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  • For those interested, this is a sample of when @Furion first shared them here. Great design Quote from Furion: “…3bc314edb4ed0f1d48a10af61 And bada boom. And here it is. It's a master piece the hole for pivots is a good addition, i was surprised how stable the tray with models is while preforming the manouver. I've also designed some LoS markers that fit perfectly. Also, the +0.5" marker to position myself from dragon / impassable terrain. The MtG card fits really g…

  • Quote from arwaker: “Ancient + Young Dragon Ancient + Griffon 2 Dragon Dragon + Young Dragon + Griffon Dragon + 2 Griffon I think those are what you talkin about? When considering mages, there are some more because their mounts are cheaper: Ancient Dragon + 2 Mages on Young Dragon Ancient Dragon + 4(!) Mages on Griffon Haven't checked for character point allowance, only Ancient Allies limit. Well, this AD+4GriffonMage Looks interesting :p Ah, only Master Mage can ride Griffon? Then it's probably…

  • B13) HE Lists - Poland Kozacki Zajazd Masters February 2020 (29February - 1st March)

  • Results & HbE lists from the latest Polish tournament here: HE Lists - Poland Kozacki Zajazd Masters February 2020

  • Hi! The HE lists from the Kozacki Zajazd tournament in Poland on the 29 February and 1st March 2020. It's a team tournament with 40 teams of 4 players each, with 5 games per player. Link to forum thread about the tournament: [Masters Tournament] Cossacks Raid - Zielonka by Warsaw, 29.02-1.03.2020, 4 x 4500 pts Link to tournament (TK): Total HE players: 14 out of 160. HE Results: Piotr Azurix Milski - 3rd - Team: 25/40 Andrii Muzykant Fesiuk -…

  • @DanT I think you are referring to this post Here

  • @elendor_f This weekend there was also a teams tournament in Poland, a follow-up from the one in January where we saw a significant variety in lists, including Queen’s Cavalier builds, lists with no MoCT BSB, etc. The averaging HbE score was on the 10pt/game mark, with no Furion factor this time (if TK data is accurate) Unfortunately, lists are not available unless any of the participants want to share directly here by themselves.

  • @Shako @Just_Flo When do you plan to kickstart this activity? @elendor_f has been already sharing some links to recent tournaments, would it be helpful if he posts them here?

  • Quote from Slayer Zabojcow: “Quote from elendor_f: “Now you are just venting your frustration instead of trying to improve your skill and beating the overbuffed HE, aren't you? ” The thing is that I got no problem with the army, it is almost balanced, as I said - in my opinion HBE got overbuffed just by a small margin.Regular Highborn players are trying to convince everyone that HBE are still in bad place, because they were "Tier 5", they need to buff their core now, and when you would buff core…

  • Quote from Slayer Zabojcow: “Of course we need more data, but for now tournament results prove that HBE were overbuffed by a small margin. ” Are you sure about that statement? Have you analysed all tournament results since Jan? or do you base this only from data on 1 tournament in Poland?

  • Quote from Scylla: “Quote from RomanRagnorak: “What I find most interesting is two more factions added Any hints as to these would be scintillating ” My bets are on the Iron Crowns (inspired by the Dogs of War mercenaries from WHFB 5th Ed) and a completely new faction unique to T9A which won't be revealed before a loooong time. ” My bet would be for a Nippon army, lots of cool concepts and model options come to mind

  • Quote from falanor: “Como funciona el nuevo stretchgoal? no lo entiendo muy bien ” Pedidos a partir de 104€ llevan gratis el mago dragon El segundo stretch goal daba la Queen’s maiden gratis para pedidos a partir de 104€. Lo que dicen en el nuevo stretch goal es que ya no tienes que hacer un pedido de 104€ para tenerla, sino que uno de 59€ te bastará

  • Quote from LastSword: “And talking about fabulous people, guys please, share our campign wherever you think will be apropiated!!…ven-lords-the-queens-duty ” @Calisson Have you checked this Kickstarter? Do you think it can get a News post for some extra visibility? Maybe a good idea to also provide in a newspost the link to this thread , where new kickstarters are being added, suggesting those interested to add it to their watchlist for notifications

  • Couldn’t resist, had to go for that pledge!So badly want that dragon-mounted prince & dragon mage on foot. Plus, i’ve been long awaiting for good models to replace lancers... hello black swan knights! Seems a good chance now to check some of the earlier released units (i missed the earlier kickstarters). The small obelisks look like good unit fillers to make units of 24 with a 20-man regiment All looks excellent @LastSword !

  • Buena iniciativa @elendor_f !

  • Quote from ferny: “@Calcathin - I'm sure I've seen you post before about the degree levels of our mages leading to Asfad level, and by contrast the canreig tower approach. Could you repost it here please, and anything else you might have, and maybe our ACS could add it to the wiki? ” @elendor_f is doing some consolidation of these materials and will further expand on the initial post with more stuff. Regarding the point you mention on the magic levels: You have in this link HERE the posts leadin…

  • Quote from elendor_f: “Happy holidays fellow HE generals! Our beloved main thread seemed the right place to say that I will be helping as HE ACS from now on. I'll do my best ” Congratulations! it’s good news to have you onboard with Vesp, you’ll both make a great duo Happy holidays to everyone!

  • Most likely yes and I misunderstood. Post deleted

  • 2019 HBE Update Feedback

    Calcathin - - Highborn Elves (HE)


    @20phoenix Nothing is stopping any of them, they are all valid now while before this last patch they weren’t (and that’s the point of my post)

  • Quote from Noldor: “Were these builds considered as being too strong: 1. QC list with AD, Dragon and Magegriffon: 1145 points (20 points over AA limit), 2. QC list with AD, OotFH Dragon: 1135 points (10pts over AA limit), 3. QC list with AD, Griffonprince, Frostphoenix: 1150 points (25 points over AA limit)? Thx in advance. ” 1. Check 2. Check 3. Check And non-QCav list of OotFH Dragon + FirePhoenix: Check