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  • The future LAB team will more appreciate concepts than rules. Tell them what you want goblins to do, use words, not rules or specific items. What do goblins add to an army in your vision? Make it a nice story. I want Goblins to be many, strong as a group with many different tribes for flavour and unique roles. Tribes should not mix well unless a leader is near to give them purpose. Make them hard to control, eager to fight and fast to flee better than anyone else. And above all goblins should be…

  • Quote from ferny: “Slaves I still find to be an issue because they don't really fit with the fluff narrative I've given myself, and insofar as they could there's really zero reason why they should be on larger bases than the dwarfs. I'm almost tempted to go down a completly different route and take it as magical support buffs for the shooting rather than slaves, and have a big anvil model as a unit filler and put brimstone horrors or similar on rediculously large bases around the edge of the anv…

  • A nice model, a bit stiff on the beard.

  • Quote from Fireforge Games: “more incoming 106227221_3461959440490022_4631918190745472401_o.jpg ”

  • Since you do not seem to be a fan of slaves and the dwarves you describe would not use human slaves. Basically use those that caused woes and make it a statement unit. Pick the armies of your regular opponents and add a few shackled miniatures from those armies. Mix all 3 weapon options and play the unit with a token to serve WYSIWYG. For slaves and with 25mm bases, I would go bulk with Orcs (savage ones) and sprinkle in some of the mentioned foes, @Karak Norn Clansman has the perfect solution f…

  • Quote from Norbaminiatures: “We're still alive ” 106111588_1996060133862504_2294050858230403972_o.jpg Nice heavy workhorse.

  • The elephant is an improvement for sure.

  • He has not been to the forum for a while, had some nice and constructive contact when I first started on the libraries. I asked him back then and the show was on, been a while. I think he was ahead of the times with digital design, much has changed since then. I refuse to use Facebook, but the team is looking into it. For what it is worth, I hope they still exist. Anyone interested in checking and organizing SE libraries by the way?

  • The Blue Faced Orcs n Goblins

    Little Joe - - User Blogs


    Looks great! That's a huge boar unit, that works?

  • If you like it, keep it.

  • Quote from Garboq: “@Little Joe is Hidden Dreams still operational? I messaged them early march, I think and I've yet to receive an answer. ” I can't say so for sure, thanks for the feedback. Let me try getting in touch as well. @Hidden Dreams just in case that works faster.

  • Finishing a terrain project made me look for the next slow burner. The post above made me want to go work on my GGI as well. It's simply the perfect DIY project to do with kids and so mine came to be: zINYNpA.jpg It's obviously on the wrong base, so that needs a fix. Papier-mâché over foam blocks is perfect quality for gaming, very durable and easy to make. The drawback is that on mine there are no individual rocks when you look close up. And it was lacking a bit in the detail department for var…

  • Antimatter Games already had some sea goblins (digital) and they seem to be working towards another kickstarter. @Crosslances will sculpt goblins (also digital): 83430149_3128928450487462_3396292098321696512_n.jpg 104649305_3121803344533306_2513720901120893775_n.jpg 105486712_3121803497866624_6057948113483187731_n.jpg 105411262_3121803691199938_2597332237635633166_n.jpg Not sure if I like the heads More humanoid than the first designs: SeaGoblins.jpg

  • Sounds like you plan an entertainment channel, interesting. Miniatures look great as always.

  • Mix a bit of the wing color into the purple, then only do very tiny edge highlights. Add water or medium and make it a very thin glaze to paint half the wing where it connects with the pink. Repeat the glaze another time but only half of what you did first. Having a common color helps to bind it all together.

  • Quote from Kdownunder: “Quote from Little Joe: “Quote from Kdownunder: “Very pretty but I wish here to be more feral since I am seeking some nice shapeshifters. ” What spirit animal are you looking for? ” I don't have any particular in mind but I know what I want when I see it ” I took the opportunity to check and fix some links From the library for forest prince: Hidden Dreams IMG_1372_reyf74.jpg Labmasu 369-large_default.jpg Mirliton WE015.jpg Westfalia 62a9cd_1ace3d80ef3a466f96eb8dc030ddec1a~…

  • Quote from Kdownunder: “Very pretty but I wish here to be more feral since I am seeking some nice shapeshifters. ” What spirit animal are you looking for?

  • Tabletop-Art Heart Blood Sucking Vampire tta200248_heart-blood-sucking-vampire-en~2.jpg

  • MoonstoneGame Kalista, Leshavult Priestess Kalista_92db92b3-98ee-48b0-9aed-02c52cd7ea49_590x.jpg

  • Models for the Beast Herds

    Little Joe - - Beast Herds (BH)


    MoonstoneGame Gloom Gloom_be5e9acf-a6c0-4ba8-9aff-baa321d8a638_590x.jpg MoonstoneGame Wendigo Wendigo_3952985b-4ed0-4aad-a322-015c2e226d43_590x.jpg More faun to be found there