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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Great reply! Thank you, I don't know how we missed that!

  • How does sweeping attack work when moving through/over a gnasher wrecking team? Specifically VC wraiths

  • Some sweet undead, but only a few days left!

  • Anyone know of anything besides Vermin Swarm and the Altar of Undeath that can put wounds in to combat?

  • Great finds, guys! Keep em coming! Rotten Factory is still one of my favourites!

  • Wyrd Malifaux minis are not preassembled.

  • There are still so many amazing models out there not in the library! I appreciate everyone's time, and hope we can continue to add more all the time!

  • Thank you so much for all your work on this amazing resource!

  • Creating a T9A Poster

    Darkvoice - - Archive


    @piteglio Do you know what the contests are called? It would make it a lot easier to find them. @Marcos24 YEah I looked for like 5 mins and didn't find what I was looking for, too much chaff.

  • Creating a T9A Poster

    Darkvoice - - Archive


    Hey everyone, I'm going to be creating a poster for our LFGC, and looking for some image support. There will be one large main poster similar to the one already created for the purpose, with some extra details about our league. I also want to have two smaller flanking posters that grab the two kinds of players; returning WHFB players, and new players. The flanking posters I would like to have one with someone's mostly GW-model army ranked up, and the other with a ranked up non-GW army. Now I kno…

  • Flat Paper Proxies

    Darkvoice - - For Beginners


    Quote from av93: “Although real minis have default black base, I think it's better a white one. Allows better contrast with the unit and its cheaper to print in-home. A Dropbox or mega folder would be cool for downloading. Don't know if you have 2D art skills, but judging that you are working with UB maybe that's irrelevant, but BTW, that image it's from a TT game called Onus, that uses plain flat paperboards. The design and perspective maybe inspire someone, albeit the game works with units rat…

  • Unit Card Concept

    Darkvoice - - General Discussion


    Is there a way to mine data out of the work done by the BattleScribe team? Or link up with them so that your tool could simply convert one of the BattleScribe formats in to a unit card? Sorry I'm not a programmer, but I'm just imagining importing a Battlescribe file and *poof* conversion to unit cards.

  • How about half diminishment? Scream deals 6 minus half wounds taken.

  • I tend to think of the VonKs as the strategos slowly building empire or influence. Their strength on the battlefield is less as a combat monster, and more as a tactician. Some other ideas: - The dark dooming influence adds +1 CR to all battles within 12" (doesn't stack with +1 CR VonK ability) - The commanding aura makes RnF units count as having an extra rank for purposes of steadfast - Strong storming winds make enemies that move starting or ending in the 12" bubble have -1 M Hour of the wolf …

  • Quote from Mad 'At: “Quote from Darkvoice: “Anyone know where this mini is from? I've had it so long I can't remember what company produces it. ” Looks like Reaper but I don't know for sure. ” Thanks, @Mad 'At! You nailed it. I can't believe there aren't more of the 465 undead Reaper minis in the models pages for VC. This "ghost" could easily be a banshee!

  • Anyone know where this mini is from? I've had it so long I can't remember what company produces it.

  • The Varghulf looks good, eh?

  • @Eru Looks great! How long is the base? @Vesemirus Amazing! I'd love to see a pirate army to go with this!

  • Same with me and some of my friends; we're excited for the new version to match current T9A rules. Sadly, in the meantime we've been playing just Mordheim.. :p

  • Orlanth, I think you have the right idea, but misread the entry. As it's written, it says change the attack value to 2. That means each horse gets 2 attacks, but the unit entry where it says "Undead Mounts (2)" is not changed to "Undead Mounts (4)." If you look at the other GW old coach model, you might notice that it too can not fit on a regular 50x100chariot base, and usually ends up on 50x150. If you were to add another 2 horses to the front you'd get 50x200! It would look something like this…