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  • Sorry guys, but I have to drop out of this one. James, we will have to settle the grudge in another occasion

  • Yeah, i bought mine with a 2*1 offer, so got 6 of those for that price

  • Quote from ravenheart777: “Just finished listening to the most recent episode of mad gits radio.......... You have inspired me to paint a new army for the Scottish champs. Not sure if that is feasible in less than 3 weeks, but I'm going to give it a go! ” I am fighting the battle against the grey myself here. Right now, I hate skinks, next week I will hate saurian warriors xD

  • Quote from Eymuster: “Looking for budget and cool looking laternatives to the spearback. They don't have to be very close to GW spearbacks, but with enough scales and spines to pass. Avatars of war model is great. But I'm looking for a budget option and also some variation since I need at least 4 ” I use these ones from Mierce.…m_dkl_kth_sav_bst_600_000 they aren't really cheap, but you can wait for 2x1 Mierce offers that they usually do 2-3 times per year to get 2…

  • Quote from Riddles: “Sign ups aren't paid players fras but thanks, I'm feeling more relaxed about it after the encouraging words from y'all. From what I can tell the only flight from Cardiff to Glasgow gets in around 11pm. Probably a bit late? ” well, we are kinder people than the ones in the south. If people sign, we trust them they will come. There is still time to pay so......

  • just be careful if you are expecting to buy the alcohol before coming to the venue, in Scotland alcohol cannot be sold between 10pm and 10am in the supermarkets. So BYOB in advance

  • Quote from JamesMcDonnell: “Quote from Kadorna: “3 hours is enough. I you cannot finish the game in time, talk with your opponent and arrange a score (they really don't have to know if you actually finished the game or not) ” When are you giving me my 20 ” once you give me your sis phone number ;P

  • 3 hours is enough. I you cannot finish the game in time, talk with your opponent and arrange a score (they really don't have to know if you actually finished the game or not)

  • where is the pack @Cam?????? this never happened with @LostCause and @Spacegoblin.......

  • Quote from LostCause: “You’re welcome to my EoS, Casimir. If you’re partial to men in pyjamas ” I know for a fact you don't wear any while you sleep

  • Quote from Echunia: “Any really, its not about getting a specific one in place, just having something to play with. All my gaming stuff will still be in storage at this date I think. But if I had to pick warriors or vermin swarm. But whatever is available ” depending what you want to put on the table, I can lend you a SE army. But it is very dependable

  • which army is that?

  • Quote from JordanBladen: “Tim "The salt miner" Knickerbockerglory Done ” why the heck are you trying to steal my nick name????????? Tim Bottleneck, don't worry, I don't think team events count for the masters that you are not going to win anyway

  • Quote from Eratu13: “Quote from terryfl: “Quote from Scottish Knight: “Quote from terryfl: “can you put me down for this, terry Flaherty ” Yes Terry, I absolutely can! You can teach these dwarf players a thing or two... ” use a dice with 5 on two of the faces, works well with shield wall ” dont joke about this as someone who played against an Argentian player at ETC who made 14/17 of 5 up regeneration saves it hurts especially when I noticed 2 rounds later when speculating his game on top tables…

  • considering that they always forget my food or something in F&B, I'd rather nando's.....

  • Quote from BlackLancer: “I really enjoyed your take on the points update, good work! I'm not sure I agree with everything said, but in general your comments are appreciated, and as far as I can tell you guys are the first podcast/video to have comments on the entire update Keep up the good work! ” that is the idea, nobody will always agree with everything, hence the spice of the sh*t talk xD

  • mine is "lists checking", so...................... YOu will find out soon enough!

  • Quote from Eratu13: “Quote from LostCause: “Quote from Eratu13: “Quote from LostCause: “Last reminder! Get those lists in. Please remember to submit your lists in the correct format. We’ve already had a few BattleScribe bandits. ” punishment shots of drain cleaner as a minimum I reckon ” Might wanna have a chat with a member of your team... ” wow really hope it's not Shane as hes not allowed to drink so will have to think up alternate punishment ” you will find out soon who is guilty of charge!

  • they got lost in translation!!!

  • well done