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  • Just one question: When?

  • As a long-time member, I really do not like if officials are taking lightly the results from WTC. The balance we're so proud of is disrupted, and I still hope that the "beta" status of the books is the reason, and that the balance would get restored ASAP, preferably before ETC. Further, while we had some issues before with "better safe than sorry", but it was taken as a principle and worked well... Why are we hearing about different approach of "overshoot then tweak back in-line" on different pa…

  • I have been reading trough the new rules and unnested features, so I need some clarification, please: 1. Swiftstride and Light Troops removed from Fly, but not added to DH Flyers. Will those be a thing, or is it just lost? Consequences? 2. Move OR Fire removed from War Machines, but not explicitly added. How should it be played? Thanks

  • Determining the distance from the machine, for purposes of shooting would be much more difficult and prone to shady exploits. Pivots to get in or out of terrain also. Basically, the single problem that should be addressed trough a good rule wording, would be replaced with at least two problems that would require patches every time someone finds a new way to exploit it.

  • Feed the Legend: Who is .....

    kgkid - - ETC


    I know a guy, who knows a guy, who says he has actually seen this guy losing... Not really certain if those guys are trusted source, or were just too high...

  • Quote from Lakson: “Does anyone know whose army is this? I love it and really want to see more pictures (especially the Grudge Buster).…a.2011264778918946&type=3 ” It was form Team Montenegro. Scratch-built most of the army. Guy's name is George Ratkovic ;). They won the best painted Team award!