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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

  • @Ghiznuk, @Pellegrim We need some social media attention to crank up those likes for T9A exposure. Please add all that can help

  • Just signed up and added some likes and watchlist thingies.

  • Quote from finet: “Very BIG resin greater daemon models on sale at Darkplaceminiatures. Also there's a 15% off code on their FB page. ... 1691569189.jpg ” Since it is on pre order at 30% off, I doubt the code works, but that to me looks like a nice Dread Sphinx.

  • Just dawned on me, am I getting rich? I have all the variations of GW orcs in clean bits or metal since 6th edition at least once, nicely bagged up for a time that might never come since I like Goblins more. Ok, those eBay prices are disgusting. Nobody should pay that, you can get the same effect much cheaper with Kromlech or Spellcrow.

  • That skull makes it look so much better.

  • Essence of War

    Little Joe - - For Beginners


    Awesome updates!

  • TMS - Releases

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    Quote from Kanadian: “1f614.pngSorry, but TMS is closing down. We are still not 100% certain if it will be permanently, but everything seems to be pointing in this direction. 1f614.png The website will be open for a few more days, for those that still want to grab something at the last minute. When I come back from sick leave, I will try to get them shipped ASAP. We are looking for funding to continue the work, but just as likely we would like to sell the rights to our models to refund the VC KS…

  • Quote from Traumdieb: “I have seen the He Man of MoTU but skeletor is really awesome The TT stuff are looking cute. ” These MoTU miniatures seem to be heavily regionalized, must be a licencing thing. It's so 80s.

  • Home made Ark of Ages

    Little Joe - - Undying Dynasties (UD)


    Quote from Litoperez: “Thanks, its basic autocad. Nothing special The printer is a resine one ” Thanks for the reply. I have often seen models with a similar face geometry and always wondered how people do that. Takes a lot more effort to get that done in Blender. What AutoCAD software do you use?

  • Quote from Litoperez: “There you go!…dba120201014120100/56b0ae ” That's a great sculpt, how do you get such clean minimal geometry?

  • TTCombat announced these for Friday: Skeleton-Swords-Background.jpg Wraith-Lord-Background.jpg Pony-Riders-Background.jpg There are also Halfling undead archers. And from Archon Games (Prodos): skeletor-on-panthor.jpg

  • TTCombat announced these for Friday: Skeleton-Archers-Background.jpg Halfling undead archers, there are more undead, but more of the VC kind

  • Kdown's Chronolog

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    It looks great to me, what are your reservations? Looks like boiling blood armour.

  • Chronocide's Siege Daemons

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    Seems like you will be busy. Any plan to chop them up?

  • Quote from Pellegrim: “Quote from SlaveToThePyre: “Shieldworlf Mountain Orcs are good, but I personally don't like their heads. Just use GW's. ” mmmm there is this company that sells several different orc heads ... is that Kromlech? ” There might be a bits library to find out ... Kromlech and Spellcrow, Admiralty Miniatures has some slave heads.

  • It all depends on what your expectation of Orcs is. Painting orcs strangely is something I do not like, some 40k orcs made it into the bits pile, you will need to convert them a bit. Perfect kit bashing material if you have enough bits to go. I have some Mantic orcs, they will need some work and old goblin heads in my opinion. If a headswap is not an issue, there are many barbarian options out there. For example those Mantic people of the North. In the same line the Shield wolf Orcs are excellen…

  • That one made me laugh.Show it on the base please.

  • Bourgeoisie Elves

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    Gotsu-Totsu-Kotsu Nice looking unit. Take some time enjoying finishing a task as well as you wrap up the army.

  • Wastes of Wasteland

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    Get well soon

  • Muster the Houses (KoE)

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    It's old but pretty and well made, great paintjob.