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  • @SlaveToThePyre I like this idea a lot. It would add depth to the game and make it feel more realistic in places. I think the discipline modifiers' complexity would have to be carefully designed so that people can actually track them. In terms of game balance, this would require a redesign of the rule book, army books, and arcane compendium. I doubt the 9th higher ups would ever be convinced to do this, sadly.

  • Sure thing. G1 vs VS) Should have been a 20-0, but I forgot that I couldn't pick an objective due to Counterthrust making your deployment zone really big... oops. This had a knock on effect, costing 7TPs. Lion Guard/Queens Guard/Lancers controlled and won the game easily. G2 vs HbE) Queens Guard + Spear Prince + Magic sat together and dominated the game. The Lancers and Dragon picked up easy points. G3 vs SE) SE ran at me, was an insane game. I think I was hard done by dice. I had Spearlord and …

  • Quote from Drakkanor: “To me It's really strange to see pages and pages full of comments stating they are OP or UP without even knowing all the unit's rules ” It's almost like the forum dwellers don't know what they are talking about

  • I had 7 Lancers in a line, the Champion was on the end (left side). My opponent did 1 wound to my unit. Removing a model from the left or right made no difference to the amount of models that were in contact/combat. I wanted to remove a Lancer from the left side of my unit. Could I have removed one, and slid the champion across one slot? Or did I HAVE TO remove a Lancer from the right side? Page 81 'If a Champion or Character is in a position that would normally be removed as a casualty, remove …

  • Sign Mark Greensill up too, please!

  • I'm happy to drop out for the greater good. Events these days are too easy anyways x

  • Quote from Giladis: “Quote from 2Cats1Tuna: “- As for range, I think 24" might not be enough range. I'm imagining a couple of curse-proof war machines hiding at the back of the table, for instance. I don't think it would be silly to make this 'curse spell' longer range, or even unlimited range. ” It has to be viewed in the context of an aggressive army that is enticed to close the distance with the enemy as well prohibition to allow avoidance play which longer range would be beneficial to. Quote…

  • - This hereditary looks very flavourful, like you can immerse yourself in the DE ideology with it, during the game. Great job guys. - The hits being S4 AP2 seems to excessively punish some armies (3x Elves, KoE, EoS, BH, any Pyromancy user) and be weaker against the others. Therefore, I agree with what someone else said in this thread: make the hits wound of 5+ instead. This would make it more relevant for monsters, monstrous stuff, and helps it to overcome toughness buffs. Because why should be…

  • Paths of Magic feedback

    2Cats1Tuna - - General Discussion


    @darkknight109 Ignore Internet wisdom. People who play this game have personalities which tend towards stubborn opinions and narrow mindsets. My experiences of this game are that people identify stuff which is easy to use, and then say 'this is OP', rather than putting in the extra effort to make alternative things work. Druidism is fine (competitively). It functions weirdly due to Throne, sure, but it still works. It's biggest strength is the automatic heal imo. With Throne up, it's spells can …

  • If I cast Favour of Meladys, then my opponent charges in his turn and my Wizard flees. do I still get to use the spell (ie, save wounds with Veil Tokens)? The spell is type: Caster. And if a model is fleeing, then they cannot voluntarily take actions. But is it the caster that is literally using the spell, in this context? Thanks in advance.

  • Paths of Magic feedback

    2Cats1Tuna - - General Discussion


    My 2 cents: Fluff/immersion-wise: I have recently learned that Ravens Wing (Witchcraft) is a magic move, with the option of using Flying movement. I think this is very unfluffy Trial of Faith and Smite the Unbeliever genuinely should have their names swapped with each other. Smiting someone means to strike someone (ie a god killing someone), and a trial is a series of tests to see if someone is worthy. Their names are perfect for each others spells' effects, and its SO jarring when I read them. …

  • Spearhead and Boarder Patrols are decent names but give the impression that this is a small fight / skirmish game when really it's supposed to be about two armies battling each other. I voted Essence of War but still think there are better names out there. I actually hate the other names on the list, sorry. I don't think it's worth worrying about triggering anyone with words such as 'boarder'. Just use a common sense approach.

  • Please put me down boyo! can't be a real T9A event without someone getting Greensill'd

  • If a unit attempts and fails a charge, can a character then join it? Thanks in advance.

  • Can a Hope Harvester Stomp Attack? I'm struggling to find any rules saying that it can't. Thanks.

  • A Saurus Veteran Character has a Spear and Dragon Staff. Does he get to use the Breath Weapon at his base agility (3) or Close Combat Attack agility (5)? Could you point me to the relevant rules, please? Thanks

  • If a there is a combat but one of the units dies before the combat phase (due to a comet killing it), can the remaining unit reform? Thanks

  • My friend and I played a game earlier and I just wanted to check that we played this properly, please. Spear Prince with Lion Guard are fighting Barrow Knights with Vampire Lord. Vampire Spawn charge the flank of the Lion Guard unit. Next round, Dragon charges the flank of the Vampire Spawn unit. (Pic) The round of combat starts with spearlord killing all the Barrow Knights. The Vampire Lord kills the Lionguard Champion. The Vampire Spawn swing and kill 6 Lion Guard with their Close Combat Attac…

  • Hi. My Opponent casts boosted 'Chilling Howl' on one of my units (eg a Monster) and the spell hits everything in my army (ie my army is all within 12"). If I cast 'Drain Magic' on literally any of the units in my army, does it completely dispel this 'Chilling Howl' on all my units? Drain Magic Range 18″, Type Universal, Duration Instant. All spells with duration One Turn for which the target of Drain Magic was the spell’s target immediatelycome to an end. Note that if any of these spells had mor…

  • I'm interested in playing as well Mark Greensill