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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Quote from piteglio: “(by the way, Trak, i know i owe you an update - real life got in the way, but your rats haven't been forgotten, you'll hear from me before as soon as i can - tnx for your patience!) ” For me real life has got in the way of everything T9A related right now So, yeah, don't worry, I understand that it can take a long time And woaw, some of the sculpts here are really impressive !

  • I find it a little weird the way she's holding the chalice two-handed. A little bit like she's clenching to it in order not to fall from her horse. The rest is fine by me though, nice mini

  • Thanks, I didn't think about checking there ! Sadly there is not much new information for me yet, guess I'll have to wait

  • Don't worry, painting is a long process for all of us

  • Sorry for the broken cobra, I hope it's not to hard to fix (it makes me realize that I never tried gluing this resin onto itself...). Otherwise I could send you a replacement one if gluing isn't working I'm impatient to see painted pics

  • @infamousme That's damn great quality ! How much did this printer cost ? What is the size of the base that you are showing so we can get an idea of the scale ?

  • I preferred to opt for traditional resin casting while I wait for 3d printing to become more affordable But it's an interesting technology for sure. Though the skill you need to design miniatures differ a little and the result tend to have a different "feel" to them. In computer design it's easier to create "clean" look or to duplicate stuff while in physical sculpting you'll have to do everything by hand and you'll never get the exact same result. This is both an advantage and a flaw. But I gue…

  • Also I am surprised that Etsy tells me that I'm getting people visiting my shop from a facebook link even though I posted nothing there (yet). Did anyone of you share it on fb ? (if so thanks ^^)

  • And with the help of my brother who did most of the work : the painting is finished for the Snake Swarms…c7acea4a5680d3bd70c13e9ca Also in case you don't know yet, I recently opened my Etsy shop Miniature Swarm where I plan to sell my casted creations. Right now I only have my Rat Swarms and Snake Swarms but the goal is to be able to offer all 6 swarms of T9A

  • Dealing with Jabroni's

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    What is happening here ? x) What... what is a jabron ?

  • Honestly some 10+ year old models looks great. And some more recent models do not because even if quality of details is great they tend to be really overdesigned and making no sense. But to each his own taste I guess

  • Quote from JordanBladen: “Quote from IoRi78: “Quote from JordanBladen: “T9A is much more Rock Paper Scissors than 8th Ed WFB ever was ” no, simply clear you have never lost a battle at the first turn for a purple sun/dweller with power scroll.8th ed was the worst edition of WH ever done. ” Believe me I have lol. It was just part of the game *shrug* ” If you see it like this, yeah. In a sense it is not RPS if every army can stupidly blow the living s*** out of every opponent in one turn reg…

  • Quote from JordanBladen: “Quote from Morgan_Treeman: “I played 4 games of 8th ed and stopped playing due to that spell. My regular opponent would do nothing but spam it into my big bruiser unit every game. It would wipe out at least half the unit on a consistent basis. ” Did you attempt to dispel / scroll it? ” If I remember correctly it was not a possibility back then in case of overwhelming power (the situation that produced a fiasco : bad for your mage but worth it considering the damage done…

  • Almost 20k subscribers ? Damn that's good. What is this channel about ? Is it only wargames or games in general ? How many games are covered in the video ?

  • Because my Snake Swarms and Rat Swarms encountered a small success I decided to open a proper Etsy shop to sell them. So here it is : MiniatureSwarm il_794xN.1875160680_52j3.jpg If you want to get some you can order them through the Etsy page or directly by sending me a PM

  • Because my Rat Swarms encountered a small success I decided to open a proper Etsy shop to sell them as well as my Snake Swarms So here it is : MiniatureSwarm il_794xN.1922571335_dh7s.jpg If you want to get some you can order them through the Etsy page or directly by sending me a PM

  • Quote from infamousme: “This made me want to start casting again. So I cast up a goblin wolf chariot today. ” What materials do you use for that ? Silicon mold and PU resin ? Or another technique ? Is it a chariot you sculpted yourself ? One of my project is to create and cast chariots that could be used for BH and/or OnG. But I'll need to make a double part mold which is a step up in terms of difficulty. I also plan to create bat swarms but I'll also need a two part mold for that. And bats are …

  • And.. The first cast is a success…c7acea4a5680d3bd70c13e9ca If you are interested in getting some, I am selling them here

  • Is the throne in metal ? Couldn't you use plastic rods ? (Like these for example)

  • Sneaky Snufflers

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    I can imagine them being used as : -a cool goblin chief with a pet (representing a shield, or a paired weapon ?) -part of a gnasher dasher unit (led by goblins and their small gnashers) -shady gits if your common goblins have the classical "night goblin" look -mad gits maybe ? If the pet gnasher is really aggressive. Maybe put one of them in the unit for each mad git inside and swap them with a normal goblin once it is released (the gnashers are set free and attack) If you want something close t…