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  • Quote from BustaMoovee: “Think the game was decided on movement first couple of turns, ” like 99,99% of HBE matches?

  • I dont agree with everything suggested here, probably no one will as everyone most likely has their own vision of how HBE should be... but I think the internal balance of this suggestion is way better than the current book. two points though: if lancers bring enough bodies at good price and cavalry prince & commander turns into a solid reliable choice then more will take them. the commander needs +1A in the profile aswell.

  • So...I'm scared

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    Quote from Calisson: “If the hospitals are not overwhelmed and can handle them, most of these 5% will survive, only 0.5% of those who had symptoms will die. ” not only covid cases will die when health system is overwhelmed. covid19, when under control, is not more dangerous than flu or all the other various corona virus types that statistically cause 1/4 of all colds of adults but it is a new virus thus no one has resistance and there is no medicine hence why everyone might get infected at some …

  • Quote from KittenHugz: “I know it's not internally balanced or whatnot, have any of you guys tried out the Highborn giant yet ” what?

  • daemons of cows of sigmar elves? why not? *trollface*

  • I dont think GW are bad as multipurpose unit, fae miasma is just a bonus but their cost is meh. they could use a price drop and paired weapons stock or removal of the paired weapons limit on the debuff. With the current point cost they imho should have some charge bonus to get them into combo charges from unusual positions, eg ability to move through friendly units and extra movement, like a "shadow warrior" that strikes from the shadow of his comrades obviously

  • Quote from N3okorrales: “who the hell uses elven skirmishers to screen? Thats the worst idea ever. ” depends what screening is for your. if you place cavalry infront of swordmasters they are effectively screening, but GW cant do that because they dont block LOS Quote from Cam: “@Henrypmiller came 5th on 69 points with GWs in his list at the weekend in a tourney with 19 ETC players. ” and apparantly fae miasma did nothing for him

  • the bottom line is, a low damage character that offers what a bunch of models for less points can do and nothing more is dead before it was even printed into the book. it doesnt help that protective items are priced for best case scenario which makes it very hard to protect those already less efficient use of points.

  • Quote from Aenarion43: “ @elendor_f Thanks. It'd be an interesting process to go through. It could be played off as "second sons and further down must make their way in the world, some of which choose these militaristic paths". Meanwhile, Princes are expected to focus on their specific thing relating to their domain (in this case, Cavalier could focus on internal diplomacy as someone who keeps the peace between dragons/phoenixes and elves. . . assuming that these latter are still intelligent spe…

  • Quote from Aenarion43: “What would people think about this (though it may be “having your cake and eating it”): 1) Eliminate the Commander as an option. 2) Reduce Honors to an extent, use the eliminated Honors to create character profiles. Some of these can be the BSB, potentially. 3) Keep certain “Honors” as upgrades to Princes, eg. Fleet Officer, Master of Canreig Tower, and Queen’s Cavalier. Each one can have a “focus”. So f’rex: FO gives you the best leadership, Cavalier enables alternate li…

  • Quote from Borjnfer Wraith: “Lancers- have no grind so lower their Armor and give them Devastating Charge, (+1 St, +1AP on the charge). ” that is not grind, this is the exact opposite of grind and HBE already have KoR for that. with that change they will charge, kill abit more than now, and then instead of rubber band and die slowly they will rubber band and die faster, exactly what HBE does not need in core. spears work because they have bodies, AP and alot of attacks as long as there are enoug…

  • my wish for the rework is to slim down our character tiers. atm we have 4 tiers, more if you add mounts: commander, commander with honor, prince, prince with honor. ...and to make it even worse, not all honors are about equal, turning it into even more tiers. having small power differences is ok but at this point the gaps are huge and commander is so weak, there is no point taking him AT ALL. if you dont take the MotCT BSB you are better off leaving the commander in the shelf and just use more t…

  • Quote from Borjnfer Wraith: “So, HBE are internally fine. We can we shut down this thread now. ” in short, because all choices are internally balanced, if I make you a reasonable vanilla HE army setup you would 100% be confident in tournaments and score well on regular basis? are you ready to prove it? after all, someone previously also claimed that HBE got slightly overbuffed and should have a small advantage aswell, right?

  • lolwhat? between the three weapon choices in HBE core the two spear wielding units are considered the best picks

  • Quote from jaith1: “A Lancer bus, right now, can combo charge with a griffon commander and a frost Phoenix pretty effectively (All 3 can perform 15-16” charges at over 80%). A lancer bus’s role is to reliably deliver 2 ranks to a combo charge, and not bleed CR. ” that is alot of points for what you are trying to achieve

  • Quote from Aenarion43: “Dear Trolling Teddybear: Not helping. Sincerely, People tired of taking flak ” EWOK not bear I am, hopefully obviously, joking and I dont think he takes it seriously either

  • Quote from Slayer Zabojcow: “It is neverending story... people here care only about their own army, overall balance is irrelevant for them and while word "buff" is greeted with thunderous applause, "nerf" is identified with trolling and being cancer to (hbe) community. ” haha here we go, busted! in short, you are whining about HBE players being happy when they get buffs after being nerfed to bottom tier and being kept in that state for ages I think your gut feelings are standing in your way to g…

  • Quote from Aenarion43: “People weren’t saying that the unit was trash (except the trolling teddy bear). They were saying the abilities weren’t worth the cost of the unit (which was very true at that time). ” There is no difference between trash or "not worth it", especially if your goal is to win

  • Quote from Slayer Zabojcow: “Anyone? It would be so nice if we could get a new name for Ring of the Pearl Throne, it fits the item and HBE history so well. ” then it should be called Vial of Non-HBE Player tears. the loudest trolls and whiners here are still outsiders. source of proof: this subforum. HBE history = enduring "comments" like yours

  • Quote from Slayer Zabojcow: “I remember the time when every elf on Ulthuan was crying about uselessness of Sea Guards, then suddenly Furion started playing them, so now we can hear about overpriced lancers, archers and spears ” lets ignore that ... seaguard had much higher cost and no special rules back then, to the point where taking the same amount of points in archers and spears was always better. then got special rules but were still not point efficient. received price drops over several ite…