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  • Quote from Dancaarkiiel: “My obvious unit of choice would be, surprise: (Hidden Content) How to make it great again? Enhancing current options and playstyles IMO would be the easiest and consistent way to make this entry playable. In this case those would be magic and infantry focused playstyles. Also using existing rules helps out to reduce needless complexity while still making said unit interesting to play with. Baseline - +1 discipline and/or Fearless. It needs constant baby-sitting (just li…

  • ok, it's a good suggestion. Can we start such special topick for SA and try to make a one unit redesign?

  • i have suggestion to rule team about annual patch: choose one unit from each armybook (by comunity survey) and really rewrite its rules. Obviosly it will be a unit which rarely used in rosters. This really help to bring a freshness in hole game every year. Now we just cant wait for our armybook rewriting and loose an interest to the game. And we have a units in every armybook which cant be solved by price. Guys pls hear comunity. We need some freshness

  • Quote from sonny1086: “You mean Obsidian Tesseract obviously Ancient Plaque seems quite usefull, if you want to take other disciplines than Grasps and Trained. ” you are right ofcourse

  • I really couldnt write underpriced units in SA book. So as i must did it i just pick really useless and bad disigned units wich wouldnt usefull for any price. I have choosen: - sphere of Shilding - Coatl dont need it to be protected even in lonewoolf format. So this artefact just not needed for any price. - Antient Plaque - one use only item distructing one power dice dont get affect on the magic fase. It should cost not more than 10 pts. I understand ruleteam never do it - so i pick this item a…

  • Quote from Wesser: “Quote from Sheamnz: “5. Nature whisperer For me saurians are deeply attuned to nature. Hiding from 'society' in the deep jungles they understand water/forests/crags & caves better than most. A character/unit specialized in manipulating terrain pieces (in a more interesting way than dt's) would suit the army in my eyes. ” Generally good post, but this part doesn't feel right. I'm more thinking Saurians are attuned to the climate rather than nature itself. Indeed in mostly irre…

  • Quote from Ipower: “Interesting question regarding LD, should ld9 cold-blooded be available? Reason I bring this up is that after having two games in a row where my Cuatl and bunker decided screw this noise and panicked off on CB 8 with a reroll, I checked and ld8 CB is actually worse than straight LD 10 with or without a reroll. It's about 10% fail without a reroll and 1% with. Is LD9 CB too much for just the general? ” think +1 ld should be a coatl discipline. Now we have a hole with terogheis…

  • I had thought an idea about our heridatory spell. Spark can be really useful now. But this game not only about balance. The rules should show a background. For heridatory spell I suggest "augment. Poison attack". This can give a means to a bow for skinks and improve a saurian wariors. So really this taught only core section + may be cavalry and swarm. So great opportunity to improve battle line concept.

  • the most important thing in war is boots

  • excelent raincoats

  • 6/12 movement is really matter for shooting Scirmishers. Not for cc block. This is just an example of game missunderstanding of ab creators and laziness during patch time

  • ребята, кто пишет "хочу играть, команда найдись". Дело в том, что сама команда не найдётся. Нужно просто организовать её. Ставьте вопрос "в крутую команду требуется три игрока" - и к вам сразу потянутся.

  • Quote from galrauch: “надеюсь границы откроют и будет мир во всём мире регистрирую команду из Беларуси (название команды после уточним) ” Серёга, так две же команды тогда?

  • Team Moldova

  • К сожалению, Кветки-2020 я отменяю из-за малого количества желающих ехать в Беларусь. Турнир 4*4 пройдёт в Москве, 10-11 октября.

  • Quote from Ipower: “Quote from Darkwise: “Quote from alehl: “Quote from alehl: “Some suggestions, new rule for jungle guerrilla units, the “Direct action”: When unit shoots or charges successfuly an enemy unit gain additional effects if the unit is not in the Line of Sight of enemy units to 6″ of enemy objetive or stays in cover or charges from it. All shoots x2 and flamethrower maxisimized roll. In combat reroll to hit. And change the paths of magic. It is horrible cuatl with fire or metal. Cua…

  • Quote from Cuendae: “And How would you see Cuatl in new book? I would like to see him the most expensive mage in the game (as it is now) but with some cool/unique abilities. I was thinking about Cuatl Lore which would have 6 spells and he can also pick spells also from this lore along with chosen one (but cannot duplicate spell numbers so e.g. 6 from Pyro or 6 from Cuatl Lore, never both). Other thing is e.g. Cuatl Temple which would give him protection from All kind of ranged attacks (force fie…

  • Khan first strike

    Shinymetallass - - Репорты


    Khan наносит удар Первый репорт, породивший целый поджанр Поддержим режисёра, оператора, продюсера и монтажёра!

  • Друзья! Все мы скучали по международным турнирам. Давно пора взгреть друг друга! Я с великим удовольствием объявляю о проведении традиционного турнира Кветки! Да, я не могу со 100% уверенностью говорить о том, что через два месяца ситуация с короновирусом не ухудшится. Но сейчас я предполагаю, что границы между нашими странами буду открыты. Если же этого не случится до 1 сентября, мне придётся перенести турнир. Предлагаю всем желающим регистрироваться в этой теме! Информацию о турнире можно найт…

  • Magic Flux Cards

    Shinymetallass - - Homebrew 9th Age


    Nice to see you back Jim!