beast and Character Unit

2 330

Dark Wizard

Crown of Scorn and Frost Mammoth

6 712

Dark Wizard

Dark Wizard Gaming's Battle Report Thread

65 +7 10,079


Battle Report 1 Ogre Khans vs Orcs & Goblins

0 +4 1,156

Shooting at a Unit with a War Platform

12 1,417


Combat Reform Giving Enemy Unit a Flank

14 1,841


Charge & Post-Combat Pivot Questions

4 818


Guardian Light and Archers

2 401

Dark Wizard

Honours on Highborn Elves

2 1,210

Dark Wizard

Divine Icon and Impact Hits

20 3,313


Does Using Iron Fist Give +1 Initiative when Attacking

2 884

Dark Wizard