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  • Well, what a weekend!!!! A big thankyou to all of my opponents and to Paul and Andy for running a great event. I could not recomend this event and the group of guys that attended it enough. Everyone is so inclusive and not knowing anyone other than Tim upon arrival i hope that i can now call you great bunch of guys friends. I will 100% be back next year and for any other events i can make between now and then. Thanks again Boxy

  • Quote from LostCause: “Quote from Spacegoblin: “Thanks to everyone who have submitted their payments. Fraser, Tim and David Box - your payments are now overdue. You've been warned..... ” In the words of a wise man...that’s a paddlin... ” i believe tim is sorting this..... Hopefully

  • Quote from ravenheart777: “Team Mookbusters - Two alpha carnosaur David............ someone is making up for something ” says the man taking 2 'blazing glories'

  • Siege of Strivelyn III - 7-8 Dec 2019

    Boxy - - Tournaments


    painting tables are go is somewhat of an understatement. All i can say is wish me luck!!!!

  • looking foward too this, hopefully be a good weekend to get back into the hobby after a long break from playing. Well and truly ready too get carried for the weekend!!!!