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  • I think it is important to remember that characters in HBE are pretty much categorically underpriced and that the overall army book draw allot of power from the category. So uping the points moct and queens companion could have large impact, since it could end up baring allot of 4 character setups.

  • I don’t think a large emphasize on fear/terror will mechanical work well in 9th Age 2.0. While I think it reasonable to request for the base rules to be adjusted for 3.0. But implementing in 2.0 is going to lead to disappointment.

  • I think something more in line with wdg need to be done for vc bsb.

  • Vampiric and Res should be reworked. Only the Vargulf and True Thirst provide any meaningful amount of life gained from vampiric. Maybe another mechanism should be added, such as feasting, where certain units regain health after combat for each rank, but have a lower res value over all. This would allow for some naturally themed armies to occur with out being overly heavily handed/restrictive about it.

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    The Changing Constant - - Ogre Khans (OK)


    @RobertR, I feel like call them not being tall is due to legacy rules, not an active decision made during design.

  • Honestly, wraiths and banshees could be rolled into one unit, maybe a super champion. Similar thing could be done with fell wraiths and spectral hunters. The fell wraith on mounstrous reverent could be come its own entry outside of characters. I don’t consider wraiths, specteral hunters or phantom host particularly bad designs. The VC book is a fairly large book, and there are several ither entries that compete with them, so showing up in 1/8 of list is not unexpected. Splitting blood lines into…

  • @'Traumdieb, how about removing banshees and specters from characters, dropping counts and courtiers, then adding a different entry for each different bloodline.

  • Honestly, I hate the current implementation of blood ties. They frequently feel like there are blessed builds for each blood line and not many that occur organically. Would it be crazy if we all the blood tie upgrades were toned down and you had access to all them. I am doubtful they embellish on them, after seeing WDG.

  • Quote from Nerocrossius: “Quote from Giladis: “Quote from Nerocrossius: “Flagellant cavalry... ” On donkeys? ” Unbreakable donkeys!!! ” They might just be stubborn Concerning unit compression, I feel like the inquisitor being rolled into the prelate is the most likely one to happen if any do happen. The other ones feel like a bit of a stretch.

  • I think it is important to remember, the quick starter team want quick starter to be more than a learn to play frequently. They want it to be a game unto itself and lab for radically simplification of the game.

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    The Changing Constant - - Ogre Khans (OK)


    Hero's Heart get more value on an Ogre Shaman than on WDG Wizard. Also, 1+/4++ for every character that gets in combat are a thing of past. Ogre Shaman using shamanism, is one of the best budget fighter-caster in the game right now. Destiny`s Call, Exxence of Mithril, Willow's Ward and Ranger's Boots were added because an over whelming majority of foot characters were/are horrible, and were pretty much absent from the game. @Slayer Zabojcow, I think you are phrasing the question long. It is not …

  • Why -1 to wound? Why not -1 to ap, or capping ap....

  • I think the changes to bsb ‘standard’ equipment, aka blacksteel + death warrant, really help push calvary over infantry for EoS. Concerning the steam tank, I do not think allot of other army book would take it at 500 points if they had option, seeing how it counts against to caps, artillery and monsters. I also think changes to core magical slowly rising in price also hurt EoS more than any other army book, due to the number of characters EoS tends to run.

  • @Peacemaker, for external balance, each tournament only counts once but they get weighted by number of players. For internal balance, every list entry is counted independently of results, what else is in the list and size of tournament. They also have an 'experts' poll and public poll. I believe they take the higher scores and use those for pricing. As the algorithm is currently defined, ETC has relatively little effect on the price of individual entries.

  • @Jomppexx, there is an anti synergy with cart and Knights, as the will frequently charge off out of range of the cart. VC lamina have access to effective OF 8 DF 6 AGI 5 for there rank and file, and it is not considered a problem. Furthermore, the difference between a 1+ and 4+/4++ is very small in practice.

  • @Masamune88, you have to hit and wound, so you probably 4 to 5 cr, and that cr is unlikely to come into play because they were just flanked charged by 2 attack knights. So either is huge amount of combat being generated by the other side or they would break even without the bonus CR. So the bonus combat res is not going to relevant most of the time.

  • @marcema, SA have access to druidism. Summer Growth wraps the price of all armies tough infantry that have access to it. Though, that does not mean the prices are correct on either unit.

  • How many people participated? Sorry, I botched emailing you my points

  • ID does not give away any where near as much combat res as VC. @Anen, I suspect the change is far less impactful then you are making it out to.

  • @Traumdieb, common purpose built chaff across army books leads to a degenerative/convergent meta. Purpose built chaff lowers the value of tarpits and diminish other aspects of the game. WDG and DL both had extra stuff tacked on to there purpose built chaff to raise the price. Not ever design decision should be to expand the capability or increase the power level of the book, sometimes you want to do the opposite to keep each AB unique. Also, parry on Defensive 5 infantry has little to to no valu…