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    Quote from Gym Shorts: “Maybe he should just pivot his biz model to selling 3D print designs. ” They aren't 3D sculpting, they mostly sculpt manually.

  • OK General chat

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    Quote from Pinktaco: “What do people think about Giants with GWs? Ive been running 2 giants for the last two games and will try next game with GWs on both. ” I'm never going out without 3. They're so good for their cost!

  • Models for the Beast Herds

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    I haven't seen a lot of good 3rd party minis for infantry. But I'm not a BH player so I may have missed something. If you want gorgeous minos, go for Zealot Miniatures. Monsters and heroes, I'd go Mierce. Infantry I'd still go for GW...

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  • Quote from Chosen of Sigmar: “The axe is most certainly a cut Gilette razor blade... ” Aha now I see only that, I hadn't noticed!

  • Quote from Achaian: “I am considering backing Norba`s Kickstarter, but i would like some review on their 2nd generation casts. I did some searching and on Youtube i found some people quite unhappy with their models. though i couldn`t find out whether they were 1st gen or 2nd. Does anyone have any actual hands on experience on their 2nd gen models? ” First gen was resin casting, with all the issues that come with it, particularly when it is sold at a very competitive price. Second generation is p…

  • Really nice minis! I just have a few issues of "realism" on some of them, but aesthetically they are wonderful. I'm talking about cavalry banner with big surface orthogonal to the move (the horse is going to take off! :D), the duke's horse taking step on a branch, small details. What's under the hooves of some horses? It looks like the kind of "spirit thing" there were under GW spectral knights.

  • Flabbergastingly beautiful. The ideas and the realisations are really good.

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

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    Quote from Lich King: “I had some serious neck pain within the last weeks. My orthopedist recommendend to adjust my workplace to be more compatible with my problems. works wonders! And I finally know what my parents actually meant when they used to say: "A good education is the very basis of a comfortable life!" [...] ” 4g6kpn.jpg By the way, those mouse and keyboard ain't for workin'. I know a fellow gamer when I see one. Change those books for video games boxes, you aren't tricking a…

  • Quote from Marcos24: “Warhound charge marker... interesting hmm, i kinda like that ” True! A feminine hand point towards the target, too. The Lady commands!

  • Erreurs coûts des sorts cartes de magie

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    Quote from Minidudul: “Puis de demander à @Eru et l'équipe Layout de nous confectionner une version éditable directement depuis le receuil arcanique et les livres d'armées (la magie de l'informatique) qui profiterait à toutes les langues. ” C'est dans la TO-DO list, livraison entre 2020 et 2025

  • Quote from Marcos24: “Any ideas for KoE objective markers? ” I remember giving you some a few months ago... Not sure, a sword stuck in a rock, a grail, a pig or a cow in distress?

  • Models for the Ogre Khans

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    My moneyyyyyy

  • Quality improvement and more minis

  • Quote from Norbaminiatures: “There are few days left for the start of the campaign. September 5. ”

  • Quote from namadeva: “Okay... let me rephrase... when will Asklanders be balanced for tournament play so we do not suffer refusals? ” I don't think it's only a matter of balance. As a tournament player who plays about 1/month, I often cope with grasping the rules and potential of all 16 different armies, so I prefer facing only those 16 when trying to be competitive and playing under 3 hours. In friendly games, I don't mind, as we can take the time to explain everything and think it through.

  • As long as your tool is free, you might consider moving newrecruit to T9A servers?

  • Quick fix ready and sent to the release team, let's hope we found all typos by now EDIT: Link before it's pushed on the official download pages…7a837354303b56047de7eec12

  • Can a Maw of Akaan get to 19+ HPs without exploding by simultaneously gaining multiple HPs thanks to Devour, hence never having exactly 18 HPs? I wonder why it doesn't say "18 or more".

  • I'll do it during the weekend!