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  • Getting outpaced

    casamar - - Sylvan Elves (SE)


    Quote from Endymion: “I also find such matchups hard. Sentinels definitely make it easier, casting break the spirit on things is good, and I try throwing mass strength 5 into them with rangers or huntsmen, even if they die in return. In the past I've also run divination and spearman blocks; the missiles are great against monsters and the attribute helps steadfast blocks hold them for a long time ” Perhaps we can try out this on the weekend with my single model spam of VS

  • The list relies heavily on druidism, as the elk characters have no special saves. I like the magic set up, but you could manage without the adept if you really needed to, though the shamanism spells are often well worth it at critical times in the game - especially vs shooting armies.

  • The list is based on a French ETC list from a few years ago, and works much like the double vampire BOTD lists. Usually the too Elks are in the Heath Rider unit - that unit pretty much destroys anything on the charge. Having won the same event by a large margin 2 years ago with my BOTD Vampires I play tested this list and thought it would do just as well, if not better. I think a couple of times the scenarios made it really tough for me, I also made some poor choices - I would say my lack of tim…

  • Aside from Masters the next full event isn't until January next year - though I believe Auckland City Guard are running a one day event sometime soon.

  • Yep he provides all the terrain for most of our events. Today's results Maximum win over beast Herds round five Big loss vs Dread Elves round six I managed to podium, what position... You'll have to wait on the battle reports. In summary it was a frustrating weekend, the games were mostly one sided. It reminded me a lot of why I gave up on SE a few years ago - too many one sided match ups that aren't satisfying for either player. Unfortunately I drew the worst match ups list wise for each scenar…

  • Max points win round five, still in the hunt, though top guys also scored big so only closed the gap a little, need another big win round six.

  • Four games done, two to go tomorrow. I am sitting fifth with the top of the table very close, still in the hunt if things go my way. Results for today, Medium loss,vs wotdg round one Huge max win vs VC round two close loss vs Cultists round three Big win vc BH round four Vc was a good match up, the others pretty tough, hopefully better luck tomorrow, though round five I have BH again. In regards to halberd vs great weapon, I’m not sure, we didn’t discuss. Possibly because it is a carnage event a…

  • Two games in I'm sitting in first place, tough round three though. Round one was a bit rough vs wotdg Round two I got a huge win vs VC

  • Forest Prince: General, Lance, Light Armour, Elven Cloak, Great Elk, Shield, Blessed Inscriptions, Curse of the Black Stag, Horn of the Wild Hunt, Wild Hunter Kindred 610pts Chieftain: Wild Hunter Kindred, BSB, Sylvan Blades, Light Armour, Elven Cloak, Great Elk, Hero’s Heart, Flaming Standard 505pts Druid: Master, Druidism, Sylvan Longbow, Sceptre of Power, Binding Scroll 465pts Druid: Adept, Shamanism, Sylvan Longbow 220pts 8 Dryads: 150pts 8 Dryads: 150pts 10 Heath Riders: FCG, Shields, Preda…

  • A few more units rushed (painted) on my Facebook page. Heading off today for the War Banner Tournament, 6 games that I intend to get battle reports done for, let's hope my photography skills have improved!

  • Quote from Fleshbeast: “Don’t spouse you could link it in a message here also? I’m on mobile so don’t see signatures. Alt, can you drop something in the ANZ hobby discord? ” Yeah I should make more use of that... I haven't been playing UB so hadn't really been paying attention to discord.

  • First photo of my new paint scheme is now on my Facebook page - link in my signature. A few highlights to go, thoughts and feedback welcome.

  • If a standard sized infantry unit with bows is behind a standard cavalry unit with tall, can it volley fire over it, as long as it has line of sight from at least one model?

  • Hi there forest dwellers,,, long time no news... I have regained my enthusiasm for SE and my interest in producing battle reports/content. I have made a post on my Facebook page for those interested, and those wanting to see my current list. I'd be interested in your thoughts. I am also frantically repainting my army, hopefully I will get this finished over the next week or so and will be able to share some nice before and after shots. My first tournament is just over a week away, so keep an eye…

  • Age of Single models?

    casamar - - General Discussion


    My thinking, combat res is a major issue for RnF vs single models. If single models needed to kill more to win combat, then they'd need to be a support piece, not the whole attack force. 1) Remove ranks from all single models 2) allow more combat res for RnF - a number of options could be used for this, more ranks, larger bonus for full command etc

  • Mandatory rat-things?

    casamar - - The Vermin Swarm (VS)


    Quote from Eisenhans: “Quote from MyrdWyrlyrck: “Quote from Morbidus: “I strongly suspect they will redesign the monstrous rat guy for another niche. Maybe we get a monstrous cavalry unit he can join. Concerning the original question: if the whole horde army with warplatforms theme really works it will support many builds I already like to play atm: 60R@A with grinder, maxed blocks of hulks and it will give me some motivation to finally expand the VG-component of my collection. ” if i remember c…

  • Keen!

  • My standard list with BSB, Necro, double coach and zombies is 88 points more, but with minor tweaks can still be created, depending on how arcane compendium items change.

  • The demon maw of akaan, it heals from its regular attacks, can it also heal from thunder stomps?

  • ETC Liveticker

    casamar - - ETC


    Quote from ninepaces: “That makes me sad. I'd just feel bad if someone from Australia, USA or somewhere far away that paid $2000+ to attend has to play against that. Here is what I don't understand: The rules pack on page 16 says "The 9th Age encourages the use of models provided by all miniature manufacturers, as well as handmade and scratch built models, as long as a serious effort has been made." Since technically they're a kind of handmade or scratch-built model how was it deemed those toys …