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  • Quote from WastelandWarrior: “I think I might be slightly colour blind but I prefer the left hand one ” Quote from Villon: “hard to say, but maybe the right one, seems more "terracota" ” Thanks for the comments guys I've settled for something that I think is a bit of an in between of the two above, and I modified the colour of the wood too. Pretty happy with it atm, will probably post some pictures up in a new blog tomorrow.

  • Normally I don't like to post WIP stuff here, but the alternative was starting a new thread and I really wanted as many eyes as possible on this which I think is more likely to happen if I post it here. I'm working on the colour scheme for my next army, my UD Terracotta, and I wanted some feedback on where I'm going with it. I dug out two old 2nd-hand GW Marauder models to slap some paint around on. After some trying and a few layers of paint with the airbrush, I cam up with two schemes that I a…

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    I lied about what units would be next, but I have at least been productive. Two more units joins the army, though simple ones they are. 10 Giant Rat: 32377-af1e68bb-large.jpg 2 Rat Swarms: 32378-5d572847-large.jpg And with that I've pretty much decided to put this army on hold for a while. With the new book looming, I don't want to commit to something I may regret. Since I want this army to be themed and fluffy, really want to see what is what. But we'll see, I hear Dragonclaw is working on some…

  • So, after having spent way too long painting a single mount, it felt appropriate two compensate with some thing simple. So I painted up 12 models this Sunday, did the final varnish and metal work on Monday, and photographed them this morning. All in all, probably my fastest two units ever. 10 Giant Rat, miniatures from Otherworld Miniatures: 32377-af1e68bb-large.jpg And two Rat Swarms, miniatures from WizKids: 32378-5d572847-large.jpg

  • Those Tempel Militias are awesome, great idea using the flames to represent their special blades. The OSL work just fine The hydra and fountain look cool too. The fountain is perhaps a bit too minimalistic though I think it need something more. Maybe some glowing blue eyes on the skull could help? That would really draw some attention to the face at least.

  • Those goblins look sweet! I love the autumn colours on both bases, feathers and other details.

  • Quote from Eisenhans: “Oh my the skills you have! Can't wait to see it IRL when we are permitted to be proper nerds again and meet in hordes throwing dice with/at each other. ” Thanks! I too long for some dice wars, but now you are just trying to trick me into bringing this garbage mount to a tournament

  • Finally managed to finish the big project I've been working on lately, a big undead monster. This is a project I've been planning for a very long time, every since the miniature was released pretty much. The miniature is the Games Workshop Mortarch released at the start of their End Time campaign, so in 2014. I liked the concept of the miniature, but many details I did not like. The flying pose of the original always looked silly to me, as did the spirits flowing about it. So I removed the spiri…

  • Those orcs look great! Had no idea the GW and Shieldwolf kits mixed so well together. I'll see if I can catch that stream to see them getting some paint. And a perfect unit to paint for the PDR show too

  • Quote from Promet: “i like Mr. Fancypants. What skirmish System if I may ask? ” Thanks, and check out my signature

  • The Unit category on the fandom wiki could be a good place to start. What is described there is already in the fluff, so is unlikely to change: Most units in that category are from the Warriors of the Dark Gods or the Daemon Legions, both of which has golden LAB, so those are not changing for a good while. Personally, I would think some sculpts for the Scourge of Vanadra, the Oman of Savar and the Forsaken One would be cool. But certainly some warrior…

  • Quote from Little Joe: “That skull makes it look so much better. ” Maybe loosing its original face was a blessing in disguise But I really do like the symmetry the horns add to the mini, I think it helps draw the eye to its face.

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    Quote from Kdownunder: “It sure looks great! But I don't get inquisitor wibes from this min, looks like officer or smthng. Really like the metallics you have been doing lately, what paint you are using? ” Thanks! I should probably have been more strict with the colours to make him seems more like an Inquisitor, the yellow shouldn't have been there in my scheme. But he'll do, it is not like I will need two foot Inquisitors that often I use Vallejo Metal Colours. They are simply the best acrylic m…

  • I spent the last weekend pouring hours into a big project, but still didn't managed to finish it, am a bit disappointed with that. But I did manage to finish two smaller minis, and now also got the time to photograph them, an Inquisitor and a Phantom, both for Skirmish Campaigns: 32300-c3185f11-large.jpg 32299-44f688df-large.jpg

  • Two more minis joins the fight, first is an Inquisitor, in case Gilia is Vanquished (this means I'll be taking more risks with her in the future). 32299-44f688df-large.jpg Next is a Phantom, for my Nosferatu warband. I'll probably end up restarting that warband, once I've painted up a proper Demi-vampire: 32300-c3185f11-large.jpg The miniature is a left over from the Games Workshop Nagash kit. This ghost is meant to sit in his hand, but I carved away and sculpted over the hand to make an indepen…

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    Painted up another Inquisitor for the army. The mini is from Shieldwolf Miniatures, with a Games Workshop Pistolier head. 32299-44f688df-large.jpg I'm quite happy with the end result, even though I think the clothing ended up looking a bit too much like a pyjamas. The armour ended up a little too dark too, but I'm happy with the contrast in it.

  • Another battle:

  • Mierce has a sale of giants this weekend, half price on a whole bunch of models.

  • @Eisenhans You need to see these Vermin Guard ^

  • Quote from WastelandWarrior: “Very nice! The axe metal is superb and i really like the white armour, good choice ” Thanks! The white armour is an idea I got a long time ago, and it has evolved quite a bit from model to model. Really happy with how it turned out here Quote from goodbyekiss: “I've always loved how brutal that model feels. White armor for orcs is so unique but really does look incredible on him. I especially love the flames. ” Thank you, and yeah, he sure is brutal. GW really has a…