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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

  • The trolls would probably look better with a rat head actually... hmmm...

  • Patio Slaughter Vengeance 2020

    Fleshbeast - - Australia


    Saturday June 27th? I reckon the border will be open by then...

  • Move catdamnit!

  • Quote from Lubart: “Feldraks - in stock (Hidden Content) ” Hi guys, Are you able to scale the sizes up to an Feldrak Ancient size? Or do you have an FA in the pipeline? I quite like the style of these but have an abundance of Feldraks already... Cheers, F

  • Someone might have asked this already, but, how would you rate the magic setup? Did you need both druids or could you drop the master to an adept? Change Paths?

  • I have fond memories of units of 10 Rangers. One game a single unit of 10 took all but two wounds from an HBE Mage on Fire Dragon which then charged my unit of 13 Archers with Druid. Lost one wound in S&S and the other before it could attack. Good times... (Sorry, off topic. Heh)

  • Quote from Cultivator: “Kinda surprised SE didn't get a LAB before KoE. Do you know where the next singles event will be? Aside from masters? ” Same. You’d expect it to be soon though as the art etc being mostly done should ease the load a bit.

  • Keen to see some pics when the batreps go up. Did Blame the Dice sort the terrain?

  • I have a question: What happens if I select more than 5 options? The reason I ask is that SE have a few very price inefficient items (2x Bows, Mistwalkers, etc) and that uses up almost all my selections. While the SE book does have a high level of internal balance I would like to have the opportunity to also select some of the units which are not as bad offenders as the items but would still need tweaking.

  • Age of Single models?

    Fleshbeast - - General Discussion


    Quote from WhammeWhamme: “Thought on corner clipping: would it help if you could make more attacks against the corner-clipping units? Because logically, it does seem like more than one guy would be able to stab the big beastie while it is rampaging. ” Something like: “A minimum of two files may always attack any unit engaged in the front facing”?

  • That WDG list looked like it could shrug off a chunk of your shooting. Did he explain the logic behind all the GW on the feldraks? S7 is not that much of a stretch from S6 w Halberds, but hitting before GW units which want to target them is significant I feel.

  • Age of Single models?

    Fleshbeast - - General Discussion


    I don’t see a problem with clipping. Generally if there is another unit attacking with the monster then that is where the majority of the combat res will flow from anyway. If your unit could have killed the monster but not deal with the other charging unit then you are stuffed anyway. If your unit can deal with the unit but not the monster then your opponent probably made a mistake sending that unit in. If the combination is the issue then you were likely out-deployed or out-played in which case…

  • WDG - KOE 10-10, No secondary. MVP: Sorcerer Master of Occultism. LVP: Chosen of Envy with Halberd. Sorcerer did most of the damage with various magic missiles. Chosen fluffed their attacks only killing one KoRealm in combat, got punked and run down. Each of us had taken down ~2k of points from the other by end of T4 then needed to head off for RL stuff. Unfortunately where he had cleaned everything except my characters and big block of Warriors I had chipped away a little at multiple units so d…

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

    Fleshbeast - - WWW Topics


    Quote from StoffenDK: “Spoiler of the “low-fantasy” suggestion for new KoE units: ec3c2188cbffc30dc560c6f2ce03b8e9.jpg ” KOE spoiler or VS spoiler? Perhaps SE?

  • Don’t spouse you could link it in a message here also? I’m on mobile so don’t see signatures. Alt, can you drop something in the ANZ hobby discord?

  • I like the look of the Punga line. The Warlord I’m Litter is great and their Hulks are very characterful. The problem for me is cost vs risk. The minis cost about the same as a GW pack but I don’t have any knowledge of quality or level of detail. I don’t see actual pics of the completed sprues on the web page etc etc. I’m essentially taking all the risk with no reduction in price. Apologies for the raw feedback.

  • AWSR 1.0 “make way for your betters [or I’ll stab ya]”

  • ASWR 4.0 “Middle Management” they just pass the orders along, improving them a little each time.

  • Why would Elves have exclusive access?

  • Quote from Eisenhans: “Discipline 7 is problematic how? I play with discipline 6 on my General now and have no issues, it's just to adapt your playstyle. Sure the big blocks have discipline 9 now but 7 with minimized and reroll actually feels more fun. And no I don't care if the math says it's better/worse - it feels fun and that's more important to me. ” you said yourself, your big locks have Dis9. That’s likely got a BSB reroll on it so it’s essentially not going to break. So you’re not playin…