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  • Quote from AlexCat: “Quote from theunwantedbeing: “Quote from Orion: “How does Know Thyself from a Deceiver interact with EoS Locket of Sunna? ” Locket of Sunna swaps stats, then when it's time for the Deceiver to attack Know Thyself is applied. ” Sorry to dragginh this out again.I was told that Locket's extra attacks count as modifier, so Deceiver doesnt get them. Is it right? ” No.

  • Quote from Chronocide: “I really hate the "stacking multiple instances of the same rule" bit. Pretty much every tabletop game/RPG I've played in the last 10 years has some rule that prevents like bonuses from stacking. I hope T9A3 does away with this, or at least words the rules so the number of stacks matters. If I'm not ID, should I really have to keep track of how many times Flaming my unit is? It doesn't do more if I'm flaming twice.... ” Are you on about incendiary markers?

  • Quote from Chronocide: “Quote from theunwantedbeing: “The real solution involves putting round bases on all single models ” That is exactly what AoS did. ” It isn't. AoS put all models on round bases. Units would stay with square bases.

  • Quote from Tyranno: “Quote from WhammeWhamme: “*waves hands* you've found the solutions guys. Either characters that buff units, or characters that can't leave 'em. ID even has both (Taurukh Commissioner and Vassal Chieftain respectively). ” Well if you have to fix a problem in the main book in every armybook, then that's a band-aid solution. ” It's a viable solution though, albeit one that'll probably take a decade to fully implement. Quote from Tyranno: “Admittedly, I don't know what the real …

  • Quote from Tyranno: “This isn't about punishing good play. It's about stopping monsters from punching one person's shoulder and somehow killing 6 guys. ” Swirling melee, the game is an abstraction, the armies aren't really taking turns moving and shooting at each other.

  • Both cases grant a 4+ Aegis while the spell is in effect. For the first instance you have: - Hand (6+) (+1, max 3+) - Luck (+1, max 4+) Total 4+ For the second instance you have: - Hand (6+) (+1, max 3+) - Hand (6+) (+1, max 3+) Total 4+ and 4+ (although you can only use one of them)

  • 1. No, first line of the Lance rules. The bonus only applies to attacks allocated against enemies in the models front facing. 2. The +1 is for charging that turn, it doesn't matter if they wiped the enemy out or not.

  • Quote from Hebus: “Quote from vince3310: “Quote from Eisenheinrich: “Could you please draw a situation where this would happen? ” Something like that. My fanatics start to the right of my cave goblins unit. Then it goes to the right within 1'' of my iron orcs.The distance is not enough to end its mouvement at 1'' from Iron orcs. But the backtrack didn't bring my fanatic to a valid position... ” Didn't see an answer to this question. ” It's going to get errata'd as it's a situation not covered by…

  • Quote from Pica25: “So a SE prince on dragon or HBE Commander on Griffon does not have the -1 ld nor have to take a fear tests, but still needs to pass panic tests, correct ? ” Correct! Quote from Pica25: “That part is a bit confusing I must say ” I think you're getting tripped up by the similar names and how they both provide an immunity to fear. They're different rules, having one wont grant the other.

  • Quote from Pica25: “When a mount has fear or is gigantic, does the rider also has fear (no panic tests) ? For instance a SE prince on dragon or HBE Commander on Griffon ” It's a universal rule so the entire model is affected.

  • Quote from Chronocide: “Pretty sure I can't, but having trouble finding where it says this. Can I buy a weapon enchantment for a weapon my mount has? ” You're not prevented from doing that as far as I can see. We only seem to state the model can purchase special items, not model part.

  • So, we remove the randomness and add a more tactical aspect? Other than the problem of it being a lot of work to rebalance everything for potentially not a massive change in overall balance, it would certainly make the game more interesting. I like it. Now just wait 10+ years for 3.0 to get made and we'll maybe implement it

  • Quote from BorkBork: “1. What happens when two O&G wrecking teams hit each other? (we played it that the moving one got 3D6 like any other unit would when moving into contact with a wrecking team, and the other one got 2D6 hit like any other unit would when hit by a wrecking team). ” Correct! Quote from BorkBork: “2. Wanted to ask how fast random movers would persue after combat but i found it clearly written in the rules by now. They persue at their random movement rate (so 3D6 in this part…

  • Parry Rule

    theunwantedbeing - - Rules Questions & Answers


    Link to the latest Slim Rules Parry is on Page 106 Page 107 under Hand Weapon is where it states how to get it with that weapon And for anyone who can't be bothered to do that, here's the text for the Parry Rule and Hand Weapon rule in full. 21.D.b.7 Parry Parry can only be used against Close Combat Attacks from the Front Facing. The model gains one of the followingeffects, whichever would result in a higher Defensive Skill: • The model gains +1 Defensive Skill. • The model’s Defensive Skill is …

  • Quote from WhammeWhamme: “berti is correct that the way the poll was set up made reaching a 60% "change it!" threshold was incredibly unlikely. Even if 60% of the voters would prefer square bases. Why? Because the only vote that counted as "for square bases" was "I want square bases and I don't trust the RT to make the right decision". Had square bases gotten 60%+ on that poll, the RT should probably have resigned, because it would have been a sign they had lost the trust of the community at lar…

  • Quote from Kreln: “EoS Reiters with Reapeating Gun, after moving -1 or -2 to aim? ” -2 as they're Unwieldy.

  • Quote from Danimoth: “"against the unit with Cover Volley in their current position" that is the sentence, it does not say to prevent you got charged it underlines the position, if it meant what you are saying than Cover Volley would not be able to be used to cover a fleeing unit that got charged as well, since if you pretend you are the target you have to flee. No where it says you pretend you are the target, but to stand and shoot as if you were charged in your position. Is my flee correlation…

  • Quote from Danimoth: “Since Magical Heirloom does nothing regarding spell selection but makes the wearer have the Hereditary spell, having it disabled would stop the caster's access to the hereditary spell, as long as Ring has the Heirloom as its target? ” Correct You ignore the effects of the Magical Heirloom when it is affected by the Ring of the Pearl Throne. Those effects being "always knows the Hereditary Spell" and "Can't lose the Hereditary Spell".

  • Yes. I think there's been an error in thinking as there's presumably an assumption that each +1 would get applied individually before the next one is applied but not immediately after the last one was applied. Meaning the immediate explosion at 18 HP happens before you add the +1 to get to 19. That isn't what happens though, they'll all get applied together and you'll skip over the numbers between. eg. +2HP at 17 HP would put you on 19 HP and you wouldn't explode.

  • Quote from 2Cats1Tuna: “Can a Hope Harvester Stomp Attack? I'm struggling to find any rules saying that it can't. Thanks. ” It gets Stomp(1) due to being Large. It gets Stomp(D6) due to being Gigantic if you purchase the Engine of Damnation upgrade. That's it, it being a war platform (when large) doesn't change this.