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  • Revolver interview on new Hydra: -first glance reflex: ouch lost Fort4+ -reading thru: oh wow, tastes like FLUFF to me, i like! -no flaming on breath? awesome! poison? awesome! -yaaay my handlers do something! -rage vs regen: gamey, but reasonable. i've never understood hydra's regenerative power to be about simply growing more heads, i can work with this. being super strong at full health and going into a death spiral after a coupla wounds would be a nightmare to get right mechanically and cost…

  • heroic handlers of horrific hydras harass their horrendously hissing heaps of heads hastily forth to hew handily all humans and foes of heritages many to hone their horrible craft of homicide!

  • avert your gaze! means turnyour heads. it's our gal Medusa, y'all.

  • I don't think they'd dare axe the prince. I certainly hope they won't... My most beloved DE chars are princes, the manslayer is really cool but wouldn't fit the stories i have for my brooding edgelord princely bois...

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

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    f3bvsp4pvha11.jpg Text for the Text God! Prose for the prose throne!

  • @Kudis dunno which came first, probably the swedo one since they are the prettier and better version of fennoscandi people

  • Maybe a poison upgrade for core archers could work? You play aggressive, you can use the cheaper archers as they are to get closer to shoot (although not many do atm cuz expeeensiive) or take poison to fill core points, hang back and punish tough baddies while waiting to score?

  • @Arrahed i WILL fight you too, man... Mano a dos manos. At dusk. One or two of us will enter legend.

  • @nantuko that sounds awesome with all the options, but knowing complexity budget issues i fear we'd lose a lot to get that. Also, sentinels are the boring afterbirth between archers and pathfinders conceptually, pathfinders are the coolest unit in the book even if they don't really work with their current mechanics versus their price... They are the most badass concept in all of SE and i love them and this is the absolute objective truth and i will meet you at the school yard at sunset to settle…

  • @Aenarion43 oh dont get me wrong i will try the cult stuff fo sho it seems dope, its just that my main army has always been hardcore academy with a coupla beasties

  • 1 I fear that ignoring the religious is nigh impossible, making focusing purely on academy and menagerie impossible. 2. I hope we get elves that feel callous and efficient on the table; swift and precise and merciless when things go according to plan, scalpels not hatchets. 3. I love how DE embraces the inhumane side of the elves' self proclaimed supremacy. They see no benefit to quick passing of generations nor adaptability as a virtue, they are set in their ways that they have deemed the pinna…

  • Some general thoughts: Manslayer seems cool, im kinda hoping still for a more sneaky deaky assassin concept as well but can live without one if this is the way DE go about murder in battlefield circumstances. I like the riposte a lot as an idea. Warlock is an interesting take on spellcraft, will need to see the more standard caster to tell what i really think but so far seems very interesting. Militants i actually really like, the list of examples of militants from different temples struck a ton…

  • I do "duh-eev", where the "ee" is something between an "eek" and an "eh" sound Sounds sorta cool to my ear.

  • Some mechanic of shifting alliances regardless of player's faction would be sooo cool, but probably difficult to implement... I mean that would add some proper intrigue when generals could gang up on some objective and do some proper backstabbing and such shady stuff for dramatic effect.

  • Even if the "official" nomenclature in vetian common tongue was dread elves, i would venture a guess that speaking of dark elves would immediately evoke the daeb in the listeners mind.

  • Gargantula conversion

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    Make planks from sprues?

  • Aegis 4+ fits FW a lot better than it does any random elvish wizard conclave, c'mon... It's a weird staple to have it on conclaves as a default, but take my opinion with a heap of salt since I tend not to use the conclave units.

  • There is a use outside of battle for big nasty beasts... You can make em maul gladiators in arenas for the sport of the public and then eat them! Have slaves tend to them until then, some slaves might get mauled but hey, you win some, lose some... There could also be milk, hide, powdered horn even if you start growing tired of the harem jussayin.

  • I think modeling some plate armour on the wolves' heads and front legs might also lend credence as to why getting run over by horse-sized wargs is cause for some immediate impact-ouchy.

  • What SE currently lacks

    Phaeoron - - Sylvan Elves (SE)


    If we had double treefather possible from special i would take them every time. I think that sort of style should not be for us, if i'm honest. But hey, i shun thicket beasts for the same reason, too many good anvils don't feel like SE to me. Forest spirit themed lists are another thing, i play elf heavy only.