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  • I just started using KoW models of panthers to represent their ability to reroll charges

  • @GenePhelps- thank you for running the tournament. As always it has set the gold standard for us to follow. special thanks to Ben Nelson Chris Mince Joe F Matt T Phil B awesome games and look forward to playing you again.

  • @Kazandu- you have been challenged by @skipschnit

  • Quote from Giladis: “Quote from Marcos24: “Understood ” But what I can say is that KoE players have more to look forward to beside the Guidelines that will come out at the same time. ” Cannon to right of them,Cannon to left of them,Cannon in front of themVolley'd and thunder'd;Storm'd at with shot and shell,Boldly they rode and well,Into the jaws of Death,Into the mouth of hellRode the six hundred.Flash'd all their sabres bare,Flash'd as they turn'd in airSabring the gunners there,Charging an ar…

  • found the link to YouTube 97 ones

  • Quote from Beaugamiel: “Quote from Babnik Kalenina: “The Grail knights unit size should be capped to 6 as I can't picture these holy guys just riding in big bunch like Realm or Questing fellows Also, we should have the option to include a Grail Champion in an unit of other knights, to give them inspiration and audacity Grail oath could for example grant +1 to hit in charge or reroll failed charge (the ID can reroll their failed charges!!!) Each Grail knight in the unit should be able to take cha…

  • Quote from GenePhelps: “Quote from ExecutionerofNabh: “Quote from GenePhelps: “Awards have arrived, who will be taking them home? ” I would like one please!! ” Ok, I just need to get one more for "Most one's rolled in a game" ” .50 cal bullet? Trying to find the video but I have a friend that rolled 97 1's in a game and took the brick of dice to the rifle range... They didn't make it.

  • @Honeym- your models rules may change, but the mode will not. That is one of the benefits of T9A- you will be able to use your old models. You may need to rebase, perhaps a different use, but they can be used. I don’t believe a knight with GW will disappear from KoE.

  • List submitted

  • Quote from Klexe: “Quote from SirMC2015: “I would recommend the all knights list for those who are just starting KoE or having issues. Perhaps change the lord- but for me he works. Again, he is more for 18”dis bubble but he is also great because it is hard to chaff him. ” I highly agree with that. I lost him round 2 first game against a 300 core points DL unit of myradones because he saved 2 more and i didnt hold... bad luck but that shows what the problem is. If you get charged then he ...ducks…

  • @Klexe- I’m glad you like the list. Unfortunately I feel it is for those high caliber players that know how to use chaff appropriately. One wrong play and your game goes south. I would recommend the all knights list for those who are just starting KoE or having issues. Perhaps change the lord- but for me he works. Again, he is more for 18”dis bubble but he is also great because it is hard to chaff him.

  • @Kazandu- your famous (Phil K)

  • Breslin was working the fields with the peasants trying to help get the fields planted when the emissary arrived. The long siege and warfare and torn the land outside the keep. The rest of the dukedom could have supported Castle Black, but Breslin knew that what was best for his people was to be self reliant. I always admired that my lord for that trait. Self reliance even though he was not afraid to ask for help. The common folk admired him for soiling his hands with them, and the nobility foll…

  • Quote from echoCTRL: “Well, if we were to reduce the current units it wouldn't be without getting more new stuff. The idea would be to add more of what makes KoE unique to the 9th Age. I have seen the background and their is enough there to write two books. ” I too have been reading and second what is here. It is not a question of taking away but rebranding. A rose by any other name is still a rose. Again, I truly feel that whomever is picked will do well.

  • That was a few years ago and well before 2.0.

  • To my readers, does this seem to be better than the previous attempt to start chapter 2?

  • Redo of Chapter 2 It had been several months since my Lord Breslin had led us against the besieging army of his ancestral home. Hector was recovered alive but had been tortured. His physical body was missing fingernail tips, his toes had been smashed flat, and there were burn marks all over his body. He had not been fully verbal when he was rescued, and in his eyes you could see something was missing. During this time he had been recovering from his torture at the hands of what could only be cal…

  • @skipschnit- it is much easier as a TO to check lists and organize it

  • Quote from echoCTRL: “Multiple Wounds for characters should have specific applications. ” Quote from echoCTRL: “Quote from Klexe: “Quote from echoCTRL: “Multiple Wounds for characters should have specific applications. ” MW (2 vs Multiwound models)Is that fine?:D ” I get the idea, but it doesn't work because Multiwound models is not a defined term. You could say Characters or vs models with Aegis. You could also restrict when the MW happens. Such as when rolling a 6 or Devastating Charge. In the…

  • Quote from Babnik Kalenina: “Quote from SirMC2015: “@Babnik Kalenina- It depends on my build and my opponent, as does any game for spell selection. If I see low strength from my opponent or low ds I absolutely will take it over entwinning roots or another spell. I also have 2 mages to keep my options open. If you are running only 1 mage it is better to have a 5th spell with magical heirloom. Would I like it with a lower casting cost- sure, but we have a 2+ armor save and that keeps the cost high…