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  • Essence of War

    Trakritch - - Highborn Elves (HE)


    Quote from piteglio: “then there's another battle where Trak plays the highborns against i think Rob's Beast Herds (from RHWorldbuilding). ” It was @Chack

  • I'm planning to play OK vs WDG in the next few days. Maybe another one but I'll add it later

  • Quote from RHworldbuilding: “If I remember correctly, one of them MAY have ended in a draw ” You did. Against me ! This one I feel like I lost in my first movement phase. I pushed way too far, forgetting that it would allow your backline to join the fight. I had calculated that my 1v1 matchups were good for me, didn't plan for 1v2 xD

  • Yeah Right now I'm mostly focusing on layout and doing other things but in case someone has trouble finding an opponent I could join. But with this open to the entire community it might not even be needed Side note, it could be interesting to announce this in language specific forums (at least the ones you are able to speak ^^)

  • Quote from Chronocide: “Though I gotta ask, why include a picture of a Succubi ” Don't disrespect a Harbinger could also be a Myrmidon to me... Those illustration are the one that we had from the previous QS book. Their goal is mostly to represent the faction (admittedly with only one character...) more than the premade army itself

  • Quote from Chronocide: “EDIT: talking about the quickstarter list for DL:…r-army-lists_v181125_.pdf ” Yeah, sadly the links haven't been updated yet. What you linked isn't Essence of War, it's the old QS. And to answer your question I don't know about others but I played them once. I lost with them but I believe that it's mostly a combination of a very poor strategic decision on my part as well as non-cooperating dices more than a DL issue. Their damage output seem…

  • Quote from marcema: “Like a warning, introduction chapter in the beginning of the book explaining the state of the release and what to expect in the coming releases. ” I tend to agree with your view here. We'll discuss what's the best approach to it. But to be fair, it's not worse than the situation. Similar issues were sadly present in the previous QS But this time these issues should quickly disappear

  • Quote from Jomppexx: “I wanted to see one for Orcs & Goblins as I will be building a minihammer army out of them and now I don't know their options still... At least just the pre-made army please? ” You might want to see the stream made by a certain guy that I believe to be named @piteglio where it appears that a certain army of personal interest to you was played by someone that might happen to be myself psst, it's here :

  • Edit : got heavily ninja-ed. I assume that's what you get when you type such a long answer... Quote from marcema: “I'm a bit confused, when looking in the summary in front, every army is mentioned twice eben though only being on 1 page. Might be a visual thing. ” Yeah it's a known issue that I just corrected 5min ago it won't be there in the next release About armies : The idea was to provide first the ruleset in order to get feedback on it. We know that the community tends to get very passionat…

  • Quote from Lawot: “What are your thoughts on whether the previous Quickstarter lists are compatible with the new Essence of War rules and lists? ” My personal thought on that is that they weren't created to be compatible. But on the other hand you don't need our Official Seal of Approval to play with them if your opponent agrees. You might need to homebrew some rule adjusts but it's probably nothing too complicated

  • About the various errors in text those are "expected". We decided to prioritize releasing the alpha to the public rather than delay with several other rounds of corrections for "non critical" mistakes. But all your error reports are welcomed as it helps a lot catch the stuff we missed !

  • Come on guys ! Who's here to play against me ?

  • Done It's ready to be published with tomorrow's official news

  • Yeah ! Come party with us on the battlefield

  • OnG ?

  • Quote from piteglio: “dont remember what happened in the magic phase, but nothing too relevant it seems. ” I didn't cast any spell because none were relevant in the situation so I wanted to avoid a useless miscast

  • It's happening

  • TMS - Releases

    Trakritch - - Supporting Companies


    Same thing here with my Green Knight. Asked 3 times -> got answered three times that it would be sent -> no miniatures. And now no answer. Is it common to have shipping issues to France ? Because either there is something really messed up with shipping or my miniature was just never sent...

  • Quote from piteglio: “\newcommand{\wushidef}{Wu Shi} ” To be precise we use "def" to define a rule. So in this case it would be : \newcommand{\wushi}{Wu Shi} And for example to define the Chu Ko Nu : \newcommand{\chukonu}{Chu Ko Nu} (-> defines the name) \newcommand{\chukonudef}{Aim 4+, ...} (-> defines the rule)

  • Quote from piteglio: “@Trakritch is working like a beast on the layout, so it shouldnt take too long before we can release something. i also hope he can be persuaded to give your list a go and make it visually compatible with the official ones : ) ” Well, if you give me .tex files for the units as well as an illustration I could compile them in the new style