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  • disciples of lugar can have a standard bearer so you can still use your model.

  • I could see a.merge between realms and aspirints being done more easily. They already do that on empire. Mayge something like: Koe knight - Knight of the realm ( Lance formation, lance ) - Crusader( devastating charge( +1a, +1s) , Impetuous ) Same statline

  • Do any of you know somewhere where I can post this to English speakers to see? I know spanish websites about hobby stuff where is already published but i do not know any for english speakers. Ty for help

  • Thank you all! We spend a full weekend playing t9a, several months to do the editing and the additional scenarios photos for the narrative. But we are very proud with the final result and we just want to make it visible to the maxium people possible.

  • Welcome Im glad to share with you our lastest work. Im sure you havent seen anything similar and we hope you love it! We have worked hard to provide an English version as well as an Spanish version, so give us your feedback so we can improve and provide more content and tell us what do you think about our style. Spanish version can be found here: Spanish version thread You can also search for more info in our blog: Escribas del Viejo Mundo Enjoy!

  • The hereditsry is not bad, it just works on a master damsel, if you have big buses ( especially grails ) and of opponent is ws5 or ws 3 or lower. I do prefer rod of battle.and/or entwining roots for lower cost and similar benefit where it matter. To hit roll.

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    Kratos - - Infernal Dwarves (ID)


    imo on incarnates. Max unit size of 6 is the problem. Max unit size should be 4. Their staying power would be much less then and will be more of a gamble if they stay alive or not and their total output will be lower.

  • @Ludaman Imo having virtues that are things for combat is a mistake and lost oppprtunity. You will have 1-2 combat character max. If we have 7 virtues only 3 should be combat oriented and be very diferent between them the rest should be utility, and they should be a able to be used from other types of char. Damsel, paladin, duke etc...if not majority will always take the more stable/optimized/reliable and will be a nightmare to balance like is now, with dominat all over the place restricted comb…

  • dont you have problems making your general survive? Maybe its my meta but i run hippo with crusaders and dragongem and even then magic and shooting go through some times. Yours is 3+ save, rerolls 1. I would be nervous pushing with it.

  • thats a bit to much...on t3 everything has at least suffered one casuality... Dont be so greedy sneaky dread elf...;P

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    Kratos - - Infernal Dwarves (ID)


    the problem is supernal. Supernal bulls Supernal kadim Supernal incarnates Unbreackable trains This is as hard to deal or more than a list with a lot of large things. If incarnates where an instrument of destruction inmortals and annointeds would see a little more play as you will need them to anvil or the aggresive list would be less stable at least. Now you can do that with all the above units, trading wounds 100 chance for staying in place. Lugars are different because they dont force you to …

  • i wish for this fix The Scent of Blood The model gains Frenzy and Fearless while Engaged in Combat. In addition, when declaring a Charge against a unit with a wounded model gains Devastating Charge (+1” Adv), until declaring a new Charge. This will make them interesting to charge jnto single models or units with multiple wpunds that are already damaged, and you can prepare in advance doing a wounds with shooting or snipe a wound into a character into a unit. Also its fluffier ;P

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    Kratos - - Infernal Dwarves (ID)


    I have this design issues playing with or against the book: - why oil units are not flammable themselves like the vassal slingshot? - why lugars have a 2++ vs fire without activating the pact? - why lugars have feinged flight without the litigator upgrade? - why inmortals are so weak in defense? - why kadim incarnates and maybe lugars are not instruments of desctruction?

  • if blessing somehow helped warmachines or shooting i koe.we would have a chance right now is not worth it. Scorpions are only ok because they are cheap and the points spends on them are the points tje enemy will spend on dealing with them. On trebs you are expending 520 points + a unit to guard them so a chaff unit does not kill them and you still have the risk of misfire.

  • heres my take Target enemy unit gains Flamable. Flaming attacks against the unit gains +1 Strenght for each Incendiary token the unit has.

  • I do play MSU and MMU. MSU units of 6 with champ and standard are golden. If you combo charge a unit of 6 realms with a blender pegasus duke you will most surely destroy any unit that its 15 or less models. And the flying duke mobility let you strike where it hurts more and the enemy is more likely to break or cannot countercharge properly 6 wounds 300 points yes. But this unit can do almost anything and with one spell is at full force again. Forlorn are great and you can do nice defensive list,…

  • number 3, should be there definetely. I would even make it more complicated, the knight having visions from the lady, from kulima and his beloved girlfriend who is in reality a vampire guiding him to Brotherhood of the Dragon. So we can end with knight that starts as a quest knight, become tricked into a warrior knight, until he gives himself into undeath and become a brotherhood of the dragon and finally redeems as he is confronted by the lady and his followers and cleansed to become a supernal…

  • I dont think the problem on the diferent units of knights is on lance formation. Is in the poor spectrum of values between an aspirants and a grail knight. I miss a even weaker knight than aspirants, a vanilla knight with no rules, and more powerful ones, like 2hp grails. The Devastating Charge on Aspiraints and Crusaders could be a 0-2 standard: RnF without harnessed gain Devastating Charge(+1 Attack ) This opens up a lot of possibilities in army config without changing status quo. Will you giv…

  • Escribas del Viejo Mundo

    Kratos - - Battle Reports


    Hi there, We are working on an english version so more people can enjoy our work. Stay tuned for more!

  • Quote from Ringil: “As a further musing I was considering something like the following piece of wargear. Equitaine lance - The Lance's used by the Knights of equitaine are incredibly cumbersome to other factions, their sheer size making them difficult to use. However the knights practice with them from childhood and have become proficient in their use. Any model using an Equitaine lance suffers a -1 to hit, however they may also re roll all failed to hit rolls. So a bit of a weird one, technical…