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  • Quote from Peacemaker: “@Kruber @Tyranno Do you guys got any pictures of the fleshounds painted up for Suarian Ancients? And the minor conversions? ” Not the best pictures, but all I could find..…a80882dc866f9e65a20354a5d…a80882dc866f9e65a20354a5d

  • Orders while fleeing

    Kruber - - Empire of Sonnstahl (EoS)


    There is a rule that says, when fleeing, a unit/model cannot make any voluntary actions or something like that. Should be in appropriate section in BRB. Orders are a voluntary action (you can give them or not).

  • Quote from Eymuster: “Looking for budget and cool looking laternatives to the spearback. They don't have to be very close to GW spearbacks, but with enough scales and spines to pass. Avatars of war model is great. But I'm looking for a budget option and also some variation since I need at least 4 ” I've used these:

  • Quote from The Beninator: “As I had expected. I should have also added why I asked this specific question. A misfire on a Salamander states that you suffer the consequences from rolling a 5+ on the misfire table. 5+ on the misfire table states: "The shooting model loses a Health Point with no saves of any kind allowed" In probably all other cases in the game, there is no difference between the "model" and the "model's unit". In the case of the salamander, there is a difference. RAI it is pretty …

  • Quote from The Beninator: “Consider a unit of 2 salamanders. Lets say they both misfire. Do you just take 2 wounds from the units total health pool? So, in essence, if the unit had received 1 wound previously, then misfires twice, one salamander dies, and the other remains with full 3 HP. So for the 3 hypothetical cases: Unit of 2, both misfire once, then receive 1 wound from shooting, how many salamanders remaining? Unit of 2, one misfires once, then receive 2 wound from shooting, how many sala…

  • Quote from Adaephon_Delat: “Has anyone thoughts about combination of magical items that were possible before the patch and are now not possible anymore (except bsb death warrant & Blacksteel) or the other way around? ” Light of Sonnstahl, Witchfire Guard and Potion of Swiftness is one of those.

  • Quote from Jomppexx: “I just still don't see the point of the pegasus. It's not that much faster than normal cavalry, doesn't provide good mount attacks and the rider is very tame at fighting as well. ” They are flying. They can be used to threaten backline or set up more combat for overruns.

  • Empire charatcter on a horse/pegasus is part the infantry parent/support unit (e.g. heavy infantry). Unit is given On the Double! order. Is anything stoping this character benefiting from extra movement when he leaves the unit?

  • Cool, thanks. But line of sight and front arc restrictions remain, yes?

  • Can you cast attribute spell from jade staff through telepathic link? I thought it was only attribute spell that had type damage. Does symbiosis really change that?

  • Maximum rank bonus is +6, always. Your static combat resolution would be 6 ranks + 2 banners + 1 charge = 9 combat resolution.

  • The Savage Arts of Playtrolling

    Kruber - - User Blogs


    Quote from Cortrillion: “Quote from Herminard: “Shameless selfquote Quote from Herminard: “ - The Serbian team in general for blatantly playing the kittencard by bringing a puer bellator in their team composition to make it un-possible even for kiwis & leprachauns to contest for best sports. - @Furion for making better wargaming equipments and having the audacity to post it several months ahead of ETC in the HBE subforums making absolutely _certain_ that none of them iberian powermongerers have …

  • I think it was asked already, but does flaming attacks from glory of gold work on shooting attacks? I know that +1ap shouldn't.

  • I need help with the situation in the picture below: In this picture I first charge with my caimans into the flank of steam tank. Then I charge my taurosaur into the flank of a halberdiers, who fail their terror test and must flee. After fleeing they land like in the picture below and thus blocking my caiman units from charging into the flank of the steam tank. What are my options as SA player? Do I fail charge with caimans, or can I redirect into the fleeing …

  • Quote from Volkmar_: “I personally don´t like the fact that a lot of the lists look kinda the same. In the ETC it is totally understandable that the empire has a defensive role, but within that role I would wish that there would be a little bit more variety possible. I´d like to see a big block of flagellants instead of the IG block that a lot of people play for example. But currently that dosen´t seems to be not a valid option. In the future I would love to see the flagellants going down in pri…

  • Logic of the army

    Kruber - - Saurian Ancients (SA)


    But if you don't use cuatl, should other skink wizards/mystic traveller pay for telephatic link, even if they can't use it?

  • Logic of the army

    Kruber - - Saurian Ancients (SA)


    In my opinion 4HP and 4++ make him almost immune to miscasts (except the 777) and there is also the synergy with the temple guard. I'm not sure how much more expensive that makes him , so I can't really comment, if he is overpriced. But telepatic link makes him so good and versatile it's amazing. Granted you need mystic traveller and/or engine of the ancients, but those units are amazing on their own. I'm also pretty new to playing SA, so take what I said with a grain of salt..

  • AP yes, flaming attacks no.

  • For EoS Characters Marshal - General/Captain Prelate - Arch Lector/Warrior Priest Wizard - Wizard Lord/Battle Wizard Inquisitor - Witch Hunter Knight Commander - Grand Master Artificer - Master Engineer Core Heavy Infantry - State Troops Light Infantry - Ranged State Troops Electoral Cavalry/Knightly Orders - Knightly Orders/Inner Circle Knights State Militia - Archers/Free Company Militia Special Imperial Guard - Greatswords, sword and board IG don't have equivalent Knights of the Sun Griffon -…

  • Hi guys, some more SA questions: 1. Taurosaur cannot shoot with engine of the ancients, if he marched, correct? 2. How does prey scent interact with damnation rule from WDG Foresworn? I'm assuming it doesn't get reroll to hit and other bonuses?