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  • O&G Q&A

    Ratatoeskr - - Orcs and Goblins (O&G)


    Why does Awaken the Beast not work with mad gits? Is it because they are not the same unit anymore after they are out of the unit?

  • Orcs and Goblins Option Light Armour for Feral Warboss missing

  • Quote from Little Joe: “Would make nice beastmen ” But these are clearly stated as pigfaced orcs... what would you do with orcs in a beastmen army? jk

  • Is it possible to use the sceptre of power after the reroll of the sacred hourglass?

  • Regarding this…hp?news/905-patch-update/ we are mid tier. So there shouldn`t be the aim of changing much regarding external balance as we have a quite good one already.

  • Quote from DanT: “I looked at a build like this, but decided i preferred a feral orc instead. Partly cos of battlefocus and partly cos it was cheaper. ” Wise decision! Battlefocus + Axe of Apocalypse is going crazy sometimes... (and in my view the most orcish possible - Back says: hit em hard, hit em a lot then hit em harder and hit em a loter!)

  • the treefather is a monster in the se book. You can see its stats by just clicking on the word. @Phoenix5 Yes!

  • so now we are talking about a treefather ancient? @pelegrim Srsly?

  • what is facebook?

  • Quote from greentide: “Quote from Ratatoeskr: “Which will not be enough to stand it in the next round... So basically he will die in a 1on1 against a tree. Not that good I believe... ” It´s a grind. But the treeman doesn´t do more damage on average to the Iron Orc than vice versa.Or did you calculate the Iron Orc to be alone without his Iron Orc buddies, denying them Bodyguard? Then the stomp would be dangerous. If he can´t be stomped by Mr Woody, the treeman has a 25% chance of getting the crus…

  • Quote from Pellegrim: “Chop chop, down goes the Treefather! ” Uhm... no... He does 1,5 wounds in the first round on the treefather... Which will not be enough to stand it in the next round... So basically he will die in a 1on1 against a tree. Not that good I believe... I am at the moment playing this guy: 505 - Feral Orc Warlord (Back), General, War Cry, Light Armour, Shield, HW (Omen of the Apocalypse), Essence of Mithril, Potion of Swiftness EDIT: Funfact - he would kick the Iron Orcs a$$ But …

  • O&G Q&A

    Ratatoeskr - - Orcs and Goblins (O&G)


    Quote from sgu97bjd: “When you release your mad gits when being charged do they have to abide by all the normal stand and shoot rules i.e. only in the front arc and not if they are within their normal advance move? ” It seems they do. So you cannot release mad gits if you are charged in the flank for example.

  • Thank you for your hard work @Just_Flo

  • Quote from Eisenheinrich: “Quote from Ratatoeskr: “What happens when a unit is in close combat and reforms into a mad git? ” <Ricochet (X) (incl. erratum) Enemy units cannot Charge models with Ricochet. Units (friend or foe) ignore models with Ricochet regarding the Unit Spacing rule for all movement (including Ambush). In addition, they can move onto and through models with Ricochet. However, if a unit moves into contact with a Ricochet model, it immediately (before completing the move) suffers…

  • What happens when a unit is in close combat and reforms into a mad git?

  • Quote from 9th age: “Ricochet If a unit's Unit Boundary is contacted by a Ricochet model’s initial move (i.e. excluding an extension of the move distance needed to clear units), this unit suffers X hits, where X corresponds to the value given in brackets. For this purpose, all units Engaged in the same Combat are treated as a single unit. ” Does this mean that if it is not the initial move of the mad git (the random movement in the phases later on) and it is hitting a combat you do not count the…

  • This would bring flipping the table to a whole new level.

  • ETC Liveticker

    Ratatoeskr - - ETC


    You guys surely amaze... ETC liveticker and nearly nothing about results... Gongrats to Team Germany for winning the ETC. Congrats also for Spain who performed so amazing! You guys rock! Congrats to Scrub for "winning" the weighted leaderboard! Congrats to Switzerland who played a very impressive ETC! Congrats to Poland for a solid 4th place! And thank Gork and Mork for an ETC where the main gossip was a Fantasy Army made out of Legos... Regards

  • Quote from Blonde Beer: “Took my wife's Highborn Army to one of the relative bigger events in my country (30 players). First time I played them in a single event, and was quite happy with the results, first place (although 2cond place in VP, since I had one VP less , but soft scores pushed me to the top). Fun army, and got quite the Highborn bug now, although I really need to come up with a better list, since I can't always trust on softscores to carry me! ” Congrats my friend!!!

  • Quote from Wesser: “Quote from Ratatoeskr: “Second - I believe you had to take the panic check for the chariot not because of the fleeing of the archers but because they were destroyed at the table edge. ” Huh? Never noticed that... do you move the unit to the point where the first model touches the tableedge and measure from there or how does that work? ” RB p.50: 12.C Flee Moves • If the Flee Move takes the Fleeing unit into contact with the Board Edge, remove the unit as a casualty as soon as…