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  • T9A project status

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    I guess I must have gotten about 150 games under my belt since I started T9A two years ago. From a gameplay perspective the idea, that T9A as a game somehow needs to be "finished", has never orccured to me as quite frankly it is already in a more refined state than most commercial products will ever be. 16 armies with very distinct and different playstyles that are at the same time very balanced are an amazing achievement. The same applies to a ruleset that so far hasn't produced a single unclea…

  • I thought long and hard about whether there was any kind of creative solution that could solve both previously stated problems at once yet somehow it seems to elude me...

  • Age of Single models?

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    I don't think corner clipping is the problem with monsters. It adds a tactical option to a game that derives its depth from movement so I would be very hesitant to change anything here. And I never understood why all the bigger models had to be faster, too, sometimes extremely so. I think just reducing the march/movement allowance of monsters takes care of that part of the problem without removing tactical depth from the game. No more huge creatures dancing around your RNF blocks. Of course the …

  • Also shrinking it to 33 % size and saving as gif usually allows you to just attach the image to the conversation despite the file size limitations.

  • Pairings for round 2 are available.

  • Unit of characters

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    Quote from Zioboron: “Hi all, me and my friends are approaching T9A, we played WHFB more or less 10 years ago. We saw a unit made of just 3 characters on 3 different charriots. 1) How to distribute hits from ranged attacks against that unit? 2) If that unit is charged on the flank, and the single character in base contact dies, the charging unit is still engaged? 3) If that unit is charged on the flank, and the single character in base contact get in a duel, the charging unit can perform melee a…

  • I've played a list with 8 Chosen with Greed and only a Champion for some 30-40 games rather successfully (probably 30:3 w/l) now. In my experience they die far too easily. They excel at killing big monsters with their great weapons but they tend to fold against pretty much everything else. Their output is perfectly fine but Def 6, res 4 and 4+ armour are no protection at all for what they cost and you start losing attacks right away. They are slow glass cannons (so maybe more a glass battering r…

  • Thank you for compiling this... This is actually an incredible result for T9A , showing that the by far greatest parts of any given battle are decided by randomness (matchup & in game luck), player skill and list writing. The different armies work so differently and have such various strengths and weaknesses that I really marvel at this achievement. Also it really goes to show how thin the margin between literally unplayable and overpowered is. I am beginning to think that @DanT is right - so mu…

  • Quote from Slayer Zabojcow: “Sure great approach to the community, we got 13 more LABs to do, let's say that T9A team will be able to make 2 books per year (but right now it is closer to 1 book per year) then the last LAB book will be finished in +/- 6 years... 6 years with no rules update, just price changes... Forge Wardens are so happy! ” Sorry but you may be mistaken here a bit - the project IS the community. More precisely it is the part of the community that decided to get involved creatin…

  • Dont forget that EoS is one if the hardest armies for newbs to start out with - as their individual units are mostly weak and interdependent the army depends on being used with a lot of foresight and in a coherent manner which really is a lot to ask for from somebody who is just getting to know the rules. So dont despair if your opponents will keep beating you, you probably have the army with the steeper learning curve. To test this hypothesis you can always field your dorfs which are one of the…

  • Quote from Slayer Zabojcow: “I'm so sad this idea hasn't been implemented. In my opinion it was much more flavourful and impactful than the split of Weapon Skill. We could finally get rid of Unbreakable, Fearless and make a difference between human, elf and dwarf characters. Whatsmore it would be more balanced if BSB would give rerolls for bravery tests and General would give rerolls to discipline tests - much better than current "everything is ld9 or more". ” I think this is an excellent propos…

  • The list of @cocofreeze is allright. The list of @nighti is perfectly acceptable from a legal point of view. Morally though I'm shocked how it is possible that someone would just blatantly copy my list. This "person" knows no shame.

  • Not sure why you didn't find my account but I went ahead and signed up by myself.

  • 5226050.jpg

  • I always bring my best list and when I lose I'm all..."It's UB right, pure fun list, all experimental, lol."

  • Quote from youngseward: “Pure madness. The beauty of UB is being able to field absolute nonsense that you’d never have the models for. Take 700 goblins ” 10/10 can recommend, would play against that again!

  • Paths of Magic feedback

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    Quote from Dain_II: “The chances of miscast are no higher than any other 12+ spell in the game, only the chances of a bad miscast are slightly higher. ” Of course chances for miscasts are higher as the chance to roll a 1 is reduced to 0,027 and as such the chance for every other number is increased from 0,167 to 0,194, making it of course more likely to roll the same numbers. This (for example) increases the probability of miscasting a spell with 3 dice from 2,7 % to 3,7 %, i. e. by 32,4 %.

  • Quote from matrim: “Is this your way of letting humans know that you're in?? ” Nah, I already announced my humble participation right at the beginning of this thread. What with being an adorable human and all.

  • Quote from Wesser: “Im playing as well. Still working on list though, but maybe its submitted lists you are counting? ” Yeh, for some reason people (myself included) like to announce their participation in this thread while it clearly states in the info that only list submission matters. Humans... adoreable, aren't they?

  • Yeh, I too think v2 Giants are toned down enough to give it a try.